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Lost Tricks @ Harbor Fest 2008

Oswego, New York, USA

Oswego, New York, USA

Lost Tricks @ Block Island Music Festival

Block Island, Rhode Island, USA

Block Island, Rhode Island, USA

Lost Tricks @ Fearless TV live taping

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Trevor is a true singer/songwriter in the classic pop tradition, both a New York City realist and a musically gifted romantic." - The Deli

"Mixing the sounds of ben folds, weezer, and keane the band have created a catchy, welcoming sound that is easily accessible to anyone willing to give it a listen.
Overall this is a great disc for anyone who likes piano driven pop music with an edge. Not that this music is "heavy" but it doeesn't pull punches either. It is intense, catchy, authentic, emotional and worth a listen." <U><a href="http://www.approachingstormrecords.com/?page_id=64" target="_blank">Approaching Storm</font></a></U>. - Approaching Storm


http://www.thebubbly.com/archives/000706.html - EntertainmentWorld.com and TheBubbly.com

"An excellent, confident 5 song EP. Lost Tricks are on a mission to give piano based pop a good name and the good news is, that they succeed here on their debut CD EP. If the last Ben Folds solo album bummed you out, one listen to the lead off track, "Freeman" will push your eyes heavenward. Fans of the spirited style of The Argument, Fluid Ounces and a more laid back, acoustic-piano driven Spymob. The sound here is muscular piano-based pop with poignant lyrics wrapped up in a cheeky good naturedness and injected with warm fuzzies and feel-good intentions. The EP forges a new tradition of well-orchestrated songs of depth. With luscious, delectable harmonies and piano pop done 'right', this is Very Highly Recommended!" - Not Lame Records, NotLame.com - Not Lame

Many of the better-known "piano pop" bands out there these days drop a healthy dose of irony and smirking cool in their tunes. Lost Tricks founder and songwriter Trevor Oswalt has no such pretensions and the man has little concern for appealing to the hipster cool, post-punk audience and the blogs they frequent. Yet, they sent us a promo anyway, and the truth is, Lost Tricks is damn cool, and certainly some of the catchiest straight-ahead melodic pop to arrive in some time.

"Freeman" is the kind of earnest, sunny piano anthem that recalls the best tracks on Keane's recent disc. A top-down, summer's day driving tune, the song would put a smile on the face of even the most jaded pop cynic.

"12" is the most restrained track on the self-titled EP, sounding a bit like a good Coldplay ballad, as interpreted by Ben Folds, with some 1970's pop flourishes thrown in.

"Second Chance" brings out the band's soulful side, and "All Around You" also resembles the aforementioned Folds, with some Billy Joel piano licks from his late-70's heyday.

It's all very lush, atmospheric and heart-on-your-sleeve, without sounding overblown. Lost Tricks' debut has no agenda other than creating soaring, infectious pop melodies. On that level, the band succeeds brilliantly.

http://www.sonicslang.com/sonic_slang/2006/01/lost_tricks_ep.html - SonicSlang

This is the epitome of fantastic unsigned indie rock. With a sound resembling superstars Coldplay and rising stars Keane, they will instantly gain a place in your heart. A spectacular choice of five tracks that are unbelievable. Blissful piano and superb harmony on "12" exemplify the deep lyrics and open up into a flashy musical arrangement complete with bellowing trumpet play. The highly electronic and synthesized "2nd Chance" is explosive, catchy, and futuristic sounding. A sweet female voice tied in on the chorus only adds to the already greatness. "Wanted" has some more electronic sounds yet powerful vocals to upstage them. The song title is also what this band is going to be as soon as listeners across the globe hear there music. This band is the next big thing, so sit back, enjoy this EP and watch their success rapidly grow.

