Los Nahuatlatos

Los Nahuatlatos

 San Antonio, Texas, USA

LOS NAHUATLATOS are a group of San Antonio-based musicians rooted in the cultural tradi-tions of South Texas. Hector Saldaña of the San Antonio Express News describes them as “an authentic voice that epitomizes a shift in la onda (the scene).” Their music, self-described “Xica-no Roots Fusion”, is a synthesis of traditional Latino styles (including but not limited to Conjunto, Son Jarocho, Latin Jazz and R&B) combined with contemporary elements of Hip-Hop, Ska, Reggae and Soul. Los Nahuatlatos


La Biografia de Los Nahuatlatos

Formed of the sacred tierra on both sides of the South Texas/Mexico border, Los Nahuatlatos are composed of musicians with traditional, yet modern sensibilities. While some band members are trained in classical folkloric music and dance, others are self-taught and immersed in contemporary expressionism. As individuals with distinct musical backgrounds, theyve come together to create a sound reflective of frontersmo music that reflects both the conflict and harmony of the ni de aqu, n de alla experience. Thriving on the contradictions of the borderlands, los Nahuatlatos are at once rural and urban, rascuache and urbane.
Los Nahuatlatos loosely translates to the interpreters, as it was a term used incorrectly by Spanish Conquistadores to refer to various speakers of indigenous languages. Socially and historically conscious, the group invokes past and current struggles while striving to advance their cultura and promote discourse. The bands sound straddles many musical genres, incorporating elements of cumbia, salsa, conjunto, jazz, ska, surfer rock and hip hop, while maintaining the cultural integrity of their influences.
The result of this mix is a live show that brings both the young and young at heart to their feet. As a matter of fact, one of the goals of the band is to inspire the audience to movethey love nothing more than tapping into peoples primal need to dance, together, to the music. Many of bands members have theater and dance backgrounds that only add to the performative aspect of their live shows. In addition, it deserves to be mentioned that Los Nahuatlatos have a distinctively sexy visual appeal that is reminiscent of old-school pachucsmo.
While their cultural and musical landscapes are the soul of Los Nahuatlatos, it is the unity of the band members, with bonds going back to early childhood in some cases, that is the heart of the band. When it is all said and done, true friendship and love for each other serve as the catalyst that stokes their musics fire and when they light up the stage they burn bright and fierce. Tloque Nahuaque!


Recordings from Public Hi Fi (Demo)
Live at seaworld (demo)

Coming Soon :

Tierra Sin Fin (Full Album)

Set List

La Lechusa (ska / rumba)

Cumbia La Migra (cumbia)

Huapango (huapango)

Comiendo cesos (surfer rock)

Old school (slow doo wop)

Tierra sin fin (polka)

Viva seguin (conjunto style polka)

Polk ska (conjunto style polka / Ska)

A Veces (reggae)

El Querida (polka / hip hop)

El carretero (cumbia)

Rudi Enamorado (Rock/ Ska)

Pachamama (reggaeton)

I shall be release (reggae cover)

Turkish March (cumbia cover)

Criptozoologia (cumbia)

La Orilla Del Rio (afropop)

Ghetto World (Hip Hop)

Chicha Rock (fast Cumbia)

Tremendous (Hip Hop)

Saturn (indie rock / Ska)

Al Alba (Cumbia / Salsa)

Fire (Funk / house dance)