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Meet the B.A.D. Girls. In every group of friends, there’s that one girl who always seems to find a way to break the rules. Well in the case of female R&B/Rap super group, LOT 80 – there are two girls who have no intentions of conforming to the music industry’s standard formalities.

“We could be like everyone else,” says the sassy singer of the group, Yanick, “but that would be too easy.” The self-proclaimed “B.A.D Girls” title could lead many to believe the two multi-talented girls are encouraging teenage rebellion but the flashy, outspoken rapper, Miche, lets us know that couldn’t be further from the truth. “Don’t get it twisted, we’re positive girls. We’re just so bad – it’s good.”

Dressed in rope chains and gold knockers reminiscent of the 80’s - it’s apparent that Yanick & Miche have embraced their “badness” for lack of better words. “We’ve taken a negative term and turned it positive. By our definition B.A.D stands for Believing, Achieving, and Dreaming. So, when we self-proclaim ourselves as the B.A.D Girls, we represent an entire generation of girls with goals and ambitions,” explains Miche. “And boy does it feel good to be B.A.D! - declares Yanick.

The two met at a summer camp and have been inseparable ever since. It was their shared love for music that initially drew Yanick and Miche together, but it wasn’t until years later as their senior years approached that the two decided to pursue their lifelong dream.

With a clear vision and support from their families, LOT 80 was formed. Bringing excitement back to the music industry with girl anthems, energy-packed performances, and a "girl-next-door attitude," LOT 80 plans to do what no artist or group has ever done.

"We just think that we’d make a terrible copy of any other group - that’s why we choose to focus on being LOT 80," chimes in Yanick with a smile. And they seem to be doing, nothing short of great at that with unbelievable talent, originality, and personalities out of this world. Ladies and gentlemen - meet the B.A.D. Girls.