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LSP are born in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria during the summer of 2001, when Alex, Ginés, Nacho, David and Dani get together. Their adventures begin in the late 90's, when Mr Robinson returned form Mexico City after touring for their second CD “Esperando Nada” (Fonovisa 1999). At the same time, Los Coquillos were preparing the rehearsals for that which would become the most polemic Carnival opening night remembered in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Alex Labao, guitar of Mr Robinson, who had been collaborating with Los Coquillos for some time in what would be their last record “Hasta el Amanecer” (Manuela Records), proposed to Ginés Cedrés the creation of a new project: playing versions of the 80's that are classics nowadays. Songs of back-in-the-day which they lived through as teenagers. Songs which somehow have influenced their playing style and how they feel and understand music. Melodies which have developed their taste for good songs.

The birth of LSP was inevitable. Both pop music and fashion industries depend on recycling their own history, thus the 90's, the 60's and 70's were revisited till glut. Now, in the 2000 decade, the 80's return. It is not a rule, but it could be said that pop culture “revives” punctually every twenty years, making it enough time for an epoch to become part of the charming past.

And so it was, after brief encounters, they agreed to begin the rehearsals changing a few concepts: they would use new technologies like samplers to emulate the analogic keyboarding of the time. They would reinforce electric guitars and, with the aim of sounding perfect, they included Acayro Santana in the project; one of the best sound technicians of Canary Islands.
After some rehearsals you could predict the quality of such group of musicians, the strength of the songs and, above all, the magic and good vibe that the band emanated.

Pretty soon LSP started performing at parties, graduations and playing at bars and clubs. They became a standing time-machine. While interpreting those first versions, the audience filled up with nostalgia, great memories and sensations that flowed till the very last song. They gained public recognition during the 2001 Christmas celebrations, after performing at the two most emblematic clubs in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Cuasquias and Floridita. Eye-witnesses say packed crowds in both places were spectacular and that their performance was like a live overhaul of a tv commercial for an 80's compilation CD recalling Duran Duran, INXS, Buggles, Kim Karnes, Michael Sembello, Madonna and Queen among others. – “Yes, it was a real revival” they said,- but without taking success for granted just because the songs were hits. The LSP get under the original artist's skin when playing. They bring back all the disco glamour of the time adding the spirit of this new millennium, creating a different sound: stylish, classical,....rabiously topical. In the 80's, rock and disco music amicably lived together on the dancefloor. This is the essence that LSP provide in their live performances: the disco music of that period mingles with a punk attitude on stage inherent to the character of these outstanding musicians, creating a strong contrast with the “functional music” of today.

The experience gained after recording seven records ( five by Los Coquillos and two by Mr. Robinson ) visiting different recording studios in Canary Islands, Mainland Spain and even abroad as well as countless demos, collaborations and individual productions, place them as one of the most experienced bands in Canary Islands; condition which is present in the demos they are now preparing for the recording of what will be their first long play creation together. Let us not forget about their staging. To the long list of concerts performed up to date sharing billboard with artists of recognized prestige in Spain like M-Clan, La Cabra Mecánica, Bunbury, Mojinos Escozios and Siniestro Total, we can add many other concerts performed with their former bands on stages all around the world. This eliminates any possible doubt as to the band's experience and professionalism on tour.

The LSP are synonym of entertainment, a different proposal for its originality, modern sound and amazing staging. An opportunity you don't want to miss.