Lost Autumn

Lost Autumn


Lost Autumn is a group of men that are passionate in their music. We're mainly Hard Rock/Metal but we have a taste of Swing, Southern Rock etc. We can take you from one of the heaviest metal songs you've ever heard to a heart stopping tear jerker with beautiful melodies woven intricately.


Lost Autumn stands for rising up when your odds are low, for sticking up for something you believe in. Hailing from Rapid City, SD where the light of opportunity doesn't shine often, they've gathered their strength to keep pursuing their dream. "We're in this to make people believe that music can be used as a medicinal substance. We want our music to be heard around the world and want to change the lives of our listeners and hear them say ""I never knew someone else felt like I do"" we're here to disrupt the genre." Every member of Lost Autumn has not been introduced, but felt, breathed, the impact of music from a very young age. They all have the same mindset with music, and want to share that with the world. Guitars that are tuned so low that the strings nearly fly off the body mixed with drums that force you to nod your head to their thunderous beat, a voice that sings sweetly in your ear and the next minute turns into a scream that makes every hair on your body stand on end, low bass tones that rumble and vibrate every bone in your body, throw ambiance and piano that makes you close your eyes and just listen to it's pure beauty in the mix and you create a sound that is unique, versatile, and driving. That is Lost Autumn.



Written By: Steve Glasford

Will you stay or go?
What do we have left to show?
The earth beneath my feet falter
I can feel the violent tremors
I never thought it'd be this easy to fall
Into oblivion

The flames lick the flesh
The heats rising, burning
I won't fail to stand
I won't go through hell without a plan

It's been said that life's too short
I can feel it digging and pulling
I just want to play my part
I'm so sick of failing

These feelings are taking over
I can feel them tear me apart
It's too late to run for cover
We've been damned from the start

I never thought it'd be this easy.

© Copyright Lost Autumn 2009

Broken Eyes

Written By: Steve Glasford

As I walk down these streets
The cracks in the sidewalk talk to me
They talk of all our dirty deeds
I hear their shadows scream
"Save me"
The beauty is so tainted, so faded
So it seems
Where can I find peace of mind?

I look to the sky through broken eyes
Can you hear my screams?
I look to the sky through broken eyes
Can you hear me?

As I hide my shattered pride
I see what I've lost in your eyes
They tell me of all the times I've lied
But I can't fix what's broken inside
I can't count the times I've strayed
My soul is frayed, I'm afraid
Where can I find peace of mind?

Can you hear me?

© Copyright Lost Autumn 2009


EP "The Awakening" - upcoming release

Set List

1. Oblivion
2. Desolate
3. Undone
4. Beat It - Michael Jackson "Lost Autumn version"
5. The Iris
6. Trust Betrayed
7. Broken Eyes

Sets range from 30 minutes to an 1 1/2 Hour depending on the order of bands.