All original high octane brutality from one of Indiana's premier bands.


Hailing from southern Indiana, a place that has turned out such names as nationally known touring acts Days Of The New and Tantric, Lost In Life look to add their name to the same roster of signed talent that’s made their mark on the music world. We originally began as a trio under the moniker “Venger” in ’89. We started out with the same philosophy we have now – original music. What began as a hobby for a few musicians getting together on any given weekend, playing a few of the band members favorite tunes in someone’s garage for a few friends, has turned into a group of 4 dedicated musicians with the same goals along with a loyal fan base that grows with every show. We’ve never really focused on developing a certain sound per say, we just kind of let the music do the driving as far as that goes-it all seems to work out in the end. With our influences ranging everything from Johnny Cash to Minor Threat, it has a lot mixed into the pot and what comes out in the end is unique to say the least. For the last few years the band has averaged 50 to 60 shows a year and stays busy with relentless self promotion, creating new music and recording with the time in between shows. In early 2005 we had to regroup after having to replace our drummer and vocalist and started auditions which led to our hiring Rob Howard (drummer) and Mike Skinner (vocals). They both brought a different element to our sound we were looking for. After a couple weeks down time getting Rob and Mike up to speed with the music we already had and some new music as well, we were ready for our first shows with the new lineup and have since played out at every opportunity. We released our latest cd on December 8th and it has received high rotation and high praise on both major radio stations’ in the Louisville area, as part of their local music promotional shows. Lost In life would like to invite you to visit our official website and give us your feedback.


Airplay on Stations/Shows:
WTFX, Louisville Rocks
WLRS, Louisville Underground

All albums are produced and self-promoted by Lost In Life. Music from the latest disc is available on our website.

2005 - (self titled) (LP)
2003 - King Of Snakes (EP)
2000 - Mr. Bones (EP)
1990 - Who's Holocaust (EP)

Set List

Our current set list consists of the following originals:

-Lost In Life
-4 to 1 Intentions
-Casting the Grey
-Cold Inside
-Mr. Bones
-Collection of Scars

Our sets range from 30 mins to an hour and a half. Also we'll throw in a couple covers here and there usually mostly b-side songs that recieve little or no airplay.