Minkler, California, USA
BandHip HopSpoken Word

intelligent hip-hop with jazz and soul influences.


From California, a few miles out of LA - from the city of Anaheim comes LostPoet.

Heavily influenced by 80's music, jazz, & thought - his latest release Calligraphy Campaign is a global affair with tracks from artists including DJ Alik (Livorno, Italy), Emillia Jazz (Sheffield, UK), Self Lion (Cayo, Belize), JQuest (Brighton, UK) and Keor Meteor (Paris, France)

In addition to music, LostPoet recently starred as "Cartel" in the Hip Hop thriller, PSALMS http://youtu.be/qqb2FgdubVs . A short film that shows the dark side of the music industry.

Catch a glimpse of LostPoet and get a taste of something different.

+00 (1) 714-904-1188

**Radio Friendly versions available** @ LostPoet.com


Calligraphy Campaign (2012)