Lost Innocence

Lost Innocence


With catchy choruses and melodic riffs Lost Innocence will leave you wanting more. Not only will you be affected by their music but you will relate to their lyrics about growing up in this ever changing, unforgiving world.


Friends since kindergarten Singer/Guitarist Ari Seyranian and Guitarist Sean Morgan began their journey together on stage at the age of ten. In their school’s version of the Flintstones the part of Fred Flintstone was played by Sean and the part of Barney Rubble was played by Ari. While writing songs together in high school Ari and Sean realized that they had something special and they have been dedicated to creating music ever since. Bassist Howard Steinberg soon joined the lineup when he connected with the music and wanted to be a part of it. The band spent the next four years in Ari’s basement writing over thirty songs and developing their skills as musicians. After hooking up with their drummer Chris Marr, the band started to develop a fan base by playing a number of local clubs in downtown Toronto including the Rivoli.

Our musical influences vary from bands such as The Offspring, Greenday and Funeral for a friend. Our other influences range from past life experiences to the stars in the sky. A reoccurring theme in our music is the loss of innocence in our society.



1. Screaming in Silence
2. The best of me
3. Disease Infested Nest
4. Dreamer
5. Before it's too late
6. Don't look back
7. Caught in a web

Set List

1. Screaming in Silence
2. dreamer
3. caught in a web
4. disease infested nest
5. The best of me
6.before it's too late
7. Armenian dodgeball
8. Shattered Dreams