Los Texicanos

Los Texicanos

 Rockland, Massachusetts, USA

It's a Down and Dirty Texas Twang Thang! Get Twangified!


It's been a goodly number of years since guitarist/singer Drew Townson moved to Boston from Dallas Texas, but you can still hear that BBQ-smoked Texas tone in his playing. Through the '90s Drew kept the twang alive, fronting the Desert-Surf insto trio, The Derangers. Their reverberant, spooky sound was the stuff of Morricone, Tarantino and David Lynch sountracks. In the 2Ks, he twanged the Telecaster as a sideman for award-winning Americana outfit, Lucky 57. Drew's latest band is Twang `em High! a quartet made up of veteran players, all with a strong background in Americana, Country, Blues, Rock and Instrumental. The guitar duo of Drew and "The Reverend" Al Harper always wows the crowd with their dual harmony guitar solos, ala Allmans and Outlaws. The band's set list includes a nice mixture of twangified originals and well-chosen covers. Even when the Twangsters play a classic song, they give it their own Texican taste. It`s a Down `n` Dirty Twang Thang! GET TWANGIFIED!!!


She's The Reason (recorded live on WMFO, June 2 2010)

Written By: Drew Townson

There's the barstool where I'm gonna sit
There's the shotglass with my name on it
There's the bottle I'm gonna crawl inside
To drown the memory of the love that died

She's the reason that I drink
Why my life is on the brink
Gonna get so gone, that I can barely think
She's the reason
That I drink

There's a picture right beside my bed
Of the girlfriend who dances in my head
So good together, so long ago it seems
Baby's cryin' haunts my lonely dreams


Pour me another Johnny Walker Red
He's gonna walk that girl right outta my head
Hey there barmaid, you've got pretty eyes
Just like hers...
Before I told the lies...
Before the tears she cried...


Dear Old Grandad sing me a lullaby
Time to say good night, please turn out the light
Yes I did her wrong, I know I let her go
Whiskey river take me slow
Lay me low...