Lost Trail

Lost Trail

 Burlington, North Carolina, USA
BandClassicalNew Age

Lost Trail is the sound of that feeling you get driving through darkened woods on a country road at night, in late autumn, your headlights cutting the mist and gloom and occasionally picking out the glowing eyes of animals lurking deep in the forest and fields, the air conditioner hissing and the vinyl seats cold, breath fogging as you try not to think of the past. Lost Trail is faded memory and dark nostalgia, a corrosive hole burned through the film, the leached colors of a decaying photograph


Lost Trail is an experimental, avant garde music project headed by the husband and wife duo of Zachary Corsa and Denny Wilkerson Corsa. Utilizing lo-fi and obsolete recording technology, such as tape recorders, microcassettes and reel-to-reel machines, as well as antique musical equipment, we hope to capture a sense of atmosphere and landscape, in both man-made and natural, wild environments. Our drones are built from extensive field recording and industrial sounds, guitar noise, and other experiments in sound. We record in the darker corners of our 101-year old historic home in Burlington, North Carolina, and the moods of this town and this house very much affect what we create. Common themes include faded industry, manmade decay, suburban sprawl, horror cinema, trains, the forest/mountains, the supernatural, winter, fall, photography, film, and the past/nostalgia. Zachary Corsa also plays instrumental folk music as Snohomish (http://snohomishwoods.tumblr.com)

Our work has been compared variously to the likes of Harold Budd, Brian Eno, John Cage, Tangerine Dream, Flying Saucer Attack, David Wenngren, Beef Terminal, Trent Reznor's ambient works, the Constellation Records roster, and others. We have toured or performed with the likes of Delicate Sen, Rash, Night, Ag Ag Lady, Northern Valentine, Noose of Laurels, Colloquial Orchestra/Dave Watkins, PD Wilder/Hotel Hotel, Nobles, Arte Povera, Andrew Weathers/Andrew Weathers Ensemble, Slicnaton, Powercloud, Matt Northrup, Pinetree Line, Three Brained Robot, The Child Forgives and Creates, Albert Adams, Flying Field, The Pointless Forest, Stems, No Eyes, Gentle Robot, Tall Fields, CJ Boyd, The Ascent of Everest, Capsule, Trey Mosley, DJ MDM-Hey, Sparkling Wide Pressure, Harboring Ghosts, Sunlight Ascending, Charming Relative, Presque Vu, S7Ghost, Eric Hall, Navigator, Megafauna, Yogurt Smoothness, Memphis Pencils, Guerilla Toss, Four Fingers, Wall With One Side, Ami Dang, Ryan Gregory Tallman, GioSafari, Crumb Catcher, Nick Coward & The Last Battle, Animal Alphabet, Red and Cross, Elements, Violent Stars, Antique Scream and others. 2011 and 2012 will bring a bevy of releases...



-Full Length Cassette, Sunup Recordings, 02/15/12
-Full-Length CD LP, 'The Haunting on Fisher Street', Tired Sounds, 2012
-Split Cassette Release, Lost Children, 2012
-Full-Length Cassette Release, 'October Mountain', Felt Cat, 2012
-CD EP, Rural Colours, 2012

Available works:

Via Bandcamp (www.losttrail.bandcamp.com) -

-Eerie Light, Eerie Woods, LP
-Eidolons, LP
-Longing, LP
-The Future's So Dim, We'll All Need Flashlights, Collaborative LP with Dave Watkins
-Past Lives, Split LP w/ Summer Of Glaciers
-No Further Equation To Solve, B-Sides Collection
-The Sparrows Are Flying Again, Triple B-Sides Collection
-Highschool Ether, Tour Songs (July 2011 Tour w/ Pinetree Line)
-Early Recordings, Volume One: Wild Tigers of Summer
-Early Recordings, Volume Two: Safe Through Autumn, Winter Was a Different Story
-Broken Mount Last Days, B-Sides Collection

Fund drive, please give if you can - http://www.indiegogo.com/Lost-Trail-Fund-Drive

Set List

Varies. Often improvised noise/drone, with visuals.