Lost Canyon Rangers

Lost Canyon Rangers


THE LOST CANYON RANGERS are seasoned pros! They won the 2005 Will Rogers “Rising Star” Award!! In 2005 they received 13 separate award nominations by the Western Music Association and the Academy of Western Artists! Don't miss them, they are amazing entertainers!!


THE LOST CANYON RANGERS… are blessed and honored to be the recipients of the 2005 Will Rogers “Rising Star” Award!! In 2005 alone, they received 13 separate award nominations by the Western Music Association and the Academy of Western Artists, with two resulting in the “Top 10” & two more in the “Top 5” categories! The Rangers are seasoned professionals and have been featured on local television news programs, have performed live on the radio, and their music receives much air play on radio stations world wide, as well as broadcasts via internet radio. They have been listed in Cowboys & Indians, American Cowboy, Classic Images & Rope Burns magazines on several occasions, and have often had articles posted about them in the Los Angeles Times, Daily News, Sacramento Bee, The Signal and several other newspapers. They have a traditional cowboy western album out simply called “The Lost Canyon Rangers”, and have a preview western gospel album called “Carry On” which is dedicated to their beloved Wesley Tuttle. The full album will be available in a few weeks, followed by another western cowboy album in July or August of 2006. They have delighted audiences all over the country and have been asked to return to many cowboy poetry festivals, playhouses, cowboy churches, museums, concerts and Disney Studio recording sessions. They pride themselves on being a part of the LA County student classrooms, teaching music, poetry, trick roping & cowboy history. For a complete list of their performances please find their “Paths Previously Traveled” on their website at www.TheLostCanyonRangers.com. There you will see a “Press Kit” and an abundance of other information. “The Rangers” thank every one of you for your continued support!!

With a love and passion for Western music and “The Cowboy Way,” The Lost Canyon Rangers were formed in 2002. Their "pard-nership" includes their fearless leader, Skeeter Mann (lead vocals, guitar & banjo), the "Sweetheart of the West", "Miss Lindalee" (harmony, duet, lead vocals & spoons) and their incredible instrumentalist, Howard Yearwood (lead guitar, dobro, mandolin & harmony vocals). The angelic and melodic voice of “Miss Lindalee” combined with the dynamic yet dreamy voice of “Skeeter Mann” & the charm & musical brilliance of “Howard Yearwood”, simply causes an almost hypnotic effect on their audience! Their three octave ranges and harmonies are enticing and powerful. Add to it the finely tuned instrumentals performed by Skeeter Mann and the extremely talented Howard Yearwood, and it becomes a fun filled, nostalgic, western journey that you will not want to miss! Each has decades of experience in several facets of the entertainment & music genres, but their hearts belong to the traditional and contemporary music of the cowboy!! Today you will find The Lost Canyon Rangers at the pulse of western music, performing as a duet, trio or quartette & sharing their gift of music throughout the world. They will transport you to the days of Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Gene Autry & Hopalong Cassidy, and then magically bring you into to the life of the modern day cowboy. Tapping feet, clapping hands, & big-ol’, toothy grins abound while “The Rangers” engage their audience.
Skeeter Mann is a cowboy through & through. He grew up on a farm in the southern tip of Illinois in a little town called Odin. He worked for Houchie Lewis Ranch in Salem, Illinois as a wrangler/waddie in the 70’s, where he rounded up 2 year old colts and green broke them to be sold at auction or to folks coming out to the ranch to buy horses. He was also a part time jockey and represented the Lewis Ranch for many races at the fairgrounds in Salem. After moving to Southern California he worked for Johnny Carpenter at his “Heaven On Earth Ranch” in Lake View Terrace, California. There he lead many trail rides and assisted children and ‘dudes’ with the horses. Because Johnny Carpenter was a movie director, Skeeter also spent time riding in movies and doing horse stunts.
Using the nickname his grandmother gave him as a child, “Skeeter’s” musical career has run the entire spectrum of entertainment. He began at the age of ten playing the Carter Families “Wildwood Flower” on guitar at his local one room school house in Southern Illinois. Many throughout the town listened and loved his music. After moving to the California desert, Skeeter’s love for music and entertaining got him involved in many school plays and talent shows. In high school he added the drums to his instruments and played in the school band. He also sang baritone with the glee club. In his sophomore year he joined the famous touring singing group “Up With People” and traveled throughout the Western United States. He had the opportunity to perform for Pope John XXIII, Ronald Regan and John Kennedy. After a hitch in the Marines, Skeeter also decided to try his hand in the movie business working as extra and a stuntman in such features as “Billy Jack”


All MY Trails

Written By: Lindalee Green & Skeeter Mann

All My Trails

Written by Lindalee Green & Skeeter Mann

As I travel through this life
I’ve been met with toil & strife
The way can seem so rocky & so rough
As I travel on my way
And I trudge through every day
Sometimes I wonder “did I do enough?”
There’s the trail that leads me out
There’s the trail that leads me back
And the one that I must travel all alone
But my Savior told me this:
“My child your trails are truly blessed…
Cause’ all My trails are gonna lead you Home”

As I stare into the fire
The Lord is there as I retire
No matter the trail that I may roam
As I contemplate tomorrow
And my blessings, joys & sorrows
I’ll be sure to know the Lord
will lead me Home

My Daddy always said to me
Keep that good book at your knee
No matter where it is this life may lead
Through the tears and happiness
You know your life is surely blessed
No matter what it is you choose to be

Someday we’ll travel Home
And be sittin’ by His Throne
We’ll be there with Roy & Dale, and all the rest
We’ll be singin’ “Happy Trails”
And forgettin’ all our ails
Cause now our ‘never ending trail’ is blessed

There’s the trail that leads us out
There’s the trail that leads us back
And the one that we must travel all alone
But our Savior told us this:
“My child your trails are truly blessed…
Cause’ all My trails are gonna lead you Home”

So, don’t forget that all His trails…
will lead you Home


LP - "The Lost Canyon Rangers" debut album
LP - "Carry On" gospel album
EP - original "All My Trails Will Lead You Home"

Set List

Set list varies depending on the venue and their needs. It is extremely well rounded from soothing nostalgic ballads, to up beat, toe tapping, sing-along, banjo entertainment. You will enjoy covers of Riders in the Sky, the Sons on the Pioneers, Belinda Gail & Curly Musgrave, RW Hampton, Ian Tyson and many other well know western entertainers. With a few Tex Williams, Spade Cooley & John Denver tunes thrown in. As well as original western songs. We can also provide a complete show of gospel if desired – or a mix of both.

Sets are whatever the venue requires. Generally from 20-45 minutes, and we have played from one to four sets in any given set of performances. We are a very high energy band and love to entertain!