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Phoenix, Arizona, United States | SELF

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | SELF
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"Tops 9 Bands to Chek out at This Year's Warped Tour"

Selected as one of the top nine bands to check out at Warped Tour 2013. - Examiner.com

"Lost In Atlantis "Lover Freak" Review"

LOST IN ATLANTIS is doing something that has been done but never at this level before. They are taking the best of EDM which is today’s biggest genre and pop-rock and putting it all into one. This pop-rock/electronic band from Arizona really takes catchy tunes and dancing to the next level with this album.
The album opens with a very synthesizer heavy song “Hypnotic”, this is catchy but not their catchiest, it almost appears to warn you that this album is going to be different and intense all at the same time. The synthesizer and electronic sound effects give it that dance-like EDM feel and then the amazing guitar solo comes in and it shows you that this band can also rock. Then comes “Crazy” this song has dance written all over it. Slight kicks of reverb to the dong give it that epic feel and slow build that every dance/house song has, then it goes into your high-energy upbeat chorus that has you wanting to dance and jump around. As you get further into the album your come across “Gonna Make It Hot”, this song really hits hard. Up-beat heavy drums matched with a little synthesizer and light guitar riffs all matched with catchy lyrics, I would argue they have a hit here. This may be a song you hear on your local radio station very soon. They tune it down a notch in the middle of the album with “Soaring”, this track has seemingly more meaningful lyrics and vocal melodies that give this song much more feeling than the others. “Freak Out” seems to be one of the more rock songs on this album. This is also where they plug their album title “Lover Freak”. The whole track is hard hitting and the lyrics and melody have you wanting to sing/scream along with it. They close with “Mindless” which is a good song, but I’d have to say not my favorite. The melody is not my favorite and it’s not as catchy as the others. The drum beat is really cool and the guitar is a great additive to it, but it seems too similar to the other songs.
LOST IN ATLANTIS is obviously doing something big with this album, it’s upbeat, catchy, and you can’t not dance to it. The entire album is so radio-friendly I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard at least one of these tracks on the radio soon. Look into this band, you won’t be disappointing. - Andrew Maffettone

"VANS Warped Tour Band Lost In Atlantis"

Go to Link. - VWT

"Bands rock Fort Bliss, El Paso communities"

Thanks to Morale, Welfare and Recreation, as well as music bands Sick Puppies, Street Drum Corps, Lost in Atlantis and more, Fort Bliss was thoroughly rocked during the free “Rock the Fort” summer music festival at Biggs Park at East Fort Bliss Saturday.
An estimated 2,000 Soldiers, family members and El Pasoans turned out for the annual event, which kicked off with a car and bike show early in the evening before growing into an all-out party by nightfall. Rock the Fort even had a beer garden, which included local and domestic brewers that kept many of the potent potable enthusiasts responsible, yet well-supplied, while food vendors satisfied the epicurean delights of many more concert-goers.
The car and bike show included several competitive categories like “best two-door import,” “domestic,” “SUV” and more, but in the aftermath the best-in-show went to a tricked-out ’05 Dodge Magnum owned by El Paso resident Jason Krcelic.
“Just like last year, it’s turned out to be a great event,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Phillip Pandy, Fort Bliss garrison command sergeant major. He said this year’s event did differ a bit from last year. “What I was really impressed with was that there were a lot of Soldiers who were in the winning categories in the car show. I think it’s great seeing them doing things like this … things that are constructive and creative. That’s always a positive thing.”
“It’s a morale booster,” said Lora Diem, special events coordinator with MWR. “It gets everybody’s mind off the mission and gives them a chance to take a break and get together with the community.”
Following the car and bike show, the main rock stage was taken over by rock band Lost in Atlantis around 7 p.m., who almost immediately drew an impressive crowd. After an exciting set, the group yielded the stage to the percussion band Street Drum Corps, which erupted a high-energy blend of tribal, electronic and rock sounds toward the audience.

