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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | MAJOR

Los Angeles, California, United States | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2014
Band EDM Pop




"Top 50 Most Played"

#17 - KCRW

"Memory Flux EP & Love Undone Video"

Lost Midas aka Jason Trikakis presents his Memory Flux EP – a masterful mash of found sounds, ambience and broken beats – via TruThoughts. The debut project from the L.A. producer dropped to great anticipation on September 2nd after receiving rave reviews from global tastemakers, including Lauren Laverne of BBC 6Music. The collection of tunes mastered by Daddy Kev relies heavily on post-house grooves, electronic quirks and percussive distortion to liberate the wallflowers of the world with a 3-track masterpiece of atmospheric dance music affixed to a formidable amount of bass and limitless imagination. Listen to the Memory Flux EP from Lost Midas below. Scroll down to view the video for “Love Undone” directed by Adam Joyce-Ramirez. Grab your copy of the Memory Flux EP via iTunes. - Okayplayer

"First Listen"

Beat-inclined LA producer Lost Midas (a.k.a. Jason Trikakis) has just served up a cut from his Memory Flux EP before it arrives on September 2 via Tru Thoughts. "Broken Peace Is" resembles the warped, spacey sound of Flying Lotus' oft-imitated Brainfeeder imprint, as the tune drops gauzy vocal samples behind a plethora of swinging synths and jangly chimes. All of the production's elements contribute to the unabashedly playful production style pushed by Lost Midas, not to mention his knack for melding together a variety of bubbly FX and one hefty, sub-infused bassline into a well-rounded affair. - XLR8R

"Lost Midas' 'Love Undone'"

This week's artist to watch for comes from U.K based Label Tru Thoughts and their latest signee that goes by the moniker of Lost Midas. Hailing from Boston and now newly based in sunnyside Los Angeles, Lost Midas (a.k.a Jason Trikakis) draws musical inspiration and creative influences from 80's new wave, to the late and great James Yancey or as many also know as J. Dilla, to the genres of pop, birthing a fusion of electronic soul. And below we've got the latest single from Lost Midas in promo of his EP Memory Flux dropping September 2. "Love Undone" is another dreamy cut paired with smooth airy vocals. Check it out below. You can also download the track off of soundcloud. - Prefix

"Lost Midas Makes Love Undone"

The LA-based producer is releasing his first EP for Tru Thoughts this fall, and the chilled-out hip-hop of "Love Undone" is the first taste. - Resident Advisor

"Earmilk Premieres Love Undone Stream + Video"

Being signed to Tru Thoughts--home to high-minded musicians such as Quantic, Alice Russell and Bonobo--was the first clue. You don't get tapped by a label as well-respected as Tru Thoughts without being, well, good.

Playing his EP backwards--by accident--only to arrive at the first track last was the second clue. "What? It's already over?" I thought to myself, double checking to make sure I hadn't missed anything. Yes, it seems as though my tepid space odyssey through the galaxy of Lost Midas had reached its unfortunate end.

LA-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Lost Midas, born Jason Trikakis, got his start as a hip hop drummer and is credited with backing both The Roots and Slick Rick in his early days. That he hails from several musical camps including the tribe of Dilla, the kingdom of '80s New Wave and the sentimental safe haven of pop melodies should be no surprise then. On this forthcoming EP, Memory Flux, all his influencers can be heard. As a compact body of work, Memory Flux is incredibly seamless, consistent in its forthright delivery of magnetically rhythmic sound splices, placid grooves and undulating vocals. Frankly speaking, Lost Midas never misses a beat.

"Love Undone" heaps on one stunning element after another. Taylor O'Donnell's vocals are demurely beautiful. They help to crystallize the burrowing, textured sounds that Lost Midas has chosen with precision, gauging each with tempered expertise. Fans of Neon Indian, Bibio and Flying Lotus will likely gravitate to this track in a trance-like state. Fittingly, Memory Flux was mastered by Daddy Kev, the highly sought-after engineer who owns Alpha Pup Records and founded Low End Theory.

The cohesive ingenuity of Memory Flux is likely what piqued the ears of critics at BBC 6Music and LA's reverential KCRW, both of which offered their full support of Midas' latest offering. Without giving away too much about the entire project, each track is a standout on its own merit (no matter what order you end up playing them in), but the EP is a lavish orchestration as whole. Memory Flux will be available via Tru Thoughts on September 2 (UK & Row) and September 3 (US). Don't miss it. - Earmilk

"BBC 6 Video Of the Week"

“This is our favourite video of the week – Lost Midas. Really interesting this, it’s just that interesting idea, when you really put a bit of thought into the video, which goes with the track - and for me, this is almost a bit like Minority Report meets Word Science. We’ve stuck it up on the 6Music Facebook page. The track is called ‘Love Undone’. Love the track, love the video, would love to know what you think about it, so head to the 6Music facebook page and leave your thoughts. - Edith Bowman – BBC 6Music - BBC 6 Music

"BBC MPFree"

Today's MPFree comes from the delightful Tru Thoughts label with hot producer and multiinstrumentalist Lost Midas.

