Los Seis Dias

Los Seis Dias

 Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

Modal pop made by a girls band from Barcelona. our first single "Te odio" has revolutioned youtube with more than 360thousand visits, we have just finished our second album now: "Jueves".
Don't miss it and don't miss one of our live shows!!


Los Seis Dias (the six days) began when Nereida Cerdá (leader and voice) decided that her weeks will never be more than 6 days, as the seventh day will be only to compose epic songs with hard and sensitive letters.
When she run into Aina Godoy it become reality and Alba and Nat just joined their indie pop live as they met in the Barcelona night scene. Aimar in the drums and Vicky as the second guitar just came a little later.
Now, with more than 80 gigs, they have just released their second album. More and better to come!


"Lunes" produced by Ricky Falkner
"Jueves" produced by Suso Saiz.