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Rock'N'Roll. "White Light - Dead End" is the name of the debut of Lost Purity from Winterthur.
The combo plays snotty and honest rock'n'roll. It sounds like whiskey, smoke and sweat - just like some decades ago.
They consequently keep up their style through the ten songs, which never get boring.
Whoever doesn't think much of the modern postrock anymore - you've come to the right place.

- SonntagsBlick Magazin, Dec. 2,2007

"Review White Light - Dead End"

Man, the Swiss can play a mean punk'n'roll. The country isn't really famous for that, but: I'm always in for
a nice surprise and so it's evident that pig-rock-music (sic!) doesn't only come from Scandinavia when it has
to rock your socks off.
The very precious CD of Lost Purity contains 10 songs in English, which rock and fire you up thoroughly.
Genius guitar work with driving bass and drums, in addition with the smoky voice of the singer and occasional
singing parts by guitarist Baby Borderline allow me no comparison to any other band. This combo is too particular,
and without copying they sound somehow refreshing in the jungle of the rock'n'roll-wave, in which we seem to drown.
Even though I have to admit, it would be a death that I could deal with.
On the cover, a mighty train with an evil storm rolls through the lands and on its back it's carrying 4 messengers
of rock'n'roll who will tear holes in every wall. Hell might not be the end of the line, because the music is
too hot even for that place.... It knocked me out." - Punk'n'Roll Radioshow

"evilized webzine, White Light - Dead End"

As support of Koritni and at their record release party of "White Light - Dead End" the Swiss of Lost Purity could convince and now I was curious if they could burn their live-energy on CD. First of all, the great cover of the album is quite an eye-catcher, which animates to buy the CD and screams for a release on vinyl. But what really counts is the music and to answer the question about the live-energy on CD: No, this undertaking hasn't really succeeded, because on one hand it's nearly impossible to burn such a live energy on CD, for Lost Purity is clearly a live band. On the other hand the whole production is a bit dull, whereas it is clear that the budget for this recording wasn't gigantic.
But "White Light-Dead End" isn't bad at all. On the contrary: It's audible that this band has released some music already (which are out of stock) and is very well rehearsed. The opener "Hard on (your Knees)" starts in best Scandinavian kick-ass manner into the 40 minutes of Rock'n'Roll which are about to follow. Of course, Lost Purity doesn't reinvent the wheel, but that's not what they want anyway. What counts is feeling, a snotty attitude and the spirit of rock'n'roll.
Due to the different vocalists (except for the bass player, everybody sings) the whole thing is quite interesting, so in a song like "Blacksouled" with female backing vocals, a certain soulfeeling emerges just like the title reveals, before the song even allows a pinch of Rose Tattoo in the end due to guitar working. Really great.
"Sixty long Hours", which begins with a classic rock'n'roll-groove, the two riff-rockers "Kicks for Tits" and "The only One", the awesome uptempo-song "Shattered Dreams" and the snappy "No Clue" are also worth mentioning.
As the other songs are convincing too, "White Light - Dead End" is warmly recommended to any fan of straightforward rock. - Evilized Webzine, October 23, 2007

"evilized webzine - review of Lost Purity / KORITNI show"

Before the Australian rock command can start, Lost Purity, a Swiss band can heat up the vibe. And the troup, consisting of guitarist Dusty Al Bandit, drummer Fredi Volvo, guitarist Baby Borderline and bassist Nick Shooter (always these pseudonyms!) do their thing remarkably well. You're asking yourselves why I haven't listed any singer? Well, the vocals are shared by drummer Fredi (more) and the two guitarists (a bit less), which brings some variations, already in this respect. The opener "60 long Hours" rocks by all means and sets the benchmark for the further run of the energetic show. Dusty, the berserker, is on a rampage all over the stage and also Madame Baby Borderline is banging her head off, while bassist Nick is a rather calming influence. This has to be like that, because the small stage wouldn't allow any more action anyway.
So the quartet coasts through a successful, sweaty gig and gets their marks with great songs like the rock'n'roller "Hard on (your Knees)", "Tattooed Cowboy", which would remind one a bit of The Donnas due to Baby Borderline's vocals, the punky "Blind Man", the just awesome "Kicks" or the hard rocker "Pornostar", where Dusty gives it his all and reminds one of Michael J. Fox in "Back To The Future" where he cut up a mean floor, doing a crazy guitar solo. So it's no wonder that despite few attendees, the atmosphere is great and the band is called back for an encore, which is quite rare with a support act. A great version of the Stones classic "Jumpin' Jack Flash" brings some more action in front of and on the stage.
The debut album of Lost Purity is released October 13th, 2007 and whoever likes honest, sweaty rock'n'roll should definitely keep an eye on that band. - evilized webzine, Andreas Weber, September 24, 2007

