Lothlorien's music is almost a genre on its own, playing both instrumental and song penned mostly by founder Nic Morrey (1993-present). The sound is unique and fresh with depth, expressed via a multitude of instruments capturing mood and emotion in a journey/bard like fashion.


In creating this complex tapestry of sound, Lothlorien’s main influences in song are the folk singers of the 60’s and 70’s including Donovan, Paul Simon, Crosby , Stills Nash, Neil Young, Robin Williamson of the incredible string band, Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel. For Instrumental works, the influences are Vangelis, Andrea Vollenweider, Pink Floyd and Dead Can Dance. When you cross all this with Lothlorien’s instrumentation and poetic lyrical content, the sound is unique and most unlike any folk music you will come across. The members of the band are also unique in their energy and presentation and will often dress in costume and take the listener on a bardic journey back in time with the accompaniment of Celtic harp as introduction to compositions. They have an ability to take the listener back to the hippie era, and from there, drugs or no drugs, the journey begins. This musical quality captured by Lothlorien is a sound seemingly longed for by lovers of music, a quality or tradition amongst bards which has not been lost, but is now being expressed more powerfully, within strong musical content to back it.This band survives on festival performances selling CD’s independently. Lothlorien are proud to have sold the most CD’s at Australia’s biggest folk festival ‘Woodford’ of all other 350 acts on their first appearance on the bill, and have subsequently been invited back on several other occasions, again selling within the top 5 to 10 most popular CD’s. Lothlorien are an undiscovered Australian treasure who have not yet left its shores. For the first time in 10 years Lothlorien are about to hit the O/S market. If Australia is any indication of their success, O/S festivals will not be disappointed.


Lothlorien have recently collated 3 CD’s into 1 called ‘Relics 1993-1997’. Similar to a ‘best of’, Lothlorien have captured their history for their new listeners to enjoy. Their latest Cd 'Saqi' was released in Jan 2006 and is now available on-line. Feel free to visit the website to download samples off each album .

Set List

Their set is always moulded to the time and framework given within each performance. That is, the band is diverse enough to give the audience what it wants, from dance to trance, from Celtic to other world influences, from song to instrumental works, from original to traditional compositions. They can play for 3 hours non stop of polished material, but their style is accustomed to the Australian festival programming of a one hour time slot.