Los Wunder Twins del Rap

Los Wunder Twins del Rap

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A diverse song writing team and performing band that uses humor to tell stories. As a live group, it's old school hip hop in a modern context with amazing beats and hilarious and sometimes serious lyrics. As a songrwiting team it's whatever you need for your production. We work in many genres.


Los Wunder Twins del Rap is the joining together of two well known under ground hip hop artists who's influences range beyond rap and into punk, alternative and country. As solo artists they are established hip hop MCs. As a group they are super heros.


D-Tension: Contacts & Contracts volumes 1 and 2, Rap Music Sucks, Mental Illness and countless producer credits for well known acts from Mr. Lif to Humpty Hump and The Shods.

Effect: the effect EP and several 12" singles

Wunder Twins: 10 minutes 12", The We Are a Super Group EP and many music videos.

Set List

We have a million songs in a thousand genres.