LOT 16

LOT 16


We are a true rock band. Our music has hints of our influences, blended with a modern commercial edge. Think The Who/Springsteen meet Matchbox 20/FooFighters and a whole lot more.


"LOT 16 was born of passion, desparation, desire, inspiration and an overwhelming need to speak our minds. The road that brought us together is also the road that binds us, like brothers." - Rob Tebaldi

Along the road of life, there are many twists and turns. It was no different for the members of LOT 16. Lead Singer/guitarist Paul Bannon traveled far from his home in Northern Ireland to seek out his dreams in America. Bassist Rob Tebaldi had taken a long vacation from performing to work on his skills as a songwriter. Dan O'Connor (Piano/Keys/vocals) had spent years as a solo artist. Fabio Bargna (guitars/vocals) reached the point in his career where it just had to be fun again. After the departure of their original drummer, Jay Bolski, Bobby Chappel (drums) left his home and family in Knoxville Tennessee specifically to join LOT 16. What brought these five men together? Simple... The Music.

Personal tragedies, social upheval, and a call to war were enough motivation for Paul Bannon and Rob Tebaldi to begin a partnership as songwriters. They didn't set out to create a product, but rather write songs that affect people, inspire them to follow their own paths, and to never forget that true power comes from within. Not long after Fabio Bargna began presenting his unique voice in song. With an open door policy on creativity LOT 16 has been able to cultivate a sound that is as unique as it is familiar.

With the common vision of longevity and inspiration over stardom, LOT 16 brings to life personal songs that become instantly relatable, emerging as what Fabio calls "a hard rock band with good song sense." From the dynamic and melodic single "Superstar of NY "to the angst-ridden "Frustration" to the playful and energetic "Stupid Girl", the group consciously shunned the idea of creating a product, focusing instead on just making good music.

Says Fabio, "Music is art, it can't be marketed and sold like a car. I've had different favorites at different times in my life, but I've loved them because their music made me feel something, and that's what it's all about." Paul adds "It's about emotion. I feel music as opposed to listen to it so the more emotional you can make me feel, the more impressed and touched I am."

With diverse influences, LOT 16's sound remains fresh, though reminiscent of the great rock of the past. It is at once original and accessible, with the heartfelt angst of singer/songwriters and the raw edge of garage rockers. LOT 16 has recently released their debut CD, "Tuesday Came First" (available on iTunes, CD Baby.com, and www.lot16.com) and are quickly making their mark on the live music scene, their original brand of NYC melodic rock is finding a home among legions of fans on their upward spiral of success..........and this is only the beginning!


The Promise

Written By: Words and Music by Paul Bannon & Rob Tebaldi


Verse: I hate the way you look at me
Your sympathy shows through your awe
And it’s not that I’m ungrateful,
I only wanna give you more.

PC: All our plans are going down the tubes
And I swear,
It’s not easy living here right now.

Chorus: I’m reaching out across an open sky
I’m waiting for the day, the day we fly
I’m reaching out across an open sky
I’m tired of waiting for the day
The day we fly

Verse: Hallway sex and attitude are not what I had
Promised you
And I wanna make that sacrifice
I wanna chase that perfect life

PC II: I swear nothing’s going the way that we planned
It’s not easy living here right now.
PC III: All our plans
Are slipping through our fingers like sand
And you know I do the best I can
But it’s not easy living here right now.

Chorus (2x) (I’m reaching out; I’m holding on)
Outro: I’m sick and tired of waiting
(I’m reaching out)
No more anticipating
It’s not the way it’s supposed to be
Won’t you fly with me?
(I’m reaching out)

Stupid Girl

Written By: Words by Paul Bannon & Rob Tebaldi; Music by Rob Tebaldi & Paul Bannon


Verse: Every morning when I wake up she’s the first thing I see.
And every night when I come home she’s always bitching at me.
I try to tell that she’s everything I have in the world.
Can’t make her listen
Guess she’s just a Stupid Girl

Chorus: Stupid Girl; She’s a Stupid Girl
Stupid Girl; She’s just a Stupid Girl
Stupid Girl: But she’s mine
She’s my Stupid Girl

Verse: First time I saw her she was drinking by a lake in the park
Screaming obsceneties at here reflection there in the dark
There and then I knew that she was gonna change my world
And as she passed out in my arms I knew I found my girl.
Bridge: I try to tell her that she’s the one
And I don’t care about the nutty things she does
When I’m with her, she’s all I see
I’m proud to show the world that she’s with me

Verse: My friends and family all say that “This girl’s crazy”
Always saying that I should pack my bags up and leave
Even she don’t understand the beauty in her I see.
I may be crazy, but I know that I was meant to be (with)

Chorus (2x)


EP's- Tuesday Came First (available on iTunes)
Singles: Stupid Girl, The Promise
Compilation Disc: NYC Rocker's For Life II: (illumina Records)

Set List

Our typical set runs anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the venue. Mostly our oringials. The longer sets usually include covers by groups such as The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Foo Fighters, All American Rejects, Matchbox 20, U2, to name a few.