Seattle, Washington, USA

One part gospel, one part country and all rock, Lost Dogma has a clean, bright sound, with storyteller lyrics and escape-driven music.


Self-labeled as 'Indie/Americana/Country', one would be hard pressed to tag it as anything else. Sweetly nostalgic and searching, Lost Dogma imbues the stage with a quiet gruffness that stirs faint echoes of Johnny Cash with the yearning of Townes Van Zant and an energetic passion all their own.



Written By: Rev Toby C. Brady

they're selling off the farm
the tractors and the hogs
the drought dried up the crops and the resevior
childhood memories
burned down w/ the trees
in the wildfires of 1994

the brandy-wine river
don't run to the ocean no more
that old tree-house where i got stitches is gone
snapshot photographs of another place in time.
this must be the worlds longest goodbye.

you stayed in town
same old rural-route
and married the second guy you ever loved
i grew my hair
and moved out west
but you can't take the country out of the boy


The Hobo's Lament

Written By: Rev. Toby C. Brady

hey old man did you hear
i'm goin' down far away today
these railroad cars don't feel the same like they used to.. like they used to be...
write me a letter when i get there
make sure you write it in red
write me a letter when i get there
so in your mind i'll always live
and where are we now??
lost somewhere in between
water and suffering
don't be angry anymore

my train is leavin' but you won't miss me i'd leave ya somthin' but i got nothin' to give
so i'll just stand here on the tracks promise i won't cry scream or bleed.


Written By: Rev Toby C Brady

her head is full of shattered stars
butterflies on fire just won't let her sleep, beautiful stranger who used to ride the train came here lookin' for jesus instead she found me, and i told her.

i was born with a gypsy soul make it up as i go turn my wheels into the wind wanderlust again, wanderlust again, wanderlust again...

standing on the edge of the world, don't look down never forget never forget that alchohol and pills will never erase all of my stupid stupid stupid mistakes, i can help it.

like your car crash lover
i'm your favorite heartbreak
like a horse of different colors
i'm the one you love to hate
i can't help it...


2010 "hARD tIMES"
2011 Single "Murder on Sunny Divide"
2012 "The Ghost You Left Behind"

Several songs in heavy rotation on Jango Radio.com
Always in the top 4 on Reverbnation.com Americana Charts for the local Seattle area.

Set List

most of the shows are 45-60min.
can play longer sets if needed. 90 minutes
all original songs rotating set list.

Toby also tours solo acoustic.

Full Band Stage Plot:
Drums, bass, 2 guitar amps 3 vocals
keyboard DI box