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Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | INDIE

Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2004
Band Alternative Punk




"Punk Rockers Lost in Society Sets Sail"

Asbury Park’s Lost in Society have moved from pop-punk to a darker, more pure punk sound on its sophomore album, “Let it Sail,” which was released on June 5 on Altercation Records.

“I wanted to write a dark, kind of grungy punk album and get away from that pop-punk feel but still have the catchy vibes,” said singer-guitarist Zach Moyle. “We wanted to have the bass stand out a lot more and the guitars got heavier.”

Lost in Society have achieved their goal. “Let it Sail” standout tracks such as first single “Scared” and “My Door” demonstrate that the band’s new music is more intense, but no less memorable, than its 2010 debut, “Eastern Empire.”

The band, which also includes bassist Nick Ruroede and drummer Hector Bonora, will play a record release show at the Asbury Lanes on Friday. Lost in Society returns to the area as part of the Vans Warped Tour on Friday, July 13, at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel.

The band also has a show scheduled for Friday, July 20, at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch and at the Asbury Lanes for The Upstart Festival on Aug. 12.

“The cool thing about this album is that somebody who doesn’t really listen to punk can get into it and somebody who really loves punk can like it a lot,” Moyle said.

The band’s evolution is natural, said Moyle, 21. He was between the ages of 15 and 18 when he wrote the songs for “Eastern Empire.”

“When you get into your late teens, early twenties, different stuff starts happening in your life,” he said. “You grow up a little bit and get different views on the world.”

Moyle said he’s “overly ecstatic” about the band’s first outing on the Warped Tour. “I went in high school every year,” he said. “It was a big event, going with all your friends We’re playing 13 shows in 14 days. It’s going to be rigorous and really tiring but it’s going to be woth it.”

Moyle is also excited about Asbury Park’s growing and diverse music scene, which includes punk, reggae and surf rock bands.

“There’s a lot of great bands around here and the one thing that sets this area apart compared to other music scenes it that everybody helps each other out,” he said. “I really like saying, ‘We’re from Asbury Park.’ ”

He also noted that small venues are popping up, replacing those that had been shuttered over the past decade. Lost in Society chose to play its record release party at its favorite venue, the Asbury Lanes.

“The stage is smack in the middle of the lanes,” Moyle said. “There’s six to seven lanes on each side of the stage that you can bowl on while the bands are playing. And all the people there are really nice and all about helping the bands out.”

Moyle formed Lost in Society as an eighth-grader at Ocean Township Intermediate School with Ruroede and drummer Hardu Virks-Lee. Bonora joined the band after Virks-Lee left for college.

One of Lost in Society’s first performances was at a statewide talent show at the PNC Bank Center in 2004. “We played an instrumental, original song,” Moyle said. “It was pretty nerve-wracking.”

Earlier this year the band released a split CD with American Pinup. The album was produced by Pete Steinkopf of Middlesex County punk rockers the Bouncing Souls, one of Moyle’s major influences.

Following the Warped Tour, Lost in Society hopes to land a support slot for a bigger band. If that doesn’t happen, Moyle said Lost in Society’s plans include playing the college circuit in the fall and the South By Southwest music showcase in Austin, Texas, in the spring.

Moyle said he’s steadfast in pursuing his dream of becoming a full-time musician. He said the frustrations that accompany life in an upstart band can also be motivating.

“You go from city to city and you can play in front of three people who don’t care or play in front of a really great crowd,” Moyle said. “It’s so hit or miss but I think that’s what keeps us going.

“It’s like, ‘next time we come back we’re going to make this happen and there’s going to be more people there.’” - Patch

"Let It Sail"

Lost In Society got down to the nitty gritty in their latest release, Let It Sail. A ton of root rock n' roll influences are apparent here, and their song construction has boded positive results, at least from this listener. Vocally, the Chuck Ragan-esque gravelly tone combined with the minor key tonality of the guitars brings me back to 90's era grunge, sans the greasy long hair and open flannel shirts. There are few bands that create this sound and achieve success, and Lost In Society have certainly done that much. I can even sense some rockabilly tones, especially on songs like "Scared," which feature slick, quick guitar riffs and a bouncing bass line. With that in mind, I'd like to mention how much I like the bass on this record. Where most bands will lower the bass level or write simple licks that get lost in a sea of guitar leads and drum fills, LIS have let their bassist's skills truly shine. This definitely adds to the depth of the record, and definitely the heaviness, which I love. The bass riff on "Not Alone" reminds me of something from AFI's album,Sing The Sorrow, and when the guitar jumps in, it most certainly could be one. The drumming on the record is snappy and hard hitting, filling any empty spaces left by the other two members of the band.

Overall, I really did enjoy this record. There is a piece of me that wants a little more diversity of tone, but that is my only complaint. For a three piece band, these guys from New Jersey have gone above and beyond points where other bands have failed and given up. The combination of punk rock and rock n' roll have never failed when pieced together properly, and Let It Sail is proof of that fact. - Neck Deep Media

"Shoreworld: Lost In Society – Let It Sail LIVE! At Asbury Lanes June 22"

Genre categorization seems to be severely skewed among the many clueless bands that weren’t even born when punk rock was doing its thing. I recently spoke with a girl who works with a Philly band who argued at length that they are, as she put it, “pop punk.”

While she is right that the category does have a legitimate background, just because a band plays glaringly loud, sloppy bar chords, wears neon sunglasses and dyes their hair blue, doesn’t put them anywhere remotely close to a hybrid moniker created by bands like The Ramones or Generation X.

Moreover, most of today’s acts are not a revolution; they are a replicated clone on a last chance power drive to something that’s already been done to death. Companies like Fender and PRS make fortunes off of lost hopefuls that fork over thousands to look like they’re this year’s Green Day. Economic and capital gain are the vultures of our dreams.

Thankfully, there are still bands out there that understand how to approach tradition and fit that old school influence into a bold mindset of risking it all one more time to succeed on their own fun-filled terms.

