Los Punsetes

Los Punsetes


Fresh sounding rock band from Madrid. Brilliant lyrics, excellent stage presence. A real revelation


Los Punsetes live in Madrid, and love the Catalan writer Eduardo Punset. Old schoolmates gathered in 2005 to form the band. After two demos and a 7´´ single, they published their debut LP in 2008, both in CD and vinyl, with their own label, Gramaciones Grabofonicas, and got ecstatic critics from the principal Spanish publications and blogs. The record was recorded in Madrid DGR studios by Krater (Ramón Moreira, of Ginferno) and mixed by Roberto Fernandez. The disc includes eleven genuine songs and a Daniel Johnston cover (“Devil Town”), plus artwork from the Swedish artist 3501, and will be briefly reedited by Everlasting records. Los Punsetes shared the scene with bands such as Margarita, Bicicross, Anticonceptivas, La Estrella de David, Joe Crepúsculo, Montañas, Solex, Nudozurdo, Thelemáticos


LP - 2008 "Los Punsetes"
LP - 2010 "Los Punsetes II"