Lost Disciples

Lost Disciples


Lost Disciples are leaders in a new generation of classic Heavy Rock. Huge Searing vocals, deep driving rythms and an unsationable appetite for truth!!! Brought forth in the hopes of world domination, Lost Disciples have persisted in their quest to endure the face of FADS!!!


Lost Disciples have been, "Slamming", So. Cal and the Southwest with an, "Intense Barrage of driving rythms and Explosive Power", for over 8 years. Their LIVE performance will, "Crawl up your spine and make you tingle"... The New CD, "SWELL", set to be released in late July of 04 has already been called, "the most ambitious EP to come out of San Diego in at least 10 years". Many people say San Diego bands will never make an impact on the National Scene. We respectfully disagree!



Written By: Lost Disciples

On my feet,
I'm walking down the Street,
I'm talking to myself but I'm not alone.

Hide my head,
I'm falling deeper in this open crevice.
I'm loosing self-control...

I Fade Away...

Catch me I'm fading from a high place.
I'm on my way to...

Over Again

Written By: Lost Disciples

"Love me", my mother said.
"I was the one who bled. I was the one to go around and around with you again".

"Trust me", my daddy said.
"I was the one who bent. I was the one to push you down and bring you back again"!

You were the one to hold my hand!
You were the one to make me stand!
You were the one who made me see!
You were the one to go around and back again!

I won't forget you!


Lost Disciples have released 3 short LPs and two full albums. Much of this music can be heard on our website. We are currently working on our third album. You can hear a snipit of our first 2 singles from that album here, at our website or at garageband.com.

Set List

Analogy - 3min.20sec.
Swell - 4min.
Seed - 4min.
Over Again - 3min. 35 sec.
Gabbin Away - 4min.
Lost Disciple - 4min 30sec.
Mother's Hand - 3min.30sec.
Catch Me - 3min.50sec.
Solid Lies - 2min.45sec.
Lost Disciples have about 50 original songs in their catalog and about 6 cover tunes from The Cult, Live, Zeppelin, Neil Young, The Everly Bros., and Black Crows.
We can play up to 4 hours of original music alone.