Street Drum Corps performs at Rock the Fort summer music festival at Biggs Park at East Fort Bliss Saturday. Photo by Sgt. Erik Thurman, 15th Sustainment Bde. Public Affairs.
When Street Drum Corps first took the stage, El Paso’s notorious sun still lingered above, but the band accepted the challenge. The sun sank behind the Franklin Mountains, giving rise to Rock the Fort’s beaming stage lights.
Elisabetha Rosnowski, lead singer for Lost in Atlantis, said the event was one of her best experiences.
“This was different than any other show we have played at,” she said. “The military here are so appreciative and supportive of our music, more than any other concert we have ever played.”
But Rosnowski explained that Lost in Atlantis are no strangers to military audiences. The group, which hails from Phoenix, has played on several military installations; most recently, Twenty-Nine Palms, Calif., and she said she and the rest of her group are always appreciative of the welcome they receive.
Bobby Alt, singer and percussionist with the Street Drum Corps, however, said this experience was new to his group.
“This was our first-ever military show and we are very honored to be here,” Alt said backstage. “I gotta tell you, from the get go we saw the smiles. It was a family show. I noticed a lot of parents with their kids, a lot of punk rockers. … It was a very mixed audience and that brought a lot of smiles to all of our faces.”
Alt touched on one of the major driving forces behind the purpose of Rock the Fort, which is to bring military families and members of the local community together.
“You need support, right?” Alt said. “You need support from your family, from your community. … And that’s one of the reasons why we are here. Music brings people together.”
First Lt. Bryan Galas, 6th Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, and his wife Nancy picked out a piece of grass and threw a blanket across it to enjoy the festivities along with their infant son.
“I think it ties in the whole atmosphere of the town,” Bryan said. “It shows people what we have to offer and it tells people that we also have a personality. We’re not just people who go out and do the mission all the time.”

An ’05 Dodge Magnum, owned by Jason Krcelic won best-in-show during the 2012 Rock the Fort car and bike show at Biggs Park at East Fort Bliss Saturday. Photo by Sgt. Erik Thurman, 15th Sustainment Bde. Public Affairs.
“I think it’s wonderful,” said Nancy. “I like being able to come out and have other military families and our friends be able to join us in events like this.”
Following the Street Drum Corps’ explosive performance, an even larger audience converged in front of the stage in anticipation for the Sick Puppies. The Sick Puppies are an Australian-born rock band who are neither strangers to El Paso nor to servicemembers across the U.S. The group has performed at USO shows and has even performed acoustic sets for injured Soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washingt - Erik Thurman

"Bus with 3 Bands"

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The CHP said there was an incident between a tour bus and a big rig on northbound Interstate 5 near Twisselman Road in northern Kern County.

The CHP said just after 6 a.m. Tuesday morning a tour bus rolled over two times before coming to rest in the center divider.

According to ABC23 in Bakersfield, the bus was traveling northbound on I-5 in the slow lane, when a big rig traveling about 75 MPH rear-ended them, sending the bus rolling across the freeway.

The bus was in route to Sonoma County. Three bands from Epic Proportions Tour 2012 were inside the bus on their way to perform at Sonoma State University.

Three people were transported to the hospital with injuries ranging from a minor head injury to a broken leg.

Some of the people on the bus included singer Thomas King, Gabe Kubanda who has starred on a VH1 reality show, and members of the band Lost in Atlantis.

Some of the band's equipment was damaged in the wreck. The bands still plan to play at Sonoma State Tuesday night if they can barrow some equipment.

Stay with Action News and ABC30.com for more on this developing story.

(Copyright ©2012 KFSN-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.) - ABC 30


confirmed to perform on the 2nd annual national Epic Proportions Tour along with creator Gabe Kubanda and Lost In Atlantis. March 1st marks the kick off of the Epic Proportions Tour in Phoenix, Arizona with routing taking the tour through the Southwestern U.S. Sponsored by VH1 Classic, Airwalk Shoes, SESAC, “Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp” and the American Red Cross, the tour was created by headliner Gabe Kubanda and Peter Sotos of Fireball Music Management to provide an eco-friendly alternative for artists to tour without losing money and help raise funds for the American Red Cross. The tour bus will run on Waste Vegetable Oil and also has solar power to provide electricity for the bands electronics and digital gadgets. - James McQuiston

"Airwalk Shoes"

Our friends over at the Epic Proportions tour sent us a few choice photos of them in some rad Airwalk gear. Gabe Kubanda, Thomas King, and Lost in Atlantis all played down at the legendary SXSW festival. If you haven’t caught the tour yet, make sure you check out one of their last two shows - airwalk shoes

"YabYum Music and Arts"

"The best part about this band is the musical arrangements. They are an extremely polished group, and have written some very fun songs". - Jofrin Pezzati

"Silend World CD Review"

Lost in Atlantis has had a bit of an eventful history, oscillating from two members to five to three, before finally (hopefully) settling on the current four-person arrangement. The present set-up, which includes vocals, guitar, bass, and drums seems to fit the band really nicely. Their music is balanced and doesn’t lean too heavily on the talents of a single member. In contrast to the multitude of bands that seem to consist of one talented musician and a few coattail-riders, Lost In Atlantis is comprised of four talented musicians. The band’s debut album, Silent World, is a well-crafted record, both in its approach and instrumentation. The sonic landscape recalls Muse and Metric, while it’s clear that some New Found Glory and No Doubt lies in the group’s history. Lost In Atlantis kick out large and expansive songs, like the aptly named “Epicity,” and more focused, song-centric tunes like “All Your Lies.”

