Lost Paul

Lost Paul

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

I play mandolin or banjo while singing light-hearted original songs, traditional songs, or from some of my favourite artists (John Prine, Tom Waits, Lake of Stew). My relaxed onstage manner and dry wit makes the audience feel like we're just sitting around their kitchen table enjoying some tunes.


I grew up in the Kingston, Ontario area, rejecting the 1980s' music of my teens for 1970s' punk. While attending college in Peterborough, Ontario, I became obsessed with the blues and folk. After moving back to Kingston, I started a blues band with some friends; we even had a few gigs before I moved to Ottawa to marry my Yoko Ono.

At the ripe old age of 29, I sold all my electric gear and bought a cheap mandolin. I've spent the years since then working on an ever-evolving repertoire, as well as honing my mandolin and banjo skills.

My influences? Most of my original songs definitely have an early John Prine flavour, but lately I've been listening to more Tom Waits. I love that minor-key stuff that Waits tends toward!


No discography at this point, I'm afraid.