BandHip Hop

We are what everyone is waiting for. The next best duo that ever came out of Cleveland. Wit lyrically presence, gritty and flashy swagger. Added a natural born chemistry you ever heard. L&S makes stadiums applause and crowds swoon.


Our music is influenced by the music we hear today. Mostly you buy a cd and for maybe a little less than an hour you hear everything from degrading women to cursing the works. Our band provides Hip Hop back to where it started. Lot brings lyrics, smart and witty concepts to songs and brings a "heavy"rap back to the game. Strife comes with a laid back swagger, boyish playboy mentality. Cocky attitude catchy metaphors. L & S are natural brothers which makes the chemistry much stronger on songs. Both were influenced by friends to rap along with them for fun, but in turn begin to actually develop a skill for music.


Formally known as the Hustle Kings the mixtape called "The Movement" was released on May 31 2009. Which sold 160 copies.

Set List

Four songs. Designer Girl, All I think about is Money, Up in the Club, and Dis 1. Twenty to Twenty-Five minutes for business purposes. Talk to the people and freestyle.