Los Tiki Phantoms

Los Tiki Phantoms


Influenced by legends like The Ventures or The Shadows, and also by the intensity of Dead Kennedys or JFA, with an incendiary live show as a dance of masks, these infernal playboys are here to bring us pure diversion and evil frenzy.


Three years after realasing their debut album, Los Tiki Phantoms tune their instruments and get ready for their new attack plan. These four generals of the almighty Great God Tiki get forward without a quarter with their second instrumental album, more dance-able, more mature and richer in composition. Recorded and mixed at Ultramarinos Costa Brava Studios by Victor and Santi Garcia brothers, "El Ejército de las Calaveras" shows us a direct band, solid and tight, hungry for power, far from conventions and labels, without betraying their own particular sound. The crystal reverb, the party-time melodies, martial strength and unlimited fun are the pillars of their conquest plans. They already proved it on their debut "Regresan de la Tumba", with critical acclaim that put them on the top of spanish Surf-rock scene, thanks to their melodic skills and their onstage performances. This band is fun-guaranteed, and so their army of fans follow them everytime the Great God Tiki shows up. Without having stopped playing live since the first day, they're getting ready for their second assault, turning the reverb up, squeezing their amps' tubes and making us dance under serious threat of divine punishment. You're warned...


"Regresan de la tumba" (CD/LP), BCore 2007
"Y el Ejército de las Calaveras" (CD/LP), BCore 2009

Set List

Songs from both albums, featuring the special surf-rock cover of tremendous A-HA "Take on me", renamed "Tiki on me".