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They have been called “the soundtrack to youth,” “the soundtrack to summer,” and “worthy torchbearers of the 80’s legacy”. Not content to rest on previous successes, Evansville, IN based Lost Anthem has released their anthemic sophomore disc Moments In and Out of Time and if you thought their debut release was a fun ride, then in the words of Bachman-Turner Overdrive “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Lost Anthem was birthed in 2003 by vocalist Jason McKinney and lead guitarist Jimmy DeTalente. The group is rounded out by Jordan Fuller (guitar), Jesse Fuller (drums and no relation) and James Brown (bass). The "J" names are all coincidential, but cool none the less. Their debut release, Otherside of Nowhere, hit the streets May 2004 to critical acclaim from such respected publications as all City Music Guide, CM Central, and Nashville Rock Scene; plus features in Kings of A&R, Midwest Bands.com and on Westlake Audios site. They even appeared in the film “Novem” which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2005. The disc spawned singles like “Take Me There” were well received by radio stations from coast to coast causing fans everywhere to turn their heads as the band relentlessly toured.

Their latest effort, Moments In and Out of Time, boasts a more mature sound for the band. Relying heavily on the hook laden rock and roll sensibilities of latter days while, at the same time, belonging soundly in the here and now. “A lot of the songs on our first record were written before we became close friends and developed a strong sense of musical direction,” states Jake Fuller. McKinney adds, “When we wrote the songs for the first album we were wondering if who we were as a band was palatable, relevant or needed.” He continues, “We have discovered over the course of this last year that what we have to offer is needed and that brought a lot of confidence to the band.” That confidence is evident all over Moments In and Out of Time.

Songs such as “Hey DJ,” “California,” and “80’s Love Song” bring a much needed “summer” feeling to today’s music scene, offering equal parts fun and talent. “When people hear the album I hope that they get the urge to get in their car, roll the windows down and drive around aimlessly, singing Lost Anthem songs at the top of their lungs,” says guitarist Jimmy DeTalente. While Lost Anthem has their share of fun, be careful that you do not dismiss them as a one dimensional band.

Case in point the more focused route of songs like “Too Far Gone,” “Otherside of Nowhere,” and the strikingly emotional ballad “Reason,” all of which contribute to the intricate balance the album displays. Moments In and Out of Time also features a DVD comprised of a behind the scenes documentary and videos for “Dividing CD’s”, “California” and the rock anthem “Hey DJ” - the latter of which features Miss Teen Indiana.

As the primary lyricist, McKinney draws on his life experiences as a wayward child from a broken home to pen lyrics that are both practical and accessible. “As far as lyrics go, we try to capture common experiences that all humans have. We try to paint a scene with our lyrics so that the listener can relate our stories to theirs, without losing who we are in the process. There is a stream of faith that runs throughout our lyrics and its current is our belief in Jesus Christ. Sometimes that current is overt and other times not, but it is always there," shares McKinney.

The commonalties between the band and the listener’s life experiences are precisely what connect Lost Anthem wholeheartedly with their ever growing fan base. “We genuinely appreciate every single person who takes time out of their lives (time that they can never get back) and decides to come and allow us to play for them. It humbles us that people allow us to be a part of their lives, even if it is only for a couple of hours,” states McKinney about the bands special relationship with their listeners. Adds Jesse, “When people hear this record I want them to fall in love with rock and roll and start a revolution with us; and I think that’s happening.”

Hearkening back to the days when Bon Jovi and Cheap Trick ruled the airwaves yet cementing their reputation among current radio rock icons, Lost Anthem is uniting fans of different generations to rally behind their cause.

Lost Anthem is a band that challenges their listeners to look below the surface of life, but encourages them to enjoy the ride as well. Be assured, this ride has just begun.


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Written By: J. McKinney, J. Detalente, J. Fuller

Anticipation of Sensation
Strobes lights flash
Like bombs dropped on a third world nation

The feeling of redemption
Need it in my soul
One more time , blow the stacks
I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine

Chorus - Hey DJ , Play that song
The one that keeps me rocking all night long
Hey DJ , speak to me
Your rhythm of love is teaching me

VS2. Salvation at 2 am
Sound waves blast
At 120 DB’s please
Rewind that back
Rock fists in the air
One more time, blow my mind
Make me forget that life’s not fine
Not fine not fine

Bridge - I can feel guitars pumping through my veins
And I know I’ll never be the same
I can feel the beat , vibrating the streets
And I know it’s where your grace and mercy meet
I can feel the bass , makes me want to move
And I know this feeling I never want to lose
I can feel the drums moving everyone
And I know I’m not the only one
So nail me to the cross
Where you took the loss
I’ve counted up the cost (x4)

Whats So Great About California

Written By: J. McKinney, J. Detalente, J. Fuller

. It has the sun ,it has the fun
Everything to be undone
It has the skin, it has the10’s
Everything you need to win
Everything’s just like a dream
But your not here with me

CHORUS - What’s So Great ( x3) about California
(cause it’s all that you ever hear about)
( if I have to be without you)

VS2. It has the cars, it has the stars
Everything you need to go far
It has the vibe, the clear blue skies
Everything but you tonight
Everything’s just like a dream
But your not here with me

Bridge - If I got rid of all my suntan lines
If I had my name in those Hollywood lights
If I gained the world but lost my soul
If I went but had no where to go


Written By: S. Faircloff/J. McKinney

When all the lines of every song is sung
And all the lights, fade into night
I’ll see you there
Holding up the stars, shining as You are

I’ll be taken away with You!

You’re the reason that I sing
The reason that I breathe,
You’re the One
The reason I’m so alive
Burning with You’re light (fire)
Like the sun
Ya, You’re the One
My reason

And as the night sky brings the curtain down
the crowds move on and I’m left a vagabond
Still You are there
Embracing this child, in the shelter of Your arms

It’s (You’re) such a beautiful mystery!


I don’t
The way Your love, it washes over
You’re love’s better than
A thousand waves upon the sand
So I will stand in praise again
For You!
My God!! For You’re my God!!



Moments In and Out of Time - Aug 2005
Otherside of Nowhere - April 2004

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