Gerakaro├║, Central Macedonia, GRC

World music that fuses elements of balkan spirit, swing touches and greek traditional music.Let the soul talk, let the band jam, let the feelings row! LIFE IS NOT A BANK! LIFE IS LIKE A BALKAN PRANK! NO LIVE NO JOY FELLOWS!


Los Mujeros is a swing-balkan collectiva formed in the attic by students 5 years ago. Strongly influenced by the traditional multicultural sound of northern Balkan areas everything started as a teenage dream to create fundamentally handmade music synchronized to the standards of the 21st century. First of all friends, secondly musicians, they threw away partitures and conservatory complexities in order to depict their soul through improvisation. They were qualified 3 times for schoolwave festival in font of a crowd of 5000 people each time(2007,8,9) and supported Manu Chao and Patty Smith in rockwave festival in Athens in 2008. After the nomination of theirHey Woman song of the month in June 2011 by jumpingfish.gr they hitted festivals and stages with a new air. The homonym video clip came out in December. Recently they made a common appearance with Tonino Carrotone in Salonica.Their fisrt album is about to be released in a month. All they have to wait is music challenges from all over the world.


Los Mujeros Live at Gaialive(Autumn 2011)
Los Mujeros Babuska(Spring 2012)

Set List

Los Mujeros have gathered together a wide variety of global music covers combined with their compositions. They can play over 2,5 hours to a music trip with feelings of joy and celebration, to a music party from balkan to iberian peninsula and from mediterranean sea to Russia