We've been trying for a while to get this to you, but alas it's here in all its glory. It's taken from Memory Flux EP - which is completely worth checking, nice Headphones Moment on there as well - which gets it's release on 2nd September. In the meantime, check this out. - BBC

"Lost Midas"

Jason Trikakis, the man behind Lost Midas, produces experimental electronic music when he isn't being a Genius (at Apple). We showcase his original production entitled "Love Undone" and our interview with him as we share some laughs and try to forget about the past.

To us, "Love Undone" tells a story of an unraveling love -- it's a story of pain. Yet, the timbres of the production adjoin with Taylor's angelic voice to pull your heart in different direction. It is as if Jason recreated a Siren from Homer's Odyssey, tempting us to forget about our present journey and flutter away. Our only wish was that the touch of Midas could last for eternity. - College Roots

"Lost Midas Drops Drum Sticks, Looks Up To The Future"

Over the past few months, a number of producers from the TeamSupreme beat cypherin’ clique have snatched our attention. Every week, the new TeamSupreme volume makes our collective neck snap to dangerous degrees, leaving us equally sedated and turn’t. The latest TeamSupreme contributor to grab our attention is Lost Midas aka Jason Trikakis, a former drummer who has recently put down the drum sticks, moved to Los Angeles and taken up beat work. Jason’s brother, Nick, is fellow beatsmith NüTrik, and the two now form Luv Ü Records, a sort of artist collective/recording studio outfit that has released sessions from Gypsy Mamba and Kill The Computer over the past few months. Lost Midas’ own tunes aim for pop-inflected beat work, not unlike Com Truise, both in their structure and use of analogue synths. Trikakis doesn’t try and reclaim any lost nostalgia though, opting to look straight-forward. Check out the video for standout “Love Undone” here, and stream it below along with “Dance Monkeys”. The debut Lost Midas EP will be out on November 6. - The Astral Plane

"Dance Monkeys"

Lost Midas used to be a resident of Boston, playing in a couple of bands there and then eventually doing years of "DIY touring" (through which he opened for The Roots, George Clinton, and Boyz II Men, among others) before he relocated to Los Angeles to concentrate on making his own music. He also runs a new label, Luv Ü Records, with his brother/fellow producer NüTrik; they invite upcoming electronic music producers in the L.A. area to record live sets in their studio, which they then release on their Soundcloud. For his own project, Lost Midås creates what he refers to as "electrofusion", and I'd like to expand that genre to "electro-funk-fusion" — his tracks are slick, golden machines made up of a mixture of poise, funk, and precision. Catchy bits appear and disappear, loops turn, and transitions are as smooth as sliding glass doors. Below, enjoy "Dance Monkeys", a track off his debut s/t digital EP, out very soon. - Decoder Magazine


Love Undone (Single) - August 6th (Tru Thoughts)

Memory Flux EP - September 2nd (Tru Thoughts)

Dance Monkeys (Single) - October 15th (Tru Thoughts)

Hyper Phase EP - November 19th (Tru Thoughts)



With influences ranging from a lifelong love of pop melodies and the ‘80s New Wave through J. Dilla to The Mahavishnu Orchestra, LA based producer and multi-instrumentalist Lost Midas treads an aesthetic turf somewhere between Neon Indian and Bibio; irresistible and enduring ditties peeped through a shifting shroud of striking textures and idiosyncratic beats.

 Lost Midas is the alter ego of Boston born Jason Trikakis, who first established himself as a hip hop drummer throughout his teens and into his ‘20s. As the anchor of popular hip hop and funk seven-piece the Press Project, which formed at university in New Hampshire, Trikakis had his first taste of full scale touring, including support for The Roots and backing for Slick Rick. A stint in indie rock band The Honors in the mid 2000s, along with various session work including for Nigerian vocalist Iyeoka, also widened his horizons.

Mastering a range of instruments along the way (including his current favourite, the keys), he gradually developed an obsession with composition and the endless possibilities within the realm of electronic production.

Having decided to step out as a solo artist and producer, Trikakis found himself inspired by the LA music scene – feeling a magnetic pull to the City of Angels. Almost overnight he made the move to LA, a shake-up which would prove to inspire and crystallise the Lost Midas sound he’d been searching for.

Initially stumped by queries of the “what kind of stuff do you make?” variety, Trikakis has coined the tag ‘electrofusion’ to describe his Lost Midas music.

Lost Midas was snapped up by Tru Thoughts in Summer 2013 and shortly released the “Memory Flux” EP, followed by the “Hyper Phase” EP - both produced in the LA studio he shares with his brother (producer/DJ NüTrik).  Both EPs gained repeat BBC 6Music spins from Lauren Laverne, Nemone and Edith Bowman; KCRW Top 50 Most Played; props from Resident Advisor, XLR8R, Clash, Earmilk, Urban Outfitters, Topman Generation, and a debut performance at Low End Theory LA.

While the “Memory Flux” EP introduced Lost Midas with a gauzy, shape-shifting bitter-sweetness, and “Hyper Phase” ramped up the lucidity and the tempo; he now combines the two forces for hypnotic effect. Giving a flavour of the deeply personal and spiritual themes explored on his upcoming debut album entitled ‘Off The Course’. 

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