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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Rockstar Tech"

What are you looking for in your music? Meaningful lyrics that you can relate to? Catchy riffs? Musicians that actually know how to play instruments and are not just pumped through the system on musical formulas?

Well, look no further. Lot Six has it all. With the release of their demo album “Apology For Bad Dreams”, Lot Six is headed for greatness. Hailing from upstate New York, this trio will likely find their way onto your play list and stay there. In 'Forgetful,' the first song on the album, you can see why we, at Zaziggy.com, sought them out to be one of our first artists. ‘Forgetful’ is soulful and rich, both in melody and lyrics. As with the other songs on the album, Eric Wilcox’s songwriting and guitar is geared for playing on a long drive, something you can take to heart and sing along to, not to mention listen to over and over again.

So check out Lot Six’s latest releases, tell your friends, download them at Zaziggy.com, and if you get a chance to see them live, do so. The band has been making the rounds in New York City. Seems like the Big Apple knows a good thing when it sees one. If you like good music, you won’t have to apologize for Lot Six.
- Andrew Lombardo


Apology for Bad Dreams....coming soon!
EP's (Fevre Dream, the .357 ep)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Eric Wilcox’s musical capacity launched at the age of five. Starting out taking private lessons in classical piano and clarinet, Eric realized he found his forte. Before long, and enthused by the freedom of rock, Eric picked up the guitar and taught himself. His influences stemmed from an early age through music his parents played around the house. "My parents played classic rock records all the time. Records like Abraxas(Santana).”
There are many events that have shaped Eric’s life musically; however, the most influential event to date was the day his father gave him his entire record collection. The collection contained such legends as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and Cat Stevens. Of Stevens, Eric quotes: "His song writing style really hit a chord with me, it was in this feeling he was able to convey, whether it was just one instrument or two. The music really resonated within me in a personal way.” Another impressive musical event in Eric’s life was when his father took him to see Eric Clapton perform at just eight years old, “It was absolutely breathtaking, so amazing. Clapton, from that point on, has always been an icon for me."
Eric draws his inspiration from a variety of music influences, from art, as well as personal, genuine experiences. Eric’s whole approach to his music and his lyrics are more or less a preview of his life. "Anything that I do in life is done easier through music. Phrases come naturally to me. I want my songs and lyrics to be poetic and lyrical." Some of his lyrics come from ties to past relationships, “These relationships were undeniably multi-layered, complicated, yet also valuable for so many reasons. There was often so much potential, that feeling that maybe this time this will work…” Eric’s array of experiences as well as his ability to connect with people in an intimate way is what makes his music so unique for his listeners, there’s something so personal ingrained within his lyrics, something for each of us to embrace.
His debut release features the crowd favorite, "Another Song." This driving up-tempo composition is filled with energy and emotion from the onset. Eric explains his inspiration for this song was as straightforward, "I thought of the phrase "tail lights fade," and I pictured the range of emotions that went along with this series of words. I wrote the entire song based on that simple phrase.
Eric often draws upon modest ideas he experiences. Sometimes just a photograph will inspire him, other times conversations he has had himself or overheard will reverberate something inside him, "Something as effortless as walking down the street arouses the artist inside. You are just mindful of that moment and the beauty that often times goes unnoticed.”
"I want to be able to live my life making music,” Eric continues, “to be able to take my listeners away from their daily struggles, or even be the conduit for which they can immerse themselves within my lyrics.” Eric and Lot Six do just that and much more on "Apology for Bad Dreams," with salutary melodic lines and driving guitar and drums combined with emotional flowing lyrics. For his first release, Eric has called on the likes of long time friend and NYC drummer Vincent Presite, as well as Bill Giglio on bass guitar. This independent recording is sure to churn up hype in the national music scene.