Lost State of Franklin

Lost State of Franklin

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

They've twice been to France's FIMU International Music Festival chosen for being "Uniquely American". From the US to France to Germany, people are calling Scott's lyrics "genius" and Tyler's voice "golden". Crowds keep getting bigger because this band is unbelievably captivating.


Lost State of Franklin has twice been to France and most recently


Clint Eastwood

Written By: Scott Franklin

Glass flies, bullets fly
Clint Eastwood never dies
He's the last one left,
the last one standing

...It's one against thirty,
Dirty Harry, Rawhide,
Joe Kid'll take a swig
& from the corner of his eye,
win this one
fire his gun
leave the girl behind,
he's got the horse outside...

...Soemthin left this country
with the 70's
When clean was in the future
and McQueen was in a Chevy.
Redford and Newman rode
the plains, cars were bigger,
people hitch-hiked
and rode trains...


ALBUM: Windshield Sky (European Release)
50 Years Ago
Made in the USA

ALBUM: Quarter to Lonely 2007
Clint Eastwood
Quarter to Lonely
600 Miles
Cold Day in Hell

Set List

We cater to any event. The following are examples of the sets we've played recently:

45 minute all Original

45 minute mix of Original/Johnny Cash/Louis Prima/Hank Williams

2 hour mix of Original/Louis Prima/Johnny Cash/Hank Williams/Glenn Miller

3.5 hour mix of Original/Johnny Cash/Louis Prima/Andy Williams/Wayne Hancock/Glenn Miller/Connie Francis/Willie Nelson/LedBelly/Tracy Chapman/George Jones