Lostwars is a project of mine started in 2002. It is a blend of rock, synth pop, and some ambient elements thrown in to give space to the chaos. I am heavily influenced by alt-country and indie rock as well. I'm like Beck: just about as talented and a better sense of humor


Lostwars is me. Its just me and an electronic blender of influences from guitar driven rock to dark synth. I had been in a lot of bands over the years that represented one idea and usually did it really well, but I wanted to represent the best of all my sonic ideas. I have a really varied background, starting off in symphonic music and them moving to composition, to playing guitar in a space rock band. I have settled on the best of what I know how to do in Lostwars: guitar driven well written songs with electronic texture. I have been playing as Lostwaors for almost 5 years and traveled around the world preforming my music. Chicago was my homebase for many years where I busted my chops playing at bars and festivals opening for bands like Shellac, Zimmermans Note, and The Breeders. All of my life I had spent making music in the cornfields of the Midwest thankfully plugged in to the pulse of what was going on around me.

My interest in music started with my great-grandfather. I was about 5 years old when I discovered there was a guitar he kept in the closet. My great-grandmother would let me take it out when he was out fishing. Of course one day he caught me playing it but tried to teach me chords. After that I was in school band from 3rd grade until college. Along the way I picked up guitar at 12 and just learned every record I loved from classic rock to contemporary stuff. When I first went into the studio with one of my high school bands, I was more interested in the boards and gear than I was in actually recording my parts. I tried for a few years to get into any studio I could and learn the trade. Of course this was extremely difficult but I met a few engineers over the years that taught me the basics. After that it was getting into a studio when I could, self learning, and practicing.

I discovered my own creative territory by constantly traversing over it year after year. I did not develop into some amazing musician when I was 18. I am like a sponge. I absorb things slowly. Its better for me that way. I think it adds depth to my work and I hope that translates to the people that enjoy my music as well.


Lehigh Quarry

Written By: Dereck Blackburn

When I'm out driving late after midnight I know what time to meet you out on a nother country road west of town pedals down I'm not going to make it but I'll make the best of right now we pack up our things try not to make a scene 4 by 4 in my car youth is not sorry out on lehigh quarry where we toast the stars 75474 the wonder of illusion park the car off the street a mile down the road throught the darkness they sleep out here quietly we creep we seek out the unknown 94 96 and 97 I find myself in memories what I cannot defy I cannot deny takes a lot out of me to get to where I want to be take a hand pull me up were at the top here comes the cops slide down the side the dark side of the moon run for the trees and balloons 75476754 we'll hide out here untill they pass or until the morning comes I'll drive you back home its where I never go anymore anymore anymore

So Far

Written By: Dereck Blackburn

I have nothing to say love
except where it hurts
its a part of me

feeling nothing removing this
so I can see
its not impossible

another way that blinds all this change
the way all our lives are arranged
so far away

Somethings been drowned grey
but not obscured
to shade the cold
I have not forgotten my family
just put my heart on hold

another way that blinds all this rage
the way that my minds been arranged
so far away

and I will keep on fighting for you
little boy lost
in the shame of these years
of abuse

another way that blinds all this change
the way all our lives are re arranged
so far away


Written By: Dereck Blackburn

if you can you're feeling older
the aching has been replaced
by a meaning fading deeper
its written on your face

all these thing take getting used to
all these things they never could do

I will not let you fall and fail like I did
when we were kids in kankakee

find peace in where the past brings me
hear me calling out

I'm still holding on to some things I should
or wish I could throw away


2002 / Zimmermans Note / Live from Key City
2003 / Zimmermans Note / Zimmermans Note
2004 / Lostwars / Until the Fire Is Out
2005 / Lostwars / Demos
2006 / Lostwars / The Waiting Room
2008 / Lostwars / Various Compilations
2009 / Lostwars / Set and Ready To Destroy
2010 / Lostwars / The End Of...

Single "Lehigh Quarry" was rated #5 best song of 2009 on http://www.punkassbitch.com

"Lehigh Quarry", "Requited", and "The Inner States" all received radio airplay in the US and UK (2010)

Set List

When I play its usually less than 8 songs. I like to write albums for the listener and then experiment for the audience. I have enough material to play for an hour and a half, but I like to tailor each performance. I rarely play covers. Right now the shows I am playing concentrate on the new album "The End Of..." .