Lost In Society are a group that score well in that pop punk area. The band hails from the Asbury Park scene and has doggedly bucked trends and mundane comparisons in their quest to be the best. From their conception in 2004, doing mega shows at PNC (who gets that right out of the gate?) to their current career highlight of the single “Not Afraid” being produced by Pete Steinkopf of the Bouncing Souls, this is a band that steers wide of the skinny jeans clique and lyrics about how it’s not fair that their girlfriend is cuter than them. Their music is toned and honed as they slap you in the back of the head with their dark and poignant lyrical content.

With influential strains of The Offspring, Dramarama and the Foo Fighters, Zack Moyle, Nick Ruroede and Hector Bonora slash into the crowd with some convincingly soul crunching, rock and roll surgery. This is three-piece music that doesn’t hide behind layers of bullshit fuzz or keyboard droning distractions as they pound the crowd with song after clever song ranging in subject from possible firearms possession to love molested chemistry experiments.

Out in support of their new CD, Let It Sail, Lost In Society took the Asbury Lanes crowd on a wild biographical ride that included new cuts, crowd favorites and even some bizarre cover songs done in drag. I’ll talk more about that later.

Getting right into this wild night, the band came out with “Sweat,” a fast-paced rocker in the vein of early Dramarama. Heavy duty drums and bass pound a wide pathway for the vocal rasp of singer Zack Moyle, a frontman who bashes away at his Gibson SG like the damn thing was a girlfriend that he caught in bed with the pizza delivery guy. Moyle’s passionate confessional makes deals with his subject (a very bad girl) as he throws down hard into the middle of this tube powered blitzkrieg.

“Scared” hails from a twisted B-52’s meets Link Wray with a bit of Bryan Dexter Holland tossed in. Raw and gritty, this song had the crowd bouncing the laminated bowling floor like a trampoline as the band incited an impromptu mosh pit and crowd surf jamboree up front. One guy actually came over to me as I was taking notes to ask if I would “help orchestrate” the pit, to which I said, “Sorry, I know I have a shaved head, but I’m just a writer guy.” Anyhow, even though he looked at me with disappointment and dismay, he managed to enlist a sizeable crew in time for the next song.

“Not Alone” launches from a spray of distortion that eventually exploded into a very Offspring inspired verse. Zack has a raw and melodically powerful voice that sits high above the music. The bass and drums thunder of Nick Ruroede and Hector Bonora was machine gun fast and dynamically just perfect enough to make me check to make sure it wasn’t a drum and bass program. “Not Alone” is an anthem that should easily see college airplay right away.

“Coming Back” is another fast-metered rocker in the vein of Bush and the Bouncing Souls. Straight-ahead rock and roll construction complete with thick toned drum breaks and middle eight lead guitar work in the smart vein of Zack Blair (Rise Against).

“Gun” is the CD opener and it’s a prime example of rip-roaring, nine millimeter rock and roll. Drugs, alleged beatings and more unfold in this lyrical cornucopia of lust, love, addiction and anger. The band plunges deep into the heart of this rough and tumble song like a knife in a rump roast. A rock and punk lullaby in the dark vein of The Godfathers and Green Day.

“Halloween Song” is another audience favorite that had the Asbury Lanes crowd exploding like a pack of drunken termites. Crowd surfing continued as Moyle and crew fired the core of this song in up tempo brilliance like no one else could. This is a band that performs live or on CD the same way and that’s a good thing. Special kudos goes to Jon Lieders - The Aquarium


Throughout time, meticulous punk rock bands have been known to become cynical and lose their way. This may just be my opinion, but I can find proof throughout the music scene. Clearly, it’s hard to keep up the level of robustness to rail against politics, or conveniently enough, “society” for too long; ultimately they just stop finding notions or people to be angry with. And quite honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. After all, pop stars run out of boyfriends to break up with. However, that doesn’t seem to be a problem for BTB favorites, Lost In Society, as the ingredients of their scorn only continue to give them fuel; fuel that is bound to cause a massive explosion.

Lost In Society is back with a new album entitled Let It Sail. Continuing the procession of talented New Jersey bands, their music is both robust and entertaining. Zach, Nick, and Hector have a sick summer ahead of them, going on Warped Tour, promoting their new record, and playing shows all over the tri-state area. Lost In Society has been a thriving force in punk rock for just a short time, but there presence is set in stone. Music-wise, these kids are as punk as it gets — simple and full of power chords. Their new LP is sure to be a pleaser; 11 songs of pure goodness with haunting hooks and rhythms.

This record will not only hail new fans, but satisfy/take current groupies to a whole new level. It has a little more of a commercial sound than their previous efforts, in the best way possible. There exists a track for everyone. The beauty of their music in this vein is not a position, but a universal acceptance that swallows everything in its path, while each individual tastes something exclusive while listening to the band.

The album has a good sound quality and is well produced. This polish adds to their pop sound. The band wastes no time coming out of the starting gate, going hard with the first two opening fast-paced tracks (and my favorites) Guns and new single Halloween Song (see new music video below). If you are a follower of the three-piece, you will find it picks up right where their last video Wrong Direction left off.

The band has matured considerably as musicians, and their energy has grown with it. Anyone that’s a fan of music will have an incomplete musical library without Let It Sail.

Pick up this album. Take a chance. Don’t ever look back, punks. - Bigger Then Beyonce

"Pop-Preview: Lost In Society Record Release Party"

If you love that down and dirty, gritty punk rock — the type of fight-the-good-fight, half-pipe-grinding sound that most of us Jersey kids from the mid-’90s grew up on, then you need to book it over to The Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, N.J., tonight, Feb. 10, to check out Lost In Society.

The Asbury-centric punk band (who will be on the Warped Tour this July) will celebrate the release of the split EP they cut with their Altercation Records labelmates, the female-fronted American Pinup. The record, which sold out within 24 hours of its release on Amazon.com (it’s now back in stock and can be ordered here), is a wonderful one-two punch of punk that if you close your eyes, you’ll think you’re listening to a split that The Bouncing Souls and No Doubt, if they ever got were to record together, did in the early days of their careers.