Review by-Geoff Dellinger

- Entertainment World

'Lost Tricks is original. They manage to skirt comparisons to quite a few bands and while they might sound a little bit like some other acts you've already heard, their lyrical sensibility and musical talent distinguish them in ways other bands do not. They're a windows-down-in-the-summer kind of band. Lost Tricks doesn't try to do too much and they hit all the bases. Lyrics to make the ladies cry and the guys relate: check. Presentation of a friggin' rock song: check.
This isn't to say that Lost Tricks is a one-note band. They can rock out, too, as evidenced on "FreeMan". And Lost Tricks seem to have a lot more ability than the one-off rock piano acts of late like Something Corporate and they don't come off as whiny, like Coldplay's current incarnation.
Lost Tricks is a good band. Simply.
- David Esposito, Northeast In-Tune

http://www.northeastintune.com/index.php?bd=reg&sb=land&article=040635 - Northeast In-Tune Magazine

"I checked the credits, expecting a full pop orchestra. This small gang has produced a radio-savvy, beautifully produced collection of piano-driven pop songs that will have Ben Folds devotees (and a few hip-hop fans) scampering after them like devoted puppies."
Oswalt has serious piano skills and a sensual voice that is sometimes plaintive, sometimes edgy, and always commanding. These five tracks are soaring, emotional compositions with some bold experimentation mixed in.
This band has been getting a lot of attention and probably won't be indie for very long. Check out this EP now for a taste of something professional yet streetwise, sophisticated and a little dangerous. - Jennifer Layton Indie-Music.com. - Indie-Music - Jennifer Layton

"They can claim their rightful place in American pop culture." - Erika Clarke

On the minialbum (6 songs) you'll find a mighty fine guest in Eliot Sloan of Blessed Union of Souls who joined in on the track 'Something Out Of Nothing.' The tune is a beautiful piece of work and could have been a ballad on the latest Gavin DeGraw-album. The E.P sits on big qualities and if you enjoy piano based melodic pop/rock this E.P well worth investigating. Just listen to fourth out "Free Man" and you'll have a proof of that. Very nice. - Melodic.net

On the minialbum (6 songs) you'll find a mighty fine guest in Eliot Sloan of Blessed Union of Souls who joined in on the track 'Something Out Of Nothing.' The tune is a beautiful piece of work and could have been a ballad on the latest Gavin DeGraw-album. The E.P sits on big qualities and if you enjoy piano based melodic pop/rock this E.P well worth investigating. Just listen to fourth out "Free Man" and you'll have a proof of that. Very nice. - Melodic.net


"Keep It Together", 2008 (LP)
-w/Andros Rodriguez (Justin Timberlake, The Raconteurs, !!!)
"EP", 2005 - 2005
-w/Charles Newman co-prod. (The Magnetic Fields, The Walking Concert)
"Eye Of The Storm", 2004 (LP)
"Below The Bed", 2002 (LP)



LOST TRICKS might be one part “Lost” but it’s mostly about the “Tricks” – the secret ingredient that separates the Brooklyn based band from your average piano rock assemblage. It’s a sense of playful edge and experimentation that seamlessly combines with the group’s rare qualities of timeless melody and concise hooks.

KEEP IT TOGETHER marks LOST TRICKS’ fourth independent release and the band’s first collaboration with ANDROS RODRIGUEZ (Justin Timberlake, !!!, The Raconteurs) who engineered, mixed, and co-produced the album (on a speculative deal) at Quad Studios in Times Square.

Their work also included ELIOT SLOAN of BLESSED UNION OF SOULS (eight Top40 hits) who joined in on the track “Something Out Of Nothing.” The tune features the guest performance of Sloan and will also be included on the soundtrack of the upcoming movie ALICE starring Penny Marshall and Luke Perry.

After completing the album the group processed the first six tracks through Platinum Blue’s (music consulting company) unique computer program that predicts “hits” with up to 80% accuracy. At least on a mathematical level, all six of the songs came back as hits.

Singer and songwriter Trev Oswalt grew up under the evergreens of Oregon and currently resides under a blue bridge in Brooklyn. He has been singing and playing non-stop from a young age. As a performer and actor, he has worked all over the world including performances from Los Angeles to Moscow and has appeared in both television and film including shows such as “Third Watch”, “Law & Order”, and the movie HITCH with Will Smith.

LOST TRICKS’ live act is powerful, combining an organic immediacy that is as raw as it is personal and sincere. Formed in 2003, and currently consisting of Trev banging on keys, Dave Smith occasionally slapping bass, and Scott Morehouse on acoustic and electronic drums, is performing throughout the East Coast and beyond while shopping for management and label representation.

VIDEO: www.losttricks.com/video