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Founder: Torrey Holmes

Members: Torrey Holmes aka KONO/CASHTRO
Pallo Holmes aka ILL.G
Adam Rushing aka ADAM "R"

LOL consists of three naturally talented members with unique styles and abilities. each member compliment and generates a sound and natural flow that makes them ready and available to perfectly fit in the hip-hop generation today. LOL have been crafting and perfecting their style, rapping and writing since they were very young. Inspired by many rappers such as Tupac Shakur, Jay Z, and Kanye West ; Their street knowledge and tenacity of going against the odds to achieve their dreams make them one of a kind. They have also participated in the promotional mini movie for Bow Wow’s CD “Unleashed”. The members of LOL realize that they have many challenges ahead to be able to succeed in the rap game, however they are ready and willing to face any obstacles that come their way.

Torrey Holmes aka (Kono/Cashtro)
Born May 9, 1990 in Chicago, IL May 9, 1990 and younger brother of ILL.G. He is laid back, smooth and real cool. Kono writes most of the lyrics for the two and has a strong presence on stage during all of his deliveries and come up with hot hook’s that will catch your ear like a fishing pole. His goals in the rap industry is to get to perform everywhere in the world and to sell million’s of records he wants to be a legend like Tupac, Biggie, and Jay-Z. If it was one thing that he could do instead of rapping that would be go to launch a clothing line to cater to the hip-hop masses however he is planning on being the Rookie of the year in the rap game. Torrey is very creative and writes short story and plays and has completed many songs and raps. He also has a passion for engineering music for himself and others. He is sought after in the Atlanta area and soon the world.

Pallo Holmes aka (ILL.G)
Born December 6,1988 in Chicago, IL (ILL.G) has always been able to stand out in the crowd. His abilities to rap and dance have proven to be captivating. ILL.G has been performing since the age of Ten years old. He has horned his skills to meet all expectations of performing on a professional level His flow and style are hyped yet contains positive energy. He has also entered and won many talent shows in the Atlanta area.

Adam Rushing aka Adam “R” Born February 10, 1987 in Chicago, IL and is the 1st cousin to ILL.G and Kono. Adam decided to pursue a career in the hip-hop industry at the tender age of twelve. When he learned that he had a passion for music and would be able to connect to lots of people threw the lyrics in his songs. Adam “R” come up with catchy metaphors and melodic flows. He has a lot of other goals outside of rapping such as striving to be a positive person. Growing up without an influential male role model in his life he always felt an empty void. But being able to hold his own, express his feelings and emotions threw music he has been able to turn the negative energy into positive energy. ADAM “R” says one of his biggest inspirations to start rapping is that he’s seen so many people around him struggle, he knew he wanted to make a difference and not to end up in the same predicaments ”.
Some goals (M-1) would like to achieve while having his rapping career is educating young children to go to school and to never give up on what they believe in because everyone will be remembered it’s just how they’ll be remembered. He would like to help rebuild inner city slums and today’s corrupted youth. With his young mind he has a lot of things he would like to do. Being the person that he is he’s ready to take all challenges headed his way. So like Bone Crusher’s song “Neva scared” describes Adam “R” persona about life.