Doors for the show will open at 8 p.m. and the shows starts at 9. Also appearing will be AP favorites The Obvious and Colton Cayser.

For more on Lost in Society, check out this bio written by Pop-Break’s own Jeanne Crump (Lost In Society’s manager) …

Combining raspy punk-rock vocals, fresh, fun lyricism, and a stage presence that will give any veteran concert-goer the chills, Lost In Society are undoubtedly the real deal. Based in the indie music hub of Asbury Park, N.J, this alt-punk trio likes it loud and simple. Lost In Society got their start in 2004 with their first big show at the PNC Bank Center in Holmdel, N.J. Shortly after, they would record their first EP, Gone, with Jon Leidersdorff of Lakehouse Music. In 2009, they hit the studio again with Leisersdorff, releasing their first full-length album, Eastern Empire. This album took the sizzling-hot trio to new levels, gaining them massive attention in the local music scene. It didn’t take long for their catchy singles to gain a serious, die-hard fan base around the Jersey Shore. With a completely D.I.Y. dedication to promoting and touring, LIS were quickly known for collecting fans the way old punks did: by word of mouth.

Big success came in 2011, as the trio took home the gold in Metromix’s state-wide BreakThru band competition. Their dedication, raw energy and fierce promotion took them to the top of New Jersey’s music scene. In April 2011, LIS recorded an EP that was produced by Pete Steinkopf of tTe Bouncing Souls. Just this past year, they’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with the Souls, and other legendary acts, such as The Misfits, Strike Anywhere, Tim Barry and HR of Bad Brains. They also signed on with the fast-growing indie punk label Altercation Records and will be releasing a split album with New York indie rockers American Pinup in February 2012.

And in recent news, LIS finally took home the award for Top Punk Band in the Asbury Music Awards. After being nominated in various categories the past four years, their fierce go-big-or-go-home ethos finally paid off. They’re also currently nominated for Top Regional Punk Band in the TriStateIndie.com Music Awards.

2012 will be a huge year in touring as they’re joining The Warped Tour for 14 dates this July. They’ll also perform at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, and Valley Of The Vapors festival in Hot Springs, Akansas on their two-week 2012 March tour. - Pop Break - Bill Bodkin

"Album Review: Lost In Society’s Let It Sail"

Lost in Society releases their new record Let it Sail today June 5th on Altercation Records following their split with American Pinup.

When first listening to this album I tried to narrow down the songs that had the most impact, but I found it impossible. Each and every song off of Let it Sail has the potential to be a hit, there’s simply no fluff or filler on this record.

The CD opens fire with “Guns” as the first track and follows through with their punk/alternative sound throughout the rest of the album.

It’s dark and energetic with catchy hooks in each song that will be stuck in your head long after you’ve finished listening. I’ve followed Lost in Society since their first release of Eastern Empire and it’s clear when listening to this record that these boys from Asbury Park have matured in their songwriting and cohesiveness as a group.

Although it was difficult to pick just one, the second track “Halloween Song” happens to be my favorite. Even with it’s sinister lyrics, it’s hard not to sing along and embrace the haunting melody.

The last song off the album, “Strange Chemistry” is a bit slower with a pulsing tempo that resides as another strong track.

I fully believe Let is Sail will be a hit record simply because Lost in Society sticks with their alt/punk roots and it has all the potential to go commercial. No matter what you’re into, you’ll catch yourself rocking out to this record.

To test my theory, I showed some friends who don’t normally listen to punk music to see what they thought. About an hour later one of them turned to me and admitted, “Well, whatever they did worked. Because now I can’t get it out of my head”.

Lost in Society have been on the rise since their addition to this year’s Warped Tour, but the release of Let it Sail is going to shoot them to the top.

Lost in Society will be holding their CD release show at the Asbury Lanes on June 22nd with The Scandals, Two Fisted Law and Chris Brown. - Tri-State Indie

"REVIEW: “Let it Sail” from Jersey’s Lost in Society"

If you read Through the Sound Barrier regularly then you’ve probably heard of Lost in Society – we met the guys at Asbury Lanes back in February for an interview before they played a set for the split they released with American Pinup. These three guys from Jersey caught us from the start and there is no doubt their new LP, ‘Let it Sail,’ will satisfy.

With every bell and whistle being added to music these days, whether it be adding every instrument known to man to your songs just to say you did it, tweaking every performance until it sounds completely inhuman or whatever else people can come up with, I am so glad to be able to review albums like ‘Let it Sail.’ It’s for bands like Lost in Society that we made this blog in the first place. They show listeners you can grow as a band and clean up your production while still keeping the rawness and edge you started with.

The album starts with my personal favorite, Guns, and will have you singing from the first word until the last of the album. ‘Let it Sail’ has a bit more commercial appeal than the bands’ previous efforts and is filled with songs the listener can sing-a-long to without ever forcing it. It all just comes naturally.

One of the best parts of ‘Let it Sail’ is the bass lines. Nick doesn’t succumb to being in the background, which is the unfortunate case with too many bands today. The bass is consistently prominent throughout the album and takes the driver’s seat in the songs Not Alone, Coming Back and Ben Kenney.

Overall, ‘Let it Sail’ is an album that listeners all around can embrace. It is an album filled with catchy songs that are sure to bring in new fans, while maintaining just enough edge and grit to stay true to themselves.

These guys are going to shine at this year’s Warped Tour. Once a punk staple, the tour has tried opening its doors to other styles, sometimes achieving this marvelously while at times falling flat. Lost in Society is one of those bands I believe Kevin Lyman had in mind when he first began Warped Tour all those many years ago. - Through The Sound Barrier

"Lost In Society debut “Halloween Song” video"

ast night Blank TV and Lost in Society teamed up to debut the latest music video from the band. You can see the clip for “Halloween Song” from their most recent album Let It Sail embedded below. As the press release describes it, the new clip picks up where the last one left off and “Here we see our party girl’s night of over indulgence result in a bit of a nightmare…” - Riot Fest

"Lost In Society release new album “Let It Sail”"

Lost In Society’s new full length album Let It Sail officially dropped today via Altercation Records. You can order the album on Interpunk, or stream the album’s single “Scared” here.

