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This band has not uploaded any videos




"This is exactly as what they said it is, catchy electro pop, with guitars... Very happy feel good"
www.bandman.co.uk - BANDMAN

"Loto Golden Boys feat. Del Marquis"

The song is full of heart and optimism, moving with the blurred grace of an early Strokes tune, but with the widescreen drama of mid-80s U2 and the pop spirit of British disco." - FLUXBLOG


"Loto come from Portugal (my first Portugese band!) and play a delicious blend of pop, rock and electro. Cuckoo Plan is the first single from their new album and features Peter Hook of New Order/Joy Division fame. The song itself sounds a lot like New Order, with a great beat and hook. Even more exciting, I hear their new album also features a track with guitar work by Scissor Sisters' own Del Marquis! Any friend of Scissor Sisters is definitely a friend of mine. Plus, how many pop songs come out with Cuckoo Plan as the title? Not many, I'd guess."


"Loto Cuckoo Plan feat. Peter Hook"

"The tune's truly a stellar one, and absolutely recalls New Order. But lucky for us, Loto have added more rock aesthetic to their sound, making their style more appropriate for today (no offense New Order ... we all love you)" - Bibabidiboo

"Future Music - Loto"

"Ah, you can't beat the sound of three good looking boys strutting around wearing their instruments like weapons. It's nice to have some solid band-based guitar music in the slot and Loto fit the bill nicely. It's such a simple, totally untricksy recording, though special mention to the vocal and Electronica that peeks from behind the curtain at about the half-way mark. It's a very pro recording and has captured the boys (JT, Ricardo and Pedrosa) doing what they do in a seemingly live environment. We'd have liked the vocal a little more up-front though and maybe a different treatment for verse and chorus to keep things moving. This would be at the expense of the plucked and delayed guitar, which we feel is a little too loud and effected, taking the lead roll when it should be an accompaniment. Still, it's a great track from a great band."

- Future Music UK

"CCC vs Loto"

"Three Portugeezers forming the dancy electropop rock band called Loto. They got this damn catchy number Back To Discos and apparently I’m not the only one who thinks about it that way." - www.phase02.org


"Portuguese electro pop-rockers Loto, with their
catchy hooks and dance beats, could very well
be “the next big thing,” with members of Joy
Division and Scissor Sisters lending a hand on
their new record." - CMJ New Music Report


EP Swinging on a Star (2002) (Only available in Portugal)
CD The Club (2004) (Only available in Portugal)
CD Beat Riot (2007) (Only available in Portugal)



Loto, one might ask. Who are these portugeezers?, Are they friendly?, and What the hell is a Korg MS10? Well first things first, the Korg MS10 is a cool synth and they love it! Are they friendly? Yes! They all own pets and not all are referenced by local police. And who are these portugeezers? Hyped to hell all over myspace (www.myspace.com/iloveloto) and youtube (www.youtube.com/lototv) their new CD Beat Riot features Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order) and Del Marquis (Scissor Sisters). Hailing from sunny Portugal their music belongs to the world. They're fresh, cool and sound like an everlasting Party!