On “All Your Lies,” lead singer Liz Rosnowski’s voice breaks forth from the rest of the pack, sounding like a Leslie Feist unleashed. Her voice seems like it has the potential to command attention like Gwen Stefani or Victoria LeGrand (of Beach House), although it’s not often released at full force. Although the musicians are all very talented, they would do well to take turns highlighting their strengths. At times it seems all four are aiming at the middle to avoid showing up their counterparts. One of the albums’ strongest tracks is “Tek No,” a tune in which Lost In Atlantis takes on a bit more urgency. The drums are faster, the guitars more harried, and the band breaks free from the pop punk tendencies that can occasionally plague their tracks.

There are lots of bands out there that seem like they’re faking it. Lost In Atlantis is not one of those bands. Their earnest feel is what keeps the mix of synth punk found on Silent World from smacking of pandering. Yes, this band wants to achieve success in the mainstream. They are not, however, simply trying to make songs that will appeal to the masses. Lost In Atlantis does not censor their music toward the mainstream; rather they choose to pick a path and stick with it, whether you’re coming along for the rider or not. Most of the time, you should be up for the trip. Particularly for fans of bands like Paramore and Evanescence, Lost In Atlantis offer a modern brand of 2010 pop punk that is neither heavy handed nor overbearing. Album closer “Alien” captures the soaring female vocals of those aforementioned groups without treading close to the melodrama they can often contain. Instead, Rosnowski and Lost In Atlantis sound complete (and thankfully) sincere.

Lost In Atlantis is a band that is close to finding the recipe for success. The ingredients are there: talented members, good ear for melodies and catchy riffs, a talented lead singer, and more. On “Disaster,” those elements are on display, demonstrating the ability of the band to put together an addictive song seemingly without effort. The guitar riffs and vocals on that track are worthy of a mainstream release. Where they falter slightly is in their inability to break out of the box. More and more, music listeners are looking for a band that pushes the edge of a genre, innovating on the artists and ideas that have come before them. Lost In Atlantis doesn’t quite do that; they retread and synthesize the themes and styles of many bands that have come before, but still need an extra push toward the unwritten before they will be seen as a truly unique band.

For now, the quartet is off to a good start. Rather than starting from nothing, Lost In Atlantis has a solid base upon which to grow, build, and innovate. They certainly have the chops, and Silent World indicates that they’ll be able to keep growing until they’re a true force to be reckoned with.

Review by Chris Barth
Rating: 3 stars (out of 5) - Chris Barth


"Zombie Love"

"Tek No"
"Ready To Go"




>We are a female fronted "Rocktronica" (Electronic / Rock) band and we just released our new album "Lover Freak" (April 2nd, 2013). Recorded/produced by Erich Talaba (Yellowcard, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy)


>LIA was chosen by Kevin Lyman to play the Van's Warped Tour 2013 on the Kevin Says Stage (June 20 -28th)

>L.I.A. has been chosen for 5 National Tours since 2012 having played over 150 High Schools, Military Bases, festivals and venues.

>Our new album "Lover Freak" has been promoted by Warped Tour on their social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr)

>Featured on Purevolume's "Picks & Promos" section (selected by Purevolume) and have been on the Top 10 Artist list for multiple weeks.

>Made an appearance in AP Magazine (May 2013 issue) and Music Connection Magazine.

>The music video to our song "Tek No" has been featured onMTV.com, MTV Latin America and VH1 Brazil.

>While on tour (April 3, 2012), we were involved in a critical tour bus rollover accident where a semi-truck hit our bus and ran us off the freeway. We began touring again once released from the hospital.

>Performed showcases at SXSW (2012, 2013) under Red Gorilla.

>Raised thousands of dollars at charity events this past year such as Relay For Life and concerts to help raise money for music education in schools.

>Made multiple TV Appearances (KTLA, KTVU and KICU).

>Opened up for Sick Puppies summer 2012 at Fort Bliss's Rock The Fort.

>Made a Kickstarter and fans donated over $5,000 to help pay for new album "Lover Freak".


Facebook: 34,000+ Fans

Purevolume: 66,000+ Plays

YouTube: 92,000+ Views

Instagram: 27,000+ Followers among the band members.

SOUNDCLOUD LINK: http://www.SoundCloud.com/LostInAtlantis

- Top 4 Songs: Zombie Love, Hypnotic, Gonna Make It Hot, Freak Out

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