The group’s last release was a split album with American Pinup which dropped this past February. - Dying Scene

"OurStage @ Warped Series: Lost In Society"

With summer right around the corner, we can’t help but be totally stoked for Warped Tour. In case you haven’t heard, we’ll be sponsoring our own stage for twenty-two dates and bringing twenty-three artists out to perform on it. Twenty-two acts will snag a performance at their local tour stop, and one lucky artist will get to perform on every date (tour bus included). In addition, there are a handful of other OurStage artists already booked to play various dates of the tour. We decided to catch up with them to get the scoop on their summer plans.

New Jersey’s Lost In Society are exactly what comes to mind when you think of Warped Tour; loud guitars, fast drums and raspy vocals make them the perfect fit for the summer festival. Led by frontman Zack Moyle, this band has taken a truly punk rock DIY approach to their career, and their hard work has landed them on fourteen dates of Warped Tour this year. We caught up with Zack to talk about the band’s beginnings, what they love about Warped and what we can expect from them next.

OS: Lost In Society started playing together in 2004. Tell us about how the band formed and how you decided on a name.

ZM: Nick [Ruroede, bassist] and I were in the same homeroom and we wanted to do a talent show in eighth grade, so we decided we were going to do a Green Day medley. We found a drummer, who was with us for about four years before Hector [Bonora, current drummer] joined. We started practicing together, and then eventually I started writing my own songs and we played that instead. I got the name when I was about ten or twelve, even before I could really play an instrument. I just knew I wanted to start a band, and I liked that name, so I just kind of chose it!

OS: You guys are based in Asbury Park, New Jersey, which is known for its strong rock history. How did your local scene contribute to LIS’s career?

ZM: It definitely contributed, I always grew up around a lot of music, so that definitely influenced me to want to start a band and be a part of what’s going on here.

OS: Did you go to a lot of shows when you were younger?

ZM: Yeah, I was at a show like every single weekend. The first Bamboozle was in Asbury Park, in 2003 or whatever, so that’s when I really started going to shows.

OS: You have a very DIY approach to being in a band. Can you tell us about that?

ZM: We’re very self-sufficient. We have a label and a manager, but as much as we’ll do for ourselves, they’ll do for us. So if we’re not pulling our own weight, they won’t waste their time on us. We’ve always worked our asses off for everything. We book our own shows, we book our own tours. We make our own contacts. Whatever our label can do for us, we accept. They basically give us guidelines for what to do and we do them. It’s a good relationship. They do a lot for us, but they’re only going to do as much as we give back.

OS: This year, you’re playing fourteen dates of the Warped Tour. What is your favorite memory of Warped Tours you’ve been to in the past?

ZM: There’s a lot of good ones. I would probably say…I was pretty young, and it was the first time I saw Rise Against, and they’re one of my favorite bands, if not my favorite band. It was right when they came out with Siren Song Of The Counter-Culture. I’ve seen them, like, ten times since. I just remember how excited I was and how everyone was into it, screaming every word and being exhausted and almost passing out from the heat.

OS: What do you guys do to get psyched up before a show? Do you have any pre-show rituals?

ZM: We have this really good friend, Jimmy Franklin, and he’ll come up and play a couple of songs some times. But before every show, he’ll give us a handshake and just say, “Do it right this time.” It doesn’t feel like a real show if he’s not there.

OS: So you bring him with you when you play outside of your local area?

ZM: Yeah, yeah. He was just on tour with us…he came on our first tour with us. I’m pretty sure he’ll be on Warped Tour with us, so we’ll feel right at home.

OS: What are your plans for after Warped Tour?

ZM: We’re definitely going to demo, even though we’re coming out with a new full-length on June 5th. We definitely want to shop around to bigger labels, big indie labels like Epitaph. Something that’s a step up, like Side One Dummy. We’ll definitely book another tour for the fall, maybe find a bigger band to headline it and just go on tour with them, that would be the perfect scenario. We’ll probably record an album early next year.

OS: Awesome. So you’ll be playing songs from this new album on Warped Tour?

ZM: Yeah. We actually started playing a lot of new stuff off the new album on this past tour. We haven’t been playing it so much locally, because we kind of want to keep it on the DL for the hardcore fans. Actually, we just got notified that we got on the Warped Tour compilation, which is pretty awesome. We’re really excited about that.

OS: Is there anything else - Our Stage - Rebecca Frank

"Let It Sail by Lost In Society"

Lost In Society’s half of a split EP with the New York-based Ska-Punk collective American Pinup in February produced five setlist staples and a riotous single, “Not Afraid,” that continues to have Punks flipping the bird in the pit when the scream-along-chorus of “Nice to meet you/FUCK YOU TOO!” rolls along, but seemed to fall by the way side without much backing from the Altercation Records label, despite impressive productions from both outfits. The lack of support from the company hindered the music media’s ability to manufacture buzz and left the listener to beg the question, what will Asbury’s own have to present this Summer when it embarks on a series of national dates as a Warped Tour invitee?

The Answer: One of the best Punk albums of 2012.

Let It Sail is Lost In Society’s latest full-length release, and on this Lakehouse Music production rests a large responsibility, an onus of sorts placed on this LP by its players to properly exhibit their growth as songwriters and maturation as musicians. The 11-track collection is a transitionary work, a necessary career move which aims to pull the group past its Greenday, Foo Fighters, and Nirvana comparitives, to carve out its own sound and leave its own mark in history’s damp cement…mission accomplished.

The appropriately titled opening salvo, “Guns,” features a Zach Moyle axe riff that shreds the soundscape like a fighter jet through cloud coverage, reintroducing the audience to the outfit’s continually refined melodious versus and hook riddled refrains; every one charred to the core.

The sinister procession that is “Halloween Song” travels a series of flame-licked ties on a hell-bound track before derailing into a haunting tale of bass-laden fixation. ”Now you have questions that nobody has the answers too,” growls Moyle, playing the disturbed voice inside our protagonist’s deranged cranial cavity. “You can’t explain this rage inside of you/One day you’ll snap and you’ll have no one but yourself to blame/That day you’ll realize that we’re both the same.”

