Lost Soul Tribe

Lost Soul Tribe


A solid rock sound pushed forward with a heavy beat, driven with soulful lyrics. All original music that screams for your attention with songs that will make you move your feet. The laid-back attitude of the band will surprise you as the music is filled with energy and emotion.


Lost Soul Tribe is Art Dohany (40's), Kris Kahn (30's), Erick Nunez (30's) and Bobby Quattry (20's). This actor, actor/musician, dentist and artist formed The Tribe in order to fulfill a need that was common for all of us: To rock, because it's good for the soul. Originals are written by Kris, and lean heavily toward a mix of rock, alternative and a bit of soul bleeding. The aura of the Tribe is mellow yet the music will hit you in the face highlighted with Kris' rich lyrics and vocals, Bobby's addictive bass lines, Art's subtle riffs and Erick's pounding beat. It's a little something for everyone although content is mature.

Lost Soul Tribe chose Kokopelli as their logo since it seemed fitting for a group of lost souls to be inspired by a deity who is regarded as the universal symbol of fertility for all life, be it crops, hopes, dreams, or love. Bobby rendered the drawing for the band which made sense as he is an artist and half Iroquois and quarter Cherokee. Art liked the idea because he somehow incorrectly thinks that Kokopelli has some sort of Hungarian gypsy roots and that it represented something old, which he relates to. Kris was onboard with the logo being Unitarian (He's still not convinced that Unitarian is not an ethnic group). Erick jumped at the idea since he knew being Puerto Rican wouldn’t carry any weight in the decision. He’s just happy he didn't have to do anything and that he can still beat his drums.

Lost Soul Tribe invites everyone to become a Tribe’s folk. Check out more at www.myspace.com/lostsoultribe



Cry Little Sister

Written By: Kris Kahn

Cry Little Sister

Walking down streets I’ve never seen
Searching for innocence to feed
Try not to watch me now
I have to fly somehow
Before I root into the scene

So don’t you cry little sister
Because I promise there’s no other
And if you need more to believe
I can give you what you need
So don’t you cry little sister

And like the little prince I cry
And tell her my homes in the sky
Just like a little boy
Sent into a panicked joy
To celebrate life before I die

She knows she’s my security
She wakes the snake that needs to feed
I’ll bring the pestilence of life
And an unbridled agony
But don’t you cry little sister

She sits beside me for a while
And attempts something like a smile
She listens with her eyes
As her spirits start to rise
And as she floats away she screams


Written By: Kris Kahn


Watch as he becomes so pure and holy so in tune with the common man
Kneel as he kneels down says a prayer for you holds your salvation in his hands

See what he shows you the watercolors of unending purity
Hear what he plays you that which his father would have condemned as blasphemy

And I would sacrifice heaven just to spend the night in your arms
And I would give my body just to touch your body just to be somebody

He doesn’t know her not like he’d like to not in a pure biblical way
She cannot stand him when he speaks near her he finds a way there everyday

He needs a favor it’s getting late now but the job just cannot wait
She doesn’t trust him then overhears him as he is kneeling down to pray

And she looks right at him and she shakes her head
He knows he’ll have to force her but god will forgive

Man is a creature ripe with desire and just a step back from the brink
We can’t suppress our animal natures we’re not as evolved as we think

Nothing Reduction

Written By: Kris Kahn

Nothing Reduction

If you’re looking for absolution and there’s no one to feed your fire
Just call on her you know that she will come clumsy with desire

Sometimes she wraps her grace around me floats inside me like a dream
Lays me down and makes me part my lips upon a field of green

She breathes into me a deadly jealousy I’m not whole unless she’s near
She’s beauty and tragedy and never enough for me
She says as long as she is near I’ve nothing left to fear

She can blind with many colors she wraps me up and takes me home
She makes me sigh then gathers up my breath I face my world alone

She’s liquid in her false horizon and I am parched in need of rain
I’m crystallized and she is blunt with love that’s reeking of disdain

She’s consuming me a choking entity bringing laughter soaked with tears
She feasts on memories I live by her tendencies
She says as long as she is near I’ve nothing left to

Fearing that this all will end the crash and burn must come again
She picks me up and takes me in who can I run to if I can’t run to you

She leans and whispers in my ear just let go and I’ll take your fears
Just let go and I’ll take your years who can I run to if I can’t run to you

I’m still looking for absolution

False Divinity

Written By: Kris Kahn

False Divinity

Rough day I lost my mind again climbing up the walls and crawling out of my skin
Your face keeps flashing on the back of my eyes dead faith is weighing me down but

I know I can let go until I see you deep inside me my false divinity

Innocence my victuals of choice screaming at the walls with an inanimate voice
Your smile is shimmering all over the place I reach but pull right back so that

I won’t have to touch you like I want to reach inside you my false divinity

Now suddenly I’m feeling out of place without you
Salvation lies within your cold embrace but I doubt you

Don’t fear I’ll keep you in a gilded cage don’t fear you never have to fear with me
When you’re frightened I’ll be right there by your side don’t run for you know you’re nothing but

I’m clay I can take shape change will break me my false divinity


Cry Little Sister
False Divinity
Left Behind
Love Violence
Moving On
Nothing Reduction
Super Nova

Born To Be Wild
Free Fallin'
Love Me Two Times
Low Rider
Play That Funky Music
Radar Love
Sympathy For The Devil

Set List

Typical set list is eight songs at approximately 45 minutes.