LOT 80

LOT 80


One got flow and the other don't sing, she blow! In the early 90's there was TLC and then came Destiny's Child. Its time to pass the torch and the R&B/Rap duo, Lot 80 is ready to run with it.


First came the emergence of crunk music when artists like Ciara introduced the world to "Crunk & B." Shortly after, the world was snapping its fingers to the sounds of snap music. Music is constantly evolving and the hot new duo, Lot 80, is part of the new evolution with a fresh, innovative sound.

One can flow. And the other doesn't sing, she blows. Meet Lot 80, (Ladies Of The Eighties) the duo who undoubtedly has the talent, the charisma, the edge, and the originality to take on the face of music. With the constant overpopulation of pop beats and soft notes, the ladies of Lot 80 vow to strip the glitz and glamour from music and take it back to its raw emotion. "Songwriting for us is like our conversations put in song. We're able to talk about very intimate and personal things because we know that we can hide behind each other if we have to," says the charismatic singer of the group, Yanick.

The thing about us is that we dare to be different, always separating ourselves from what's popular. If the "in" thing is dresses and heels, we'll throw on hoodies and boots, just so you don't confuse us with the bunch. And its the same with our music," adds Lot 80's rapper, Miche.

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HOT 105.7 - Jacksonville, FL

92.7 The Beat - Jacksonville, FL

HOT 97 - New York, NY

Set List

We do a 30 min set including:

Songs from current mixtape
Hits from previous mixtape
New Single

Approx. time: 30 minutes

other sets arranged according to specific show