And what’s more impressive than this record’s abundance of mosh-inducing rage-tunes are the profundities layered within; teaching points buried beneath the surface revealing ethics and principals and personality traits. The emotionally delivered ”I Need You” never gets beyond a simmer but reflects a relatable religious view to place your belief in people rather than a God: “Life’s too short/To live by other people’s views/Let me go/Who the fuck even asked you/Because I don’t need a God, no I need you.”

The albums’s first single, “Scared,” though a 2:30 trailblazer, offers to the listener Lost In Society’s fears of stagnation, of swaying from the path to success and of falling into dark and addictive “Rock N’ Roll lifestyle:” “I try and try but I forget so fast/Maybe one more time it’ll be the last/Toxins, toxins, flowing through my veins/Making me go crazy, driving me insane.”

Let It Sail is rounded out by such heart string deteriorators as “I Want You Dead” and “Ben Kenney,” escapist anthems such as “Coming Back” and “Waiting Pt. II,” and a neurological case study put to Punk chords about opposite-minded people and the attraction they have to one another.

Today, Lost In Society separated itself from the crowd, from the mundane, and from the musical footprints left by its predecessors, embarking on its own voyage. Time will tell where it leads. - Speak Into My Good Eye - Chris Rotolo

"Album Review: Lost in Society “Let it Sail”"

In high school, back two or three bands ago I played with Lost In Society a couple times around the Red Bank scene (when Red Bank had a scene). They wouldn’t really remember as these were pretty small shows and my band wasn’t really well known. But I always remembered them being one of the more legitimate bands around our age. They were always consistent with their aggressive alternative sound and played their fair amount of shows.

They just released Let It Sail, their first full length on Altercation Records and best batch of songs yet. I’m so used to hearing albums that are loaded with bells and whistles and electronics. It’s refreshing to hear the simplicity of a three piece. Sometimes less is more, and I think Lost In Society realize that.

One of my favorites tracks on the album is “I Need You”. The song constantly builds and I also dig the catchy “My Door”. It’s one of the less aggressive tracks on the album, with a guitar pattern reminiscent of “867-5309/Jenny” (in a good way). Zack Moyle’s growling vocals and the band’s tight rhythm section really hold the album together well. And while the music may be more on the simple side, they’re still original and entertaining.

Despite a few corny lyrics (i.e. “you’re cruisin’ for a bruisin”) the album is a great offering of heavy hitting alternative/punk songs. Let It Sail will surely be a big stepping stone for Lost in Society. They’ve been making a name for themselves in Asbury Park and all of New Jersey for that matter. But this album might be what gives them the national recognition they deserve. - Pop Break - Joe Zorzi

"lost in Society Says “Keep Your Heads Up, Don’t Give Up”"

Lost in Society hail from Asbury Park, New Jersey. Out on the Vans Warped Tour we caught up with them at the Chicago stop to record this anti bullying message. - Musicians Opposed To Bullying

"Lost In Society stream new single “Scared”"

New Jersey’s alt/punk act Lost In Society are streaming a new single off their upcoming album Let It Sail. It’s called “Scared” and you can listen to it here.

The album will officially be released on June 5th via Altercation Records.

Lost In Society recently released a split with American Pinup this past February. You can catch the group on 14 dates of this year’s Warped Tour. - Dying Scene

"Premiere: Lost In Society, “Halloween Song”"

Check out this premiere of Lost In Society's "Halloween Song." It appears on their new album, Let It Sail, which drops on June 5 via Altercation Records. You can preorder it on Interpunk. - Alternative Press - Brian Kraus

"Lost In Society – Let It Sail"

With a name like “Lost In Society,” I had a distinct image of what this band was about: their message, their attitude, their demographic. Their signature art–a picture of a pirate ship on the seas–cemented the image in my head about who this band is. The young, the confused, those who feel they are on a ship without a clear destination–this is who Lost In Society sings to. The fun part, and the most essential, is that they aren’t lamenting all of this as much as embracing it, saying that this it the only way to live, so sail with it and sail hard.

The band as brand name aesthetic is apparent here; there is a pretty good attempt to market sound, personality, and attitude in a tight sellable package. Being definable, accessible, easy to understand–these aren’t bad things, if you do them well, and I’m happy to say Lost In Society does it pretty darn well. The music is fast, fun, earnest, honest, and their spirit–in true punk fashion–is not quite untiring, but definitely restless.

Their newest album, Let It Sail, is certainly a ride. With fun chord progressions and their in-your-face singing style, Let It Sail makes for really good driving music, assuming you’re not one to get overexcited. Lost In Society’s spirit is decidedly punk, hard and careless, and their sound very alternative. Some of the tracks’ instrumentation is refreshingly more Reverend Horton Heat than Green Day, other tracks manage a melodic buildup and slick, lingering resolution; these folks know how to jam.

No one seems to be carrying the ensemble any more than anyone else. The guitar strokes are ragged, sharp, and inevitable, the vocals rough and charming. The rhythm section, meanwhile, isn’t just there to set the tempo. The drums keep the beat, and the bass sets the background, but both make a showing otherwise, the bass especially thriving on a level of its own.

The pacing of the album is fast and furious to start off to clear the way for more thoughtful lyricism. The simple strategy works. The first track, “Gun,” is true to its name–LIS aims, pulls the trigger, and launches the album off fast. “Halloween Song” continues what “Gun” started, but with a more ominous vibe appropriate for the name of the song. The first two tracks keep you seated, so that when the song “I Need You” starts off with “I don’t need a friend, I need you” you’re convinced. As the next track “Scared” asks you, “Are you scared of losing direction?” I wouldn’t be surprised if some listeners answer out loud.

LIS continues to rock throughout, but when they decide to become comtemplative towards the end, they don’t miss a beat. “Waiting Part. II” is one of my favorite songs on the album, my only complaint is that it doesn’t go on for just a little bit longer. On this track, a flowing ballad of instrumentation waltzes along as the singer tells you a gripping story worth listening to. When the song breaks down into a guitar solo that echoes the melody, I conldn’t help but smile–it’s a good and well deserved moment, as is the louder re-entry of the chorus afterwards.

