lot lizards

lot lizards


Lot Lizards pedal a powerhouse of stripped garage scuzz. Now an established act among the raw blues elite after playing with the likes of Black Time, the Masonics and the Hip Priests, GG Cicciolina and Meg Slim are drenched in punk innovation.


Like most bands it all started with a drunken conversation in a
rubbish club in London watching a succession of terrible bands
in early 2005. Lemmy of Black Time and GG of Kill Kill Kill got
together as ‘Subway Slims’ by debating the old (Germs and Crime)
verses the new (Oblivians and Cheater Slicks). They recruited Meg
Slim to pound the skins like her more well known name-sake but
then lost Lemmy to a busy Black Time calendar.
With a more stripped back sound, the newly christened Lot Lizards
moved forward at a sprint, making the rounds of the usual London
clubs like Corn Rocket and Dirty Water sharing the stage with the
Masonics, Los Raw Gospels, D-66 and Black Time (obviously).
After drunkenly berating an entire room full of Elvis fanatics at
the 12 bar (beautiful to watch), they landed a coveted slot at
the Spitz Festival of Blues opening up for Australian punk blues
legends The Scientists in 2007.
They kick started 2008 playing with the Cannibals and the Hipshakes
and played with the Intellectuals in Italy. They also played
shows in London with the local luminaries such as King Salami &
the Cumberland Three, Thee Vicars and Beast with a Gun.
Year 2009 sees them supporting Wilko Johnson in February followed
by a short trip to France to spread their unique take on scuzz
trash punk.


7” single
Leave me alone(I’ve got a bomb) (Perpetrator/NZ, PERP 18)
Nightmare Creep (Yakisakana/Fr, SAZAE 032)
SexonXanaX (Bug House/US)
10” EP
Lot Lizards (Yakisakana/Fr, MAGURO 008)

Set List

we play 10 tracks, and the set is generally 30mins long