Lost Hills

Lost Hills


Songs of love, death and wandering in the wilderness backed by country flavored guitar and mournful harmonica...


I grew up in the Kern River Valley in California's Southern Sierra foothills, and reside there now. In the intervening years I have travelled pretty much everywhere in the lower 48, and a little bit through Canada and Mexico. I've always been a rambler, and I have always sought out the wild and lonesome places.

I have a collection of songs that I have written over the years that reflect the places where I have lived, and the journies I have taken, and the people I have met. There's always a campfire, and a bottle of whiskey, and a coyote calling in the distance. Pull up a stump, and I'll tell you some stories...


Eight Songs demo.
Places We Used To Know
Lost Hills Live...

Set List

Put Them Ghosts To Sleep
Moon Of The Wild Rose
Boots Of Gypsy Leather
Lodgepole Pine
Hawk On The Wire
Pastures Of Plenty (Woody Guthrie)
A Song Right Here
The River Flowed Past My Door
100 Miles (Traditional)
Pages From The Past
Places We Used To Know
Sister Maria