What LIS probably most has going for them is their presence. They know how to make it personal when it counts, how to sing right to the listener, and how to get your attention and keep it. If the energy on their album is any clue to the kind of energy they’d produce live, then a LIS show would be an awesome ride indeed. - indiemusicreviewer- Benjamin Rathbone

"Winner- "Top Punk Band""

"Top Punk Band of 2011" at Asbury Music Awards - Asbury Music Awards

"The Music Box: Lost In Society...A Hope Seeking Missle"

If Moyle and his bandmates, bassist Nick Ruroede and Hector Bonora on the throne, continue to churn out sonic cluster bombs such as this, the band’s longevity won’t be a question. - Speak Into My Good Eye

"Lost In Society Win Metromix BreakThru"

With this landmark victory, LIS have earned a price package worth roughly $30,000, beating out the competition's other finalists. - Metromix Jersey Shore

"Lost In Society Release New Single "Not Afraid""

This single is a promising glimpse to what the EP will hold for this talented group. - Tri State Independent

"Featured Band: Lost In Society"

Lost In Society are NJ’s finest and winners of the Metromix BreakThru Band Competition. - Tri State Independent

"Lost In Society Set To Release New EP"

Winners of the Metromix Break Thru Contest, recently held at The Brighton Bar, Lost In Society, are on the brink of releasing Give Me Your Hope, the band’s follow up to its 2010 debut full-length release Eastern Empire. - Speak Into My Good Eye

"Lost In Society Release New Single "Not Afraid""

The single “Not Afraid” has a gritty punk-rock sound, with fast drums and lyrics that shout “Nice to meet you, f*** you too. I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid.” - Pop-Break.com

"Lost In Society Is Coming To Find You!"

Punk’s not dead, and fast-rising area trio Lost In Society are here to prove it. - The Vinyl District

"Lost in Society's 'Eastern Empire'"

It’s all in the name.
The members of Lost in Society are what they call themselves–lost. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing for us. Their latest release, Eastern Empire, embodies the world of young angst. A world where love, parents, sex, drinking, laziness, fear, loneliness, and suicide pile on top of one another and inflict mayhem upon New Jersey’s music scene. Don’t let subject matter discourage you from giving them a shot, the band tackles these issues head on with constantly upbeat melodies and stinging, confrontational lyrics. Besides, everyone can relate to love turned sour or overbearing parents, right?
Stay away from classifying this trio–each song on the album is different, some with an alternative, edgy-rock feel and others exhibiting electrifying pop punk. Let’s talk about the song “Plastered.” Sure, on the surface we hear drinking, drunk, and going after the girl. But step-back, and maybe “break[ing] down your door and keep[ing] you out all night” while “changing your mind” metaphorically means that the band’s music is coming after you, breaking down barriers, and keeping you interested. Lost in Society just may change your mind. (And in this song, the boys admit their parents aren’t so bad, after all.)
Eastern Empire is the band’s second album, but we’ll continue to watch these guys as they continue to progress. The final word: the lead singer Zach Moyle’s voice is smooth and infectious at times, so when is there going to be a local, acoustic set? - eatsleepbreathemusic

"Lost In Society To Play Aeria Records' Showcase At Pony"

On Friday, April 9th, AERIA Records will be hosting a Spring Concert at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park. On hand will be Keith Monacchio (celebrating the release of “The Long Evening”), Capt. James And The Pain and No Wine For Kittens (Top Indie Band at the 2009 Asbury Music Awards). Colie Brice will be performing with a band consisting of Jay Walker (bass), Joe Savio (drums), Matt Lott (sax) and Alan Gowa (guitar). To make the night even more special, Steve Lusardi, Walker’s father and original member of S.O.A.P., will be joining Brice’s band on stage for part of their set. Lusardi is currently a member of Steel Mill Retro. Adding to the evening’s festivities will be Lost In Society, promoting the release of their current CD, “Eastern Empire.” Excited about the event, Brice stated “We applaud The Stone Pony’s ongoing efforts to be a home base for the Jersey Shore’s original music community. Many, many music legends have played its heralded stage and it’s always deeply appreciated when local bands get a chance to contribute to its unique history as the number one rock club in the world.”
Consisting of Zach Moyle (guitar / lead vocals), Nick Ruroede (bass / backing vocals) and Hector Bonora (drums), Lost In Society has cuts from “Eastern Empire” posted at www.myspace.com/lostinsociety123 . This new CD is available for purchase at Jack’s Music (Red Bank), Spellbinders (Allenhurst), Dani Risi (Allenhurst), Universe Graphics (Long Branch), The Darksyde / Darker Edge (Belmar), Tattooville (Neptune), B Unique (Asbury Park) and The Record Store (Howell). Utilizing the internet, the album can be found at Amazon, Reverbnation, Rhapsody, Jukebox Alive, iTunes, CD Baby, Indierhythm and Interpunk.
Speaking with Hector Bonora by phone, he described their sound as “a mixture of grunge and punk. It tends to be a bit alternative and a bit pop. ‘Eastern Empire’ leans more toward pop.” Before this album, they had recorded an EP (before Bonora joined the band) entitled “Gone.” Jon Leidersdorff of Lakehouse Music produced both efforts. Initially a cover band in 2004, Lost In Society has been writing their own material over the last four years. The current lineup has been together for 1 year and 7 months. Explaining the songwriting process, Bonora states, “Zach writes the ideas and harmonies. Then, Nick and I do our parts. Not to sound cliché, but the topics cover sex, drugs and rock & roll. It’s all about having a good time.”
“We definitely are influenced by the 90’s,” explains Bonora. “I love early Green Day and Blink-182. We also listen to Black Flag, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Misfits and Iggy Pop and the Stooges.” Showing his appreciation for old-school punk also, Bonora continues, “Punk Rock had been kind of dead. It’s definitely coming back, though. Everyone knows The Bouncing Souls. Evolution is healthy. It’s a great thing that Punk Rock went from Black Flag to Green Day.”
Their record label, AERIA, is currently working on getting them ringtone distribution. Besides the Pony show, Lost In Society will be appearing at Montclair State University for Relay For Life on Friday, April 16th. On Saturday, May 1st, Lost In Society return to Montclair to perform at the Meat Locker. They will also be part of the Seaside Music Festival, performing at Klee’s Bar & Grill in Seaside Heights on Friday, May 21st, and Jack and Bill’s in Seaside Heights on Saturday, May 22nd.
It’s not only a good thing to hear an artist pay homage to old-school punk, but it is even better to see them make it relevant today. Bonora lists their influences to be Green Day, Rise Against, Bush, The Bouncing Souls, early AFI and Nirvana. Songs like “Sweat” and “Can’t Speak” have an infectious feel that stays with you long after the song stops playing. “We are still very young (ages 18 thru 20) and we work extremely hard at pushing the band,” continues Bonora. “We have grown a tremendous amount in a year and a half.” Visit www.lostinsociety.net for more information about this very catchy neo-punk outfit. Also, request to hear their material on any of the local college rock radio stations. In conclusion, Bonora states, “We are all about Jersey! Our music and look revolves around simplicity. We are honestly being ourselves.” - Rag

