Lost Weekend

Lost Weekend


Lost Weekend is the music project, songwriter Rich Quigley. Americana would be the best way to describe it. The sound of real instruments on the album, "Silverback Mirror", was very important to me. I like to be true to these recordings live, but live performance shouldn't always be perfection.


The past four years have been treacherous. But there seems to be some solid ground forming under Lost Weekend. Reconstituted by healthy exercise and brain food, songwriter Rich Quigley presents "Silverback Mirror". The project had been put on hold for a while as the music of Blue, Pig. and The Foghorns became a priority.

Drummer Mike Wilson, previously of Blue, Pig., joins to make a solid foundation for the shuffles and shimmies of Lost Weekend rhythms.


Gold Rush

Written By: Richard Quigley

Oh that mouth and them golden gates
That's where I want to be
Gazin' into them harbor lights
Blowin' in from the sea

And I struck gold but I'm stuck at home,
And now she's rushin' off to leave

When I was younger I leached a girl
But I held on too tight
And I soon found out she wasn't mine;
That there's only desire

And I struck gold but I'm stuck at home,
And now she's rushin' off alone

I'm a poor boy, I know that now
And she's got riches all around
So if I see them golden gates
I'll sing eureka loud

But for now I'll hold my tongue,
From this chambered lonely,
Oh this stationary,
Oh this fixed and fleeting love


"Silverback Mirror" - 2009


Set List

Stand By Me (Cover)
Captain at Shore Leave
Cool Water
It Happened Again
Try to Be Happy
Gold Rush
How We Begin