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The best kept secret in music


"Loco heroes: Los Wunder Twins crack wise"

Los Wunder Twins Del Rap is more than an amusing name. It's a key to the increasingly popular Lowell duo's influences.

"Los" and "del" directly hint at the Twins' Hispanic heritage. Their Germanic pronunciation of "Wunder" - say VUN-der - and the umlaut over the U suggests their punk tendencies. "Rap" tells you exactly what genre they fit in.

And the obscure reference to Hanna-Barbera's teenage alien Wonder Twins? That explains D-Tension and Effect's cartoon-worthy humor.

"A common theme for us is that we're the world's lamest superheroes," D-Tension said between doing shots of Jameson at T's Pub in Allston. "We have a good seven or eight songs about how we have superpowers but how we waste them because we're too drunk."

When not working with Los Wunder Twins, D-Tension is a highly regarded underground rap producer who's worked with Jedi Mind Tricks and Apathy as well as Boston stars such as Termanology. But he's quick to point out that Los Wunder Twins' new "We Are a Supergroup" EP, as well as their show tomorrow at the Baseball Tavern, will not be to every rap fan's taste.

"A lot of hip-hop fans and artists don't want to laugh," D-Tension said.

"Forget laughing," added his co-hero Effect. "Hard-core rap fans don't even smile."

Effect has his serious side, too. But he lets his funny side out with Los Wunder Twins: "Puttin' on the Crew," for example, is a stab at rappers who land record deals for members of their untalented entourage.

Like all satirists, Effect looks at the world from the point of view of an outsider.

"I ran into a brick wall a long time ago because I wasn't from the projects and didn't do things that a lot of rappers say they do," Effect said. "I'm not a fraud. I can't talk about things that I didn't do."

After years of soul searching, Effect finally found an answer outside of hip-hop.

"Once I started listening to rock," he said, "I realized that there was so much more s--- to talk about than just being from the streets, which I'm not."

Effect found freedom to experiment in teaming with D-Tension, who combines hip-hop production skills with rock knowledge (he's the host of a weekly radio show on WFNX-FM). The results can be heard on tracks such as "Janie Jones," a Clash-inspired ode to punk chicks.

"Not every song we do is comedy," D-Tension said "But there's no doubt that a lot of it is funny."

Los Wunder Twins' next project is an upcoming DVD, "Cul-De-Sac of Shattered Hopes," which is what the pair call Central Street in downtown Lowell. It won't amuse stone-faced rap fans any more than the EP. The hourlong movie is about the kidnapping of Gleek, a virtual DJ who specializes in pushing iPod buttons.

"We finally just said, 'F--- it. Let's go for a wider audience by just being ourselves,' " D-Tension said. "At a party, you don't try shaking hands with people who don't want to meet you. That's what we're doing. We stopped catering to people who didn't like us to begin with."

- The Boston Herald


D-Tension: Contacts & Contracts volumes 1 and 2, Rap Music Sucks, Mental Illness and countless producer credits for well known acts from Mr. Lif to Humpty Hump and The Shods.

Effect: the effect EP and several 12" singles

Wunder Twins: 10 minutes 12", The We Are a Super Group EP and many music videos.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Los Wunder Twins del Rap is the joining together of two well known under ground hip hop artists who's influences range beyond rap and into punk, alternative and country. As solo artists they are established hip hop MCs. As a group they are super heros.