Lost in the Trees

Lost in the Trees


Indie Folk-Classical songs composed and arranged by mastermind Ari Picker. The clash of influences including film score music and traditional acoustic folk create an intensely lush collection of songs.


Lost in the Trees is a folk orchestra from Chapel Hill, NC, led by composer/songwriter Ari Picker. All Alone in an Empty House is the anticipated follow up to the critically lauded Time Taunts Me EP, released last year by Trekky Records. The new album shows ringleader Ari Picker fully realizing and extending his compelling synthesis of American folk and traditional classical music and showing that disparate musical styles really stem from a common voice. While Picker certainly utilizes his professional training from the esteemed Berklee College of Music, All Alone In An Empty House is far from the cold calculation and gridded “correctness” some associate with classical music. Rather, it is intensely personal (almost uncomfortably so) and never allows the rules of classical music to limit the emotional weight delivered in each song.

Picker draws heavily from his autobiography, exploring how the relationship between his parents went on to affect his own relationships with loved ones in his life. He is not attempting to take sides or place blame for the traumatic influence of his parents. He is simply trying to recreate the byproduct emotions that came from dealing with issues such as bipolar disorder, self-absorption, artistic creativity, mathematical proficiency, and sexual and emotional abuse. Picker uses the unifying familiarity of traditional folk to face these haunting issues with optimism, not dread, and uses his orchestra of strings and horns to objectively correlate the feeling of the song to the listener. Thematically and sonically, All Alone in An Empty House is extremely intimate.

The album was recorded by Ryan Pickett (My Morning Jacket) with the help of Picker. Additional tracking was done at The Owl Room, Trekky Records' new in-house studio. Picker's orchestra features members of the Trekky Records Collective, professional classical musicians and student musicians from local universities.

All Alone In An Empty House has been released in one multi-format package which includes a compact disc, a vinyl record and a coupon for a free 320 kbps MP3 digital download of the album. Lost in the Trees and Trekky Records are offering this new “everything you could ever need” package as a response to the growing changes in the way people buy music. Both entities believe buying hard copy music and truly interacting with records is a crucial supporting leg to the world of music, and refuse to bow to the digital-only movement. This package should serve every kind of music listener, save the stubborn 8-track listeners of yesteryear.

Since the release of "Time Taunts Me" in March, Lost in the Trees has earned praise from Pitchfork Media, Entertainment Weekly, NPR, PopMatters, IGN, 3Hive and dozens more print sources.

The buzz surrounding Lost in the Trees has already landed lead composer Ari Picker scoring work with many independent filmmakers.


Lost in the Snow

Written By: Ari Picker

Here comes the winter
You've lost your head in the snow
And you can't find your way home

And if you die before you wake
They'll make up songs about you
Hear the children sing

"At the bottom of the lake
We can't afford to find you
You'll learn to live alone"

Can't some one
Help me find my way home
Find my way home


All Alone in an Empty House LP, Trekky Records, 2008
Time Taunts Me EP. Trekky Records, 2007.

Set List

Tall Trees
Walk Around the Lake
Lost in the Snow
Song for the Painter
If You're Afraid of the Dark
For Leah and Chloe
All Alone in an Empty House
Time Taunts Me