"Asbury Music Awards 2008"

Sometimes, for a young indie chiseling away at rock immortality, just one night gone right is all it takes to strike gold.

That's exactly what an up-and-coming crop of hopefuls will vie for Saturday (Nov. 8), when the Asbury Park music scene honors its next-generation superstars at the 16th annual Asbury Music Awards at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park.

"It's cool because when people think of Asbury Park, they think of Bruce Springsteen. So it's really an honor to be a part of that now," said 17-year-old Zach Moyle, Lost in Society singer and guitarist. "You meet a lot of cool people who have the same interests, just playing music and having a good time.

"We're just looking at it like, 'This is awesome, and we're honored to be nominated. If we win, that's cool. If not, we're still nominated,' " he added. "Last year, we went, and there was just so many people there; everyone was having a great time. It was just something so different, just to go and celebrate local music for once."

In addition to the privilege of being this year's show openers, the Oakhurst alt-punks are up for top honors in Top Punk/Ska Band and Top Young Band, nominated for the latter alongside Ministry of Pain, Mystical Fudge, Bleed the Arsonist, Hollander, Catalyst, Lemon Juice, Amskray, Irie Sound and Outside the Box (also performing).

"(Simply being nominated) is very gratifying," said Jeff Cafone, guitarist and singer for Outside the Box. "We're fortunate to be part of a musical community that's made up of our friends and mentors, and the AMAs are the pinnacle representation of such a close-knit group."

This year's awards will feature live performances by nominees in such categories as Top Female Acoustic (Amanda Duncan), Top Male Acoustic (George Wirth), Top Male Vocalist (Anthony Fiumano & The Medicine Chest), Top Female Vocalist (Eryn Shewell Band), Top Live Performance (Chris Batten and the Woods), Top Indie Rock Band (Delft), Top Punk Band (Lost in Society), Top Heavy Rock Band (Last Days of Empire), Top Blues Band (Outside The Box), Top Jam Band (Green Underground), Top Americana (Arlan Feiles & The Lone Howdys) and Top Keyboard Player (Jerzy Jung).

"My point to this year's awards is that there's this whole new wave of talent that's been bubbling under the surface that are now, finally, being pushed to the forefront. There's a new generation that's coming forward," said Scott Stamper, co-founder and co-producer of the annual event, along with partner Adam Weisberg.

"(Asbury Park) is a music community. And, as with any community, if you want to be a part of it, you've got to be involved in it. You have to put your time in,'' said Stamper, a co-owner with Weisberg of The Saint since it opened in 1994, in an interview last yea. "If
you want to be noticed, you have to be seen. You have to be out there, onstage, working, playing shows."

In recognition of those artists who helped establish that community, last year the awards introduced a "Beyond Asbury" segment, which honors the artists who, no longer AMA nominees, have moved beyond the local scene to seek out the limelight of the national and international circuits. Beginning in 2009, this category will include a featured performer at the event, Stamper said.

Additions in '08 to the Beyond Asbury AMA hall of fame include April Smith & The Great Picture Show, Keith Monacchio, The Gay Blades, Christine Martucci Band, Matt O'Ree Band, Allie Moss, Woodfish, Frank Bressi & The Chilling Details, Stringbean & The Stalkers, Random Test, Eric Ginsberg, Boccigalupe & The Badboys, Hub City Stompers, Jon Caspi, Sonny Kenn Band, Terraplane
Blues Band, Bob Burger and Goldenseal.

Other awards to be presented at the ceremony include Song of the Year, Top Local Release and Best Thing to Happen in 2007-2008.

"As Asbury Park is coming back and more businesses are coming to town, I think our music scene is going to be even more of a reflection of that," Stamper said. "This year, the music has really come alive and intertwined with the commerce of the town. I see the boardwalk becoming more of a scene; there's been talk of festivals. And I think all this is what will drive the Asbury Music
Awards into another echelon … and into the future."
- Metromix

"Asbury Music Awards Nominations Are In!"

