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Lost Foxes

Greenville, South Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2021

Greenville, South Carolina, United States
Established on Jan, 2021
Band Alternative Pop




"Lost Foxes – Long Ride"

Up-and-coming band Lost Foxes landed on our recently with their new single, “Long Ride,” and we are super excited to share it with you. The song is a great experience from start to finish and will leave you stuck on constant repeat for a long time.

We listened to this song several times, and we still can’t find the right words to describe it. The band has a catchy sound and their lyrics are beautiful and will get stuck in your mind in no time. The vocals are so attractive and the production is smart, professional and brought this record to a whole new level. The instrumental is amazing and made us rewind the songs over and over again the first time we heard it. We love this band’s musical style and can’t wait to see where their career will go over the coming months.

In summary, I think it’s safe to say Lost Foxes are setting themselves up for something truly amazing. Go ahead and check out the song for yourself and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to follow Lost Foxes online to stay up to date on any upcoming releases! - Bored City Blog

"We can’t get enough of Lost Foxes, stream ‘Long Ride’ here!"

We’ve been obsessed with this new single from Lost Foxes all week. Titled ‘Long Ride’, the new single highlights their impressive vocals and unique writing style. The verses and the delivery are smooth and we love the feel-good production style. ‘Long Ride’ is a gem that not only demands your full attention but will have you humming or singing along in no time, guaranteed.

‘Long Ride’ is a promising single and we look forward to covering the band in the coming months, and don’t forget to connect with Lost Foxes online to stay up to date on any future releases! - Sarah Jickling

"Take This "Long Ride" with the Lost Foxes"

Lost Foxes is an emerging band from Greenville, South Carolina, made up of three guys playing guitar, synth, keyboard, and drums. Determined to craft their own unique sound, they pull from their influences, AJR, Twenty-øne-pilots, and Why Not. Last month, Lost Foxes band released their third project and latest single, "Long Ride," which is a tribute to the trio's connection and friendship and dealing with the criticism that comes with being an artist constructively.

In the words of Lost Foxes: "We had a blast creating this song. We started off with a chord progression on an electric guitar which we recorded in my friend's living room. I took it home, recorded some drums and other instruments to add some spice to it, then I finally added the vocals. The lyrics were inspired by the friendship I have with my bandmates and how I couldn't choose anyone else to be by my side in the journey we're going through."

LONG STORY SHORT: Lost Foxes' "Long Ride" is electronic but minimalist with few layers peppered in. You can hear the narrative the group is sharing about the musical journey they are embarking on and how they have to prepare for it singing, "But it feels like/It's gonna be a long ride…And I can't find no one else/To be by my side." Next up for this group is releasing their next studio album, so stay tuned for that release! - The MIC


Lost Foxes is a young band that recently released Welcome To Kiff. They mention the EP is about “escaping a city called Kiff. Kiff has an oppressive government and the story is about a band of three citizens trying to escape the clutches of the City of Kiff.”

The EP starts with an intro called “Intro.” It sounds cinematic and electronic. An arpeggiated synth melds with sub bass notes and other elements. It’s got an epic quality to it and attempts to set the stage for what’s ahead.

The next track “My People” is a hip-hop inspired song. There’s digital piano, synth bass and electronic drums. The rapping is fast but there’s no hook to the song. There’s however a breakdown of sorts that leads to the best part of the song around the two-minute mark. The song explodes with a number of elements including spliced up vocal phrases. Cool track.

“Live” is a completely different style and genre. This is a ballad. The instrumentation felt almost entirely digital. There are mostly airy elements and a good amount of reverb. The singing is emotive and I was picturing the vocalist by a piano.

“FIVE MARKS” is more of an emotive rock song. There’s some guitar on this song, a metronome tight drum beat, some atmosphere and vocals. I noticed there was a vocal that was detuned about an octave against the lead. This is probably the highlight on the album. The vocals are memorable and the production was inventive.

“Stay Alive” is the most experimental song. The manipulation of the vocals is so much on this song starts to feel like any other elements. I liked the beat and production on this song and it is another highlight. The song is also quite cinematic and a slow burn and a dark ominous soundscape emerges.
“The CYLINDER” is sort of a hybrid between rock and electronic music. There aren’t any vocals on this song. The focal point sounds like a lead guitar. This song is the most post-rock inspired. They close with “Outro” which is an experimental piece with heavy electronics. This is another cinematic song which closes out the EP.

As a producer for about twenty-five years at this point I can tell this is a young band that is still figuring out their sound. They have a lot of ideas but they don’t have a signature sound. This sounded more like a mixtape than an EP from one group. There’s hip-hop, ballads, electronic music and rock but they don’t tie these songs together.

​Overall, I thought this was a solid start. Some of the ideas work really well and occasionally hit some emotive parts like on “FIVE MARKS.” I have a feeling this is just the start for the young band. I look forward to hearing more in the not too distant future. - Pitch Perfect


Long Ride - 2023 Remastered Version

  • Long Ride - 2023 Remastered Verison
  • LAZY - 2023 Remastered Version
  • Live - 2023 Remastered Version
Long Ride
  • Long Ride


  • LAZY
  • Y'AINT

Welcome to Kiff

  • My People
  • Live
  • Stay Alive
  • KIFF (Outro)



Lost Foxes is a band from SC. In early 2021, they released their debut album "Welcome to Kiff" a conceptual album about three protagonists escaping an evil city.
"The vocals are memorable and the production was inventive." -Jamie Funk from Pitch Perfect Blog.
Later that year, the band released their EP called "LAZY" which is an ironic jab at pop music today. The title track is about dealing with criticism and not letting other people get in your head. 
In December of 2022, the band released their single "Long Ride," a song about the journey the band is on and the connection they have with each other. 
"The band has a catchy sound and their lyrics are beautiful and will get stuck in your mind in no time. The vocals are so attractive and the production is smart, professional and brought this record to a whole new level. The instrumental is amazing and made us rewind the songs over and over again the first time we heard it." -Bored City Blog
Currently, Lost Foxes is working on their next album and they are very excited to share it with the world.