Lost Coves

Lost Coves

 New York City, New York, USA

Into the great wide Weird, Lost Coves has successfully bridged the Heavy and Indie worlds to create a wide open spectrum of psychedelia stitched together by tense and introspective moments of true character and personality.


Lost Coves stems from boredom and ambition colliding at monumental trajectories. Bil and Dylan met in the spring of 2009 and have since been banging heads and hearts with their unique assimilation of sounds and inspirations rooted in decaying urban sprawl, misty mountain tops and the power of the unknown. Musical alchemists of sorts, they don't really write songs as much as build movements based on rhythm, feedback and melody.
In a word, we like to rock.
A description of our sound? Think the Melvins and Herbie Hancock on tour with Beast In The Field arguing over the influential importance of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin on heavy metal, singing along to Deftones and Bjork with Portishead on deck, playing air drums to Helmet and Pantera, burning one to Kyuss and Clutch, and driving drunk blasting ZZ Top Tres Hombres.


'Until We Break Bone' Split LP - 2012 - SHG030
'Bookends EP' - 2011 - SHG027
'Lost Coves S/T EP' - 2010 - SHG024