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Lost Cause



With their first release, “Kill the Sickness of Being,” Oshawa, Ontario’s, Lost Cause are well on their way to captivating thousands of starving music lovers craving for something a little different. The songs bring an oddness to the scene, fusing metal, punk, rock, and a little of the bands own flavour: The kind of flavour that splashes colour all over your imagination.

The Writings of Demonic Being tries to get across that, “Everyone has that little voice in their head triggering them to take evil direction, and that’s alright, because it happens to the best of us, and we all just have to learn from our mistakes.”

The album was produced and engineered by members of the band Cauterize, who have also recorded some of their latest on the Paper Wings LP. Even though they have not shared the stage with Cauterize, they have shared with other bigger acts such as: Crowned King, The Fully Down, Social Code, Big Wig, No Use for A Name...

Lost Cause have been the victors in numerous band war competitions, and will compete in the band wars at The Docks in summer of 2006.

For live bookings or show info, please contact Matt at:
Phone – (905) 723-9029
E-mail- bonezster@gmail.com


Lost Cause -Kill the Sickness of Being

Set List

35-45 minute set
1. I better do something before I die
2. Hi, I'm dimension red
3. In your place: alike disorder
4. They're all in on it
5. Phase
6. See you in hell
7. Cocaine and anti-depressants