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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"CD Review"

Loss Rayne kicks off their debut album Fragile Mind with “Come With Me,” the knock-down-the-door invitation to “rattle bars, despite your scars, break loose and run free.”
The music slows down after this track, but the intense blues-driven sound continues throughout the twelve great tracks. Sadly, a lot of the tracks are not radio-friendly since many go over the five-minute mark.
“The day of her death was the day she was saved” goes the last line of “Faith,” a song about someone with the name but not the life that went along with it. They slow it down for the classic blues-infused power ballad “Ode” that leads nicely into the beautiful “Here With Me.”
The title song is actually my favorite on the disc. It starts with a crawl and builds up to a chorus that I can’t get out of my head (in a good way). “I don’t want to be a useless cause / sometimes just can’t help the way I feel / I wonder why, wonder why things can’t get back / to the way things used to be.”
Throughout this disc I thought Keenan LeVick’s guitar could very easily compete with Kasi Painter’s vocals for front-position, but they meld together very nicely, creating a fantastic blues-based rock sound. Painter has a Janis Joplin quality to her voice – very powerful and soulful. LeVick’s guitar is powerful without being overbearing.
Fragile Mind, recorded at Austin’s A-Valve Studios by Rob Hinton of 2222 Productions, is a wonderful beginning for a band that will hopefully be around for years to come.
Come out to Alligator Grill on October 14, 2006 for Loss Rayne’s CD Release Party. Hear them play then stay for Austin legend Malford Milligan. A (SC)
- Insite Magazine


"The band Loss Rayne is a breath of
fresh air into the Texas music scene. The female
fronted rock band has the rare talent to write music
that the average listener will love and fellow
musicians will respect."
- Paul Zanetti, A-valve Studios


Kasi Painter's voice is powerful, penetrating and soulful. Not only that, but Kasi has surrounded herself with excellent musicians. Keenan plays smooth and tastful guitar parts, as Patrick and John lock up bass and drums to drive the song. With their intelligent song-writing, and their hit song "Just Calling" you won't take Loss Rayne out of your cd player.
- Drew Thomas, Twilight Broadcast


"Loss Rayne blew me away the first time I heard
their album "Fragile Mind". Kasi has a powerful voice
that is a mixture of Blues & Rock which is rich with
emotion. Keenan guides the band with his increadible
style of guitar playing and Patrick holds down the
foundations of the songs with his bass performances.
I can't wait to hear what they come out with next!"
- Candace Anderson


"Loss Rayne creates a unique & original sound that
draws from the staples of Classic Rock, The Blues &
Straight-Ahead Rock while maintaining timeless song
writing and great seasoned professional performances."
- Rob Hinton, 2222 Productions


Debut Album, 2006- "Fragile Mind"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Envision a simple concept: truly talented musicians coming together for a single purpose- to create honest, heartfelt music. No preconceived notions of genre, no boundaries or time limits, no pop song templates to adhere to, no target demographic-just soulful music to inspire thought and emotion. Many would respond to this statement with “If only.”

This is the concept that Loss Rayne was founded on in late 2004, in a smoky bar in Lubbock, Texas. Kasi Painter, a prominent and immensely powerful soul, jazz, and blues singer on the Lubbock scene, attended a small show that local hotshot rock/blues/country guitarist Keenan LeVick was performing with one of their mutual friends. A shared disdain for current musical trends, and a shared interest in trying their hands on the Austin, Texas music scene led to discussion of a possible collaboration. The discussion led to more discussions, and by March 2005, both Painter and LeVick were busy writing songs and playing small acoustic shows in Austin. Audiences were immediately won over. Enemy House, a local label, took interest and talks about the recording of a full band album began. They adopted the name Loss Rayne, and recruited local favorite Patrick "Trick" Durrett for bass duties, and power drummer Anthony Clarkson. In October, the band began fleshing out 12 original tracks for their debut album, Fragile Mind.

At the end of January 2006, the band went into A-Valve studios with engineer Rob Hinton of 2222 Productions behind the board. With Paul Zanetti as co-engineer, the band raised eyebrows when it took them no more than a week to finish all tracking. Loss Rayne soon found a welcome addition to the band in John LeBas, a seasoned pro drummer. On June 13th, Fragile Mind dropped into hundreds of eager hands, and the album continues to see rapid sales.

After crafting their performance chops and playing a number of successful local shows and festivals, along with generating a strong word-of-mouth buzz, Loss Rayne decided to throw a party to celebrate the success of Fragile Mind on October 14, 2006. The week leading up to the 14th found the band interviewing with Loris Lowe on KLBJ 93.7 FM, FOX 7 News in the Morning, and Caitlin Minnich at KOOP 91.7 FM. Teaming up with Austin legend Malford Milligan, the band finally threw the party they had been waiting for at the renowned Alligator Grill in Austin, with Brandon McHose and The Ryan Davis band opening up the night. Loss Rayne was the only band that night to continuously throw electrical breakers throughout their set.

What does the future hold for the band? Only time will tell. Many are saying that Loss Rayne is what popular music has been waiting for. Kasi Painter's silky smooth to whiskey-worn voice, introspective lyrics about love, loss, and life, combined with an eclectic blend of rock, blues, folk, and jazz - is a breath of fresh air, and still retains the warm familiarity of a favorite old blanket. Loss Rayne will make you feel.