Los Petardos!

Los Petardos!


Los Petardos! is a garage alternative band from Puerto Rico. Rock, Garage, Surf a mix of sounds that feels like a cool morning trip to the country and a late afternoon on the beach.


Late 2009 somewhere in the little town of Moca, Puerto Rico. Los Petardos! were conceived. I’t wasn’t planed nor thought it just happened. What started as a game between buddies looking for a good time while late night drinking and partying, quickly turned into a musical journey as well as a cultural discovery trip. Macoyo leader of the group tells us “We weren’t looking for styles to play, we just found our identity in a natural way by taking off the mask of prejudice and retracing our roots to find our cultural past in music. Surprisingly we found freedom in the process.” Indeed they did, The result is a distinct garage alternative sound with hints of surf rock. Their fast slinging guitars and contagious beats make Los Petardos! one of the most important and must see live acts in Puerto Rico today.

“We are citizens of the world with a musical past that smells like beach and country, like our island. That’s how our latest album “Rockanrol con gandules” was born as a direct reflexion of the modern day jibaro.”


Album:Rocknrol con Gandules
Label: Atrum Orbis
Year: 2010