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EP- universal-pre-cautions
Singles- P.R.A.D.A
Full length- State of Corruption


Feeling a bit camera shy


Lost in Greenpoint is a Punk band from Hershey PA with a bit of a hardcore edge. The band consists of three 16 year olds. Josh Allamon is the bass guitarist and has been playing since 7th grade, Justin Rupy is the guitarist and has been playing since 4th grade, and James Daley is the Drummer and has been playing since he was 4 years old. They all sing including the drummer.
Lost in Greenpoint formed in the halls of Hershey middle school in an art room in 6th grade. While working on an Art project their friend, Arthur came over and asked Josh if he would be interested in making a band with him. They both played the saxophone so they wanted to make it an orchestra, keep in mind they were only in 6th grade and were stupid. So anyway they needed a Drummer and after looking around they saw the new kid from New Jersey sitting in the other corner of the room. There was rumor that he played drums so they asked him to play and he said yes. 5 minutes went by and Josh said that the idea of starting an orchestra was stupid. Art and James agreed and brought up the point that they needed a guitarist so they asked a friend of theirs, Justin if he would be interested and he also said yes. Well the band was together. They had James on the drums, Justin on guitar, Josh on lead vocals, and Art decided to play keyboard instead of the sax.
They were all set to go and started working on their first song ever, Teenagers Chilling. Everything went smoothly and they were ready to open up for some 8th grade band at the schools first annual may fest. They played their song and everyone said we did great and we now realize that we had a bunch of liars at that show LOL.
Well as they got older so did their common sense they decided that the keyboard just had to go and kicked Art out from the band. Then they agreed on the fact that they were going to need a bass player so instead of taking the time to look for one Josh bought one and started to take lesions. The band was down to three people and their music started getting more advanced and more sounding like punk music. Practicing some songs from influences like Green Day and Blink-182 they were ready to play at the school talent show. After practicing for the show they received news from the principle of their school saying that they could not play the talent show due to obscene lyrics in their songs. That was the bands last year in middle school and they were moving on to 9th grade righting more songs and getting sick of bands that they used to be influenced by like Blink-182 and got new influences like The Casualties, The Ramones, The Misfits, Anti-Flag, NOFX, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Guns and Roses, and many more.
They were ready to record their first Demo titled “Universal-Pre-Cautions” so they got an old teacher of theirs from the middle school and recorded the CD in Josh’s basement. The CD wasn’t that bad except for mixing errors and the fact that it just didn’t sound “punk” enough for the band but they sold it anyway.
The band now are sophomores at Hershey High School and just finished the recording for the new CD, State of Corruption and are about ready to put it on sale. They put two songs from the CD on a couple of sites and so far the reviews were… “Punk rock at its finest”, “Sounds like the casualties”, “you guys sound a lot different than when I heard you on may fest in 6th grade”, “ I didn’t picture you guys being that good”, and many more great comments about it.
Our future aspects of the band is to hopefully get signed and show people that there are some bands still out their that don’t just sing songs about girls and love. The band is something that I doubt any of the members will ever give up even if they’re forty sitting in a garage still playing the same songs from when they were in tenth grade. The band to us is something way more important than anything else in the world. We don’t want to be one of those parents driving their son and his friends to the movies in an old 88 pickup truck saying “ yea I used to have a band when I was your ages with 3 of my best friends. Gee I wonder what those guys are doing these days?” So now madder what you can count on Lost in Greenpoint for being around for a pretty long time.