The 18th Annual Asbury Music Awards will be held Saturday, November 13th at The Stone Pony. A Gala Night of Celebration and a long held tradition for our local music community, hosted this year by ROCKIN’ ROBYN LANE of THE WRAT 95.9, Presented by The Saint, Home of Live Original Music and The Asbury Music Company in Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA.
The 2010 AMA’s will host over 12 musical guests plus more performers to be added to the line-up and announced here soon. More than 30 awards will be presented on November 13th, plus more surprises TBA! Tickets are available now on ticketweb.com and at The Saint Box Office, 601 Main Street, Asbury Park, NJ for this ALL AGES 21 TO DRINK EVENT, Doors 6pm, at The Stone Pony, 913 Ocean Ave., Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA.
We are very excited that Eat Sleep Breathe Music was nominated this year for TOP MUSIC WEBSITE IN SUPPORT OF LIVE ORIGINAL MUSIC! Congratulations to all the nominees!
Fish Tank Mafia
Lemon Juice
The Ocean Heirs
To Kill A Coward
Burn The Movement
These Sightless Eyes
Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why
Keith Kenny
Tony Tedesco
George Wirth
Gerald Edward
Doug Mikula
Mike Cicalese
Joe Miller
Taylor Allen
Carl Chesna
Mike Cuntala
Turtle Soup
Lemon Juice
Karmic Juggernaut
Mike Montrey Band
Wakah Chan
Midnight Sun
Devil’s Holiday
Loose Fit
Sunny Daze
Anthony Walker – Anthony Walker & The Medicine Chest
Michael Depko – Last Days of Empire
Lou Montesano – Status Green
Chris Harris – Like Trains & Taxis
Jeff Cafone – Outside The Box
Alex Brumel – Alex & Janel
Scott Liss – Scott Liss & The Sixty-Six
Anthony D’Amato (Asbury Park) – The Emancipation Proclamation
Captain James Peacock – Captain James & The Pain
Joe Michelini – River City Extension
Jo Wymer & The Itty Bitty Band
Eryn Shewell Band
The Afterbangs
Jim Hayes & The Buddha Brains
Poppa John Bug
Juke Joint Johnny
Nine Below Zero
Gary Cavico
The Usual Suspects
Amanda Duncan
Joanna Burns
Kelly Carvin
Laura Warshauer
Emily Grove
Sheli Aarden
Cara Salimando
Anjelia & The Boy
Cat Cosentino
Laura Monzo
WRAT 95.9 “The Rat”
90.5 “The Night” “Brookdale Public Radio”
“The X” 88.9 “Modern Rock w/An Edge” “Monmouth University”
88.7 WRSU “Rutgers University”
Shore Alternative.Com
7 “The Hawk”
The Magnificent Disaster
Calamity Menagerie
Park Ape
The Sex Zombies
Colie Brice & The New Age
Blues Experience
Lunar Ensemble
Joe Harvard’s Long Weekend
Out Like Lambs
No Wine For Kittens
Scott Liss & The Sixty-Six
Verity In Stereo
Mad Feather Group
Brick And Mortar
Walking With Caveman
The Obvious
Gimme Drugs
Static Radio
Montagna & The Mouth To Mouth
Janel Elizabeth (Alex & Janel)
Eryn Shewell (Eryn Shewell Band)
Joanna Burns
Jo Wymer (Jo Wymer & The Itty Bitty Band)
Angie Sugrim (The Obvious)
Jerzy Jung (Jerzy Jung)
Cara Salimando
Laura Warshauer
Tara Elliott (Tara Elliott & The Red Velvets)
Kim Pulsive (The F Bombers)
End Of An Era
Sekond Skyn
Last Days Of Empire
Dethroning The Tyrant
Filter Effect
Ghost In Black And White
Panic Switch
New Theory
Lost In Society
Sex Zombies
The Waffle Stompers
Hrny Worms
The F Bombers
TV Tramps
Black Wine
The Great Explainer
Tara Elliott & The Red Velvets
Turtle Soup
Echo Movement
Xol Azul Band
Universal Tribe
Flight’s Kool
Dub Proof
Underground Logic
The Jack Moves
The Solid Few
Tony Panzica
Mark Baird
Chad Anderson
Nicole Homer
Donald Arrington
John “Lunar” Richey
Katharine Polenberg
Chris Rockwell
Josh Ballard
Alex Savastano
Ken Sorensen (Stringbean & The Stalkers)
Joe Harvard (Joe Harvard Band)
Tanya Peterson (Eryn Shewell Band)
Mark Nettlingham (Turtle Soup)
Hayden Wright (Mike Montrey Band)
Matt Lott (Colie Brice & The New Age Blues Experience)
Mike Noordzy (Mothguts)
Nick Cucci (River City Extension)
John Hopper (Fatback)
Steven “Squigs” Minutillo (The Jack/ Newton Crosby)
Status Green
Turtle Soup
Outside The Box
End Of An Era
River City Extension
The Obvious
Brick & Mortar
Only Living Boy
Gimme Drugs
Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why
Michael Patrick & The Suburban Hillbillies
The Barnstormers
Arlan Feiles & The Lone Howdys
Anthony Walker & The Medicine Chest
Joe Harvard Band
The Sunday Blues
Rob Dye Band
River City Extension
Anthony D’Amato (Princeton)
Bob Polding Band
The Amboys
The Red Desert
The Black Clouds
Geena & Dragster
Black Vinyl Radio
Almost There
On - http://www.eatsleepbreathemusic.com


Still working on that hot first release.



"What LIS probably most has going for them is their presence. They know how to make it personal when it counts, how to sing right to the listener, and how to get your attention and keep it. If the energy on their album is any clue to the kind of energy theyÂ’d produce live, then a LIS show would be an awesome ride indeed." -Indie Music Reviewer

"Their music is toned and honed as they slap you in the back of the head with their dark and poignant lyrical content." John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian Weekly

Combining raspy punk-rock vocals, fresh, fun lyricism, and a stage presence that will give any veteran concert-goer the chills, Lost In Society are undoubtedly the real deal. Based in the ever-expanding music hub of Asbury Park, NJ, this alt/punk trio likes it loud and simple. Combining elements of polished punk and alternative pop rock, they resonate a sound that is catchy, fun and fast.

In February 2011 they hit the studio with Pete Steinkopf of the legendary Bouncing Souls to record a 5 song EP that was released as a split album with American Pinup. 2012 held extensive touring for these modern punks, as they performed a week's worth of industry showcases at SXSW, two weeks on the Vans Warped Tour, and an official showcase spot at CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. Their most recent album "Let It Sail" was released in June 2012 and has received rave reviews from outlets all over the nation, including Alternative Press, Absolute Punk and AMP Magazine.

With a serious D.I.Y. dedication to promoting and touring, LIS are known for bringing fans out the same way old punks did: by word of mouth.