Lo Star

Lo Star

 London, England, GBR
BandRockClassic Rock

Well I guess we are in same ball park as coldplay, keane and snow patrol in that we play stadium sized melodic rock with great hooks lyrics and vibe not forgetting our lead singer Adam harris' sublime vocal style! Adam played alongside razorlights johnny borrell + libertines john hassel since school


There comes a moment in the development of every great band when the songs, the musicianship, the confidence and the desire all fall in to place.
Lo-Star's moment is here and now and finds the London-based five piece poised to take their place in the ranks of great British rock bands. It's been a journey, says singer Adam Harris , who is also the band's songwriter. You work at a sound for years and then you hit that moment when you know you've found something special.
And there are so many things that make Lo-Star special. Eloquent, nuanced songs sung by a genuinely charismatic frontman. Thrillingly distorted guitars juxtaposed with aching melodies. Epic, full-on power balanced with subtlely textured atmospherics. Lo-Star have got it all. The key for us was we didn't want to be compared to anyone else, says keyboardist Ric Albert. It was about moving beyond our influences and learning not to be afraid to make our own sound.
Initially formed by Adam and Ric at college, the band's cosmopolitan line-up is completed by New Zealand-born guitarist Brett Lemmon, Ben Van Rooyen on bass and Drummer Joel Clempson(Son of Clem Clempson legendary guitarist with Humble Pie) the last to arrive in the Autumn of 2006. But Lo-Star's origins go way back beyond that.
I was drumming in a band playing Hendrix and Zeppelin covers when I was 11 or 12, Adam reveals. Fellow members included Johnny Borell (Razorlight) and John Hassal (the Libertines). Then about six years ago he met Ric, and with Adam moving from drums to guitar, they formed a band called Firefly.
They became regulars at London's fabled Kashmir Club, where they played alongside such other unknowns as Damien Rice and K.T.Tunstall. We were very young and the people who run the club took us under their wing and really encouraged us, says Ric.
Next on board was Brett. We used to drink a lot in a bar where he worked, reveals Adam. I used to serve them strong drinks on the cheap,
the guitarist admits. They'd sit there with a jug of margarita and I'd top them up when nobody was looking. I was in a band called Mylie but was getting itchy feet and so we got talking. Some months later, Brett got a call asking if he was interested in helping them record some demos. Before he knew it, he was a full-time member. Initially the band was quite acoustic but it's grown to something much bigger and rockier, he explains. The arrival of the rhythm section of Ben and Joel cranked up the sound further. They came in and changed things to a huge degree because they had the commitment to go the extra mile, Adam enthuses. They boosted it up to a level we always wanted but couldn't previously find.
With the completion of the line-up came a new name, and Firefly became Lo-Star. We felt we should let go of the old name because the band had entered a new phase, Adam explains. Ask them where the name came from, though, and nobody seems quite certain. According to different versions, it was shortened from a Mexican mariachi ensemble called Los Tarts or a Texan cowboy band called Lost Star, although the laughter that greets these claims suggest you would be advised not to place too much credence on either explanation!


Wake Up - Burma charity single released UK March 24 2008 all profits going to Burma UK Campaign

Now gearing up for the definitive release namely 'Backward Motion'/'Mexico' will be on promo from July released Sept/Oct 2008