Lost Nation

Lost Nation



Lost in the landscape of their Midwest small towns the members of Lost Nation found each other with great ambitions and tremendous goals. The band: made up of vocalist Trent Benesh, guitarist Ryan Benesch, bassist John Zlabek, and drummer Colin Wickman wasted no time in trying to create a sound that would soon rise above their faceless location and establish themselves as a voice, name, and face to reckon with.

In the summer of 2005 Lost Nation played their first show and haven't looked back since. Quickly establishing themselves as a leading progressive band in the Cedar Rapids area they were soon opening for bands such as Drowning Pool, Powerman 5000, and Soil within a matter of months. Word spread fast and before long they were on the road branching out across the Midwest playing shows spanning from Des Moines to the Quad Cities and into Wisconsin. After extensive Midwest shows Lost Nation decided to record their first EP entitled To Stand Divided in August of 2006. Teamed up with gold record selling and major record label producer Tom Tatman (Stone Sour, House of Large Sizes), Lost Nation was able to emerge from the studio with a solid first record that has plenty of attitude and originality and has been received with eager ears.

Lost Nation intends to keep building their Midwest fan base with their aggressive straightforward approach and unique sound. You won't find any trendy gimmicks at a Lost Nation show as the members continually strive towards a stance in the music industry all to their own and they don't plan on quitting until they have been found...


25 Back

Written By: Lost Nation

It’s all about the religious man
And they ask do you want to be a part of something bigger than God
Are you gonna look back
Are you gonna

They pin five stars across your chest
And get rid of all your handicaps and promise you the hand of God
Are you gonna look back
Are you gonna

You had better learn to think on your feet
You had better trust their promises
You give them brave they give you 25 back
You’re taught to fear they give you 25 back

Are you gonna let it hang on your conscience
Are you gonna look back on their promise

They see your brave as a notch in their belt

Skeletons In the Sky

Written By: Lost Nation

They told me you haven’t come from anywhere
We’ve been counting your mistakes
On every finger with the trouble that you make
With the trouble that you make

Are you feeling insulted by church bells
Oh it hurts to hear them tell
Go ahead and try to check their pulse
And ignore the scoff at us.

Breaking the mold can try your patience
Can you stand the separation
Try to stay for your impression
But will it all fall down

Are these clouds even close to me
Are they just skeletons in the sky

To think of clouds
Oh to feel small when they twist

Confidence Now

Written By: Lost Nation

To imitate is to fail
Can you stand alone
Can you stand it
Keep shedding your skin
Can you stand it

Every word you could recite
Cannot listen to you
Can you take it
Just borrow your sound
Can you take it

To glorify is to rape
Will they believe you
Can you fake it
Just keep masking your face
Can you fake it

Are you tired of brown tonight
Will they be watching you
Can you change it
Just go back to black
Can you change it

So in love with image
So in love with the sell
Wanna suck dry

It’s not like you
It’s not like you
It’s not like you to stand in one place

You didn’t think
You didn’t think
You didn’t think that we would notice

That you’re so
That you’re so
That you’re so obsessed with yourself

Where is your confidence now


2006 - To Stand Divided EP
2005 - Self Titled EP