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Los Sin Nombre

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Band Metal Rock


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"Impressive album"

“Blind Leading Blind” is Los Sin Nombres very first full length release, after launching not less than 4 demos between the bands founding year 2002 and 2007. Rooted in melodic Death Metal, the 5 Swedish dudes from Linköping offer an impressive album that will surely help to spread the name Los Sin Nombre. But first things first. One of the primarily impressions that came into my mind is the fantastic sound quality of “Blind Leading Blind”. This is without a doubt a professional production. The tracks on this powerful release are comparable with Soilwork or slower Dark Tranquillity, but without being just another copycat. Far from it! It may be plain to see / to hear Los Sin Nombre are from Sweden, but all songs sound independent as well as fresh and unused in its own manner. Pär Palm, the guy on the microphone knows how to maltreat his vocal chords with darkened screams, but he also shows versatility by singing some clear passages (e.g. in “Bleed” and “Enemy“). Versatility - this is the adequate term for the whole album. The riffs range from melodic Death Metal with occasional Thrash Metal elements to interesting accoutic parts and back again. The beneficial drumming runs from slower parts, to mid-tempo stuff and also some up-tempo passages. Whereas the bigger part of Los Sin Nombres music settles in embossed mid-paced elements. The highlights on this one are the title track, “Wounds” and “Breaking Silence” Every Swedish Metal supporter should at least give these songs a try. “Blind Leading Blind” is simply brilliant and this young Swedish band should be recommended warmly to every fan of melodic Death Metal. The future looks bright for Los Sin Nombre and ViciSolum Productions would be well advised to keep this band under their wings. - Brutalism

"You should check this album out"

With a name like Los Sin Nombre you could only expect that this band would hail from Sweden. Okay I might exaggerate a bit but after the first couple of tones I must say the Swedish influences are numerous. Especially Soilwork, In Flames and The Haunted are some of the names that cross my mind when I’m listening to this debut album called Blind Leading Blind.

Last year wasn’t filled with a great number of good debut albums. Luckily I can add Blind Leading Blind to this small list. It’s not that the album is really renewing or refreshing within the genre, on the contrary, everything is probably done before. Well then, what did Los Sin Nombre do to make this album so special. Well it’s quite simple. The guys are playing with everything they’ve got . Every songs sounds like it could be there last. Add to this a simple production that gives the album an edgy and raw feeling and you’ll have a final product that sounds killer, although it isn’t really renewing in any way.

So it is quite simple. If you like some good old fashioned Swedish riffing combined with some great melody lines and tight drumming you should check this album out and keep Los Sin Nombre in the back of your mind because they could be an interesting band for the next couple of years. - Metalrage

"Appealing to a surprisingly varied audience..."

Melodious death metal riffage, Soilwork-esque vocals and hooks aplenty; it’s no real surprise to find that thrashy quintet Los Sin Nombre hail from Sweden. ‘Blind Leading Blind’ still has plenty to offer mind, even if there’s little here that isn’t already being done in an increasingly oversaturated melodeath market, and with the occasional leap into territories more familiar to Lamb Of God fans than Gothenburg fanatics, these Swedes could well find themselves appealing to a surprisingly varied audience. Pleasant instrumental ‘Passing Through’ and galloping tub-thumper ‘Taker Of Innocence’ provide particular highlights on the album. - Rock Sound

"This album is delivered with such a power"

Swedish band with strange and exotic-sounding name Los Sin Nombre was founded in 2004. Like most of the other bands from our northern neighbour, Los Sin Nombre is playing melodic death metal, much in the vein of their fellow countrymen from In Flames, Soilwork and The Haunted.

But there’s more to Los Sin Nombre than just copying other bands, as their debut Blind Leading Blind is an 11-chapter lesson in an uncompromising and strong metal supported by a bold production. This album is delivered with such a power and energy that one can do nothing else but applaud them for that.

Los Sin Nombre, despite of the obvious parallels to the above mentioned bands could not be accused of being another rip-off as they posses some originality and diversity. It is obvious that those guys are experienced and brilliant musicians with clear direction for their band.
I’m esp. pleased by the vocals, ranging from slow-down singing to deep and raging shouting.

Blind Leading Blind, is a solid debut album by Los Sin Nombre. They have a role to play on the scene and I’m exited to see what future brings for this hard-hitting Swedish unit. - Metal Revolution


Blind Leading Blind (Album) 2009



Genre: Metal/Hardcore
Origin: Linköping
Record label: ViciSolum Productions

Los Sin Nombre was formed in Linköping (Sweden) 2004 by bass player Jack, former guitarist Arvid, former drummer Steve and lead-guitarist Saul. By the beginning of 2005, vocalist Pär Palm joined the band and this resulted in their first demo Tate murders that were released by the end of the same year. The following years was filled with gigs and great reviews in local newspapers. In May 2007 the band came in contact with Rec-Lab Studios in Linköping as well as producer Martin Fogander, sound technician Johan "Goomba" Nilsson and musician Linus Melchiorsen. The result of this was a demo the band truly could be proud of, a demo masterpiece called "Another Dark Place of Hate".

Los Sin Nombre felt that they had taken a giant leap in their aim towards their dreams and they finally got the sound-justice they deserved. Short after the promo was recorded Olle decieded to leave LSN. The band asked Linus Melchiorsen to take his place and Linus the hard hitting man decieded to say yes! The producer of the latest demo Martin Fogander decided to join the band after departure of their former guitarist. Martin started to write material for the band, and soon the band had enough songs to record a full-length album. In the summer of 2008, the band entered the same studio with Johan "Goomba" Nilsson as sound technician, and Martin Fogander as head-producer together with the band.

The recording and mixing took about eight months, and the band got signed to the stockholm-based record label ViciSolum during spring 2009. The album “Blind Leading Blind” was released in November 2009. The album recived a lot of praise from critics and fans. This leaves us to the present. Los Sin Nombre is currently on its way to break trough and become an established Swedish metal band. It´s just a matter of time before Los Sin Nombre becomes a household name.