Lost State of Dance

Lost State of Dance

 Hartlepool, England, GBR


In a nut shell...
'Their impeccable Americanised pop melodies, glided through the sea of pretty, happy faces, leaving me feeling like an extra in the OC, wanting to dance, get drunk and then sit in the corner with a friend, talking about how the world “doesn’t get me!” . . . the ghostly shape of “The Ripper.” Sang with the utmost intensity and emotion, this song continued to build and build until it reached a shuddering crescendo with the crowd chiming in with the lyrics “I feel so alive”: perfect anthems indeed.'
Rebecca Fisher, April 2008, SHAM! Newcastle

Electro synth guitar based, pop indie dance trio with the infectious musical and lyrical hooks, that drill into your mind and don't let you go. Listen to them, watch the video but DO NOT MISS THEM LIVE!
Ian McManus, August 2009, Red Dreams, Hartlepool

One hell of a band, with a totally dynamic mature sound, that will get you wanting more and more. Currently raising the roof in the Hartlepool area of the uk.
Terry Bubble, October 2009, Ontheairtv.com