"The Crowd Likes It (Review of Lost Purity show at Musikfestwochen Winterthur 2007)"

After the artistic cursing (of Fogel, a rapper), the stage was open for the rockers of Lost Purity.
The mix of hard guitar riffs and melodic singing passages is explosive indeed.
Lost Purity brings the rock back to where it belongs: Into the damp of sweating bodies and the smell of stale beer. Lost Purity do raise their glasses to the so-called side parting-rockers, but only to fire the next guitar fusillade right in their face.
The crowd likes it. Happy faces and rhythmic nodding way back to the last rows of the festival. No dice, if you don't want to spill the beer in your hand.
The band was already formed in 1998 in the Zurich municipality Teufen. "Due to noise-exposure the band was routed to Winterthur with pitchforks by the angry mob", the singing drummer Fredi Volvo says. He traditionally performed semi-nude and shouted his creed
into the microphone: "Rock'n'roll, you are the only one." However, Volvo might back down on singing and leave it to the female quarter of Lost Purity more often. For Baby Borderline's voice lends this rock-firework the required
pinch of sex.
On October 13 the band will celebrate the release of their album "White Light - Dead End".
Lost Purity hasn't reached both and won't for a long time. - Der Landbote, Swiss Newspaper, August 27, 2007



October 2007, produced by Admiral James T.
01. Hard On (Your Knees)
02. 60 Long Hours
03. Blind Man With A Gun
04. Bloodsummer
05. Kicks For Tits
06. Pornstar (The Only One)
07. Blacksouled
08. Boogey Man
09. Shattered Dreams
10. No Clue

This album has received very good reviews among newspapers and magazines in Switzerland. (see website for full reviews: www.lostpurity.ch)
Fredi Volvo and Baby Borderline were interviewed in the show Music Night on Swiss national television, SF2.
The song Blacksouled has radio airplay on the national Swiss radio station DRS3.
The tracks Shattered Dreams and Blind Man With A Gun were featured, along with an interview with Baby Borderline, on the Punk'n'Roll Radio Show.


Can't Knock Us Out
December 2003, produced by This @ Tectorial Studios
01. The Only One
02. Boogie Man
03. Dirty Ol' Town

For A Fistful Of Rock n' Roll And Some Empty Bottles Of Beer!
January 2002, self-produced
01. Poor Boy
02. Shattered Dreams
03. Rock n' Roll and Alcohol
04. Arsenic Tainted

Until The Coma,,,
December 2000, self-produced
01. No Clue
02. When You're Gone
03. Colors
04. Bottles Of Gin
05. Victims of Society



Known for furious live shows with beer fountains (coming from both, the band and the audience), guitar posing, banging heads and flying hair, skinned body parts, blood and 200'000 decibels, Lost Purity are on their long way to the top 'cause they wanna rock'n'roll!

Founded in 1998 in Teufen, Switzerland (1200 inhabitants, of which there's 800 cows) by Cäme (rhythm guitar / vox), Fredi (drums / vox), Egli (lead guitar / vox) & Egli (bass / vox), the band started to wallow in a dirty hole, trying to make music. In that process, the first songs evolved, so the band could risk a descent to the valley in order to bury the close communities under an avalanche of rock&roll. Due to noise exposure the band was banished to Winterthur by the angry mob (with pitchforks!). What they had in their baggage was no less than 2 home-made demo CDs, hiking boots, and a new guitarist - Baby Borderline. Made known with electricity that comes out of the wall, they even stumbled across some interested listeners and could play some more shows. That released some serious adrenaline attacks, so the band felt brave enough to descend to the dark vault of count This to record another demo in 2003.

Unfortunately, El Duderino was carried off to South America. Since then he only plays bass at camp fires with some gauchos. Maybe from there he can see our new light at the Purity-sky: Nick Shooter! With the actual line-up, the band is stronger, heavier and better than ever before and has released their promising debut album WHITE LIGHT - DEAD END that has been produced by Admiral James T.

Lost Purity is heavily influenced by bands like AC/DC, Iggy And The Stooges, but also newer bands like The Hellacopters and Backyard Babies.

The band has played with Wednesday13 (USA), Peter Pan Speed Rock (NL), Koritni (AUS), and Sommerset (NZ) as well as with many local Swiss bands at various clubs and festivals. The band can look back at a great live experience and hence plays their shows furious and wild. You can be sure you get 110% of Lost Purity.