Lost Art of Family

Lost Art of Family


**FILE UNDER: Suburban Whiteboy Soul** Songs may be reggae or a cappella, sampled soundscapes or sparse guitar/voice compositions. The common bond? Beauty within a melody that is married to lyrics mined from a weathered and weary, yet optimistic, land. Suburban Whiteboy Soul, if you will.


If you don’t like the music, would a bunch of words really change anything for you?

Well, if it would, then.....

Lost Art of Family is, in essence, a Jazz band - without playing much, if any Jazz. Lost Art of Family borrows from the collective sense of the tangible and intangible matter of the prohibition-era Jazz bands. A collection of like minded musicians and music lovers banding together to celebrate, even if for just one night or one song, that night, and that song. No thought given to genre or trends. Music made for, and in a time of, social and cultural distortion. A period of history that when viewed with even slight distance clearly demonstrates that creating and celebrating are in the highest of demand.


Soundcheck Series Volume: #1
(a.k.a: Cheeeck Ooooonne Two EP)
Summer `08