Lost Innocence

Lost Innocence


Raised by Punk rock, Lost Innocence put on a crazy live energetic show with their melodic riffs, fast rhythms and brutally-honest lyrics. They were on the Vans Warped Tour this past summer opening up for such acts as Protest the Hero, Anberlin and Story of the year.


Friends since kindergarten, Lost innocence have been playing music together for the past five years. Drawing their influences from past punk bands such as The offspring, Yellowcard and Rise Against Lost Innocence will be able to outlast the trends, in an age where many bands sound the same. Thier number one goal in life is to revive punk rock. It's time for a change , don't you think ?


Survival of the fittest

Written By: Ari Seyranian

SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST written by Ari Seyranian


This is a story about a boy that felt like he was trapped his whole life

Everything is changing and I just cant seem to get this straight
I keep on falling ,its the wait that I cannot take and all along I've been here all alone Im killing time, nothings fine,and I just cant survive

Im getting paid minimum wage just to get by
I never thought I'd be here at the age of twenty three
still fighting to be free

moving boxes for a living is not living to me
when we were growing up they taught us it was wrong to dream
but I'll prove them wrong with every chance that I get
I'm on my knees, I'm begging please, just let me breath

I've entered the point of no return and I'll never be the same
I only hope things get better cause Im dying
waiting for the stars to align for me

But getting paid minimum wage isn't gonna get me by
I know it was meant to be here at the age of 23
but Im still not free
someone set me free

Somplace under the sun

Written By: Ari Seyranian

It's snowing again today
it's so cold I can barely feel my face
and all I want to do is just go (lets just go)

I wanna wake up where the palm trees grow
I wanna sit out in the sand and never get cold
I wanna feel the feeling of something being right
Is it too much to ask to watch the sun set tonight

I'm stuck in traffic again, I'm so sick and I feel so trapped in I can only dream of where I'd go (lets just go)
someplace warm where I could call home

It's time I moved to a place where no one knows my name
I'm wanna run into the ocean and live where dreams are made

Im gonna wake up where the palm trees growIm gonna sit out in the sand and never get cold
I wanna feel this feeling until the day I die
I know this is where I belong
A house by the beach is where I call homebut its too much to ask to watch the sunset

Tonight, Tonight




Lost Innocence - released 2008
- 500 + cd's sold

1st single" Survival of the fittest" played on Edge 102 and on college/university radio stations all over Canada.

Set List

Somplace under the sun
All bad
Survival of the fittest
Leprachauns playing soccer
Somewhat Random
No way out
Screaming in silence

All original songs